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  1. I’m hoping even less than that in my little hollow of a neighborhood.
  2. Now that’s a true Grinch! warm rains to Maine for Christmas Eve with the chance of destructive winds and then backs into Canada to screw up the follow up wave.
  3. I sense a trend in the foreign guidance.
  4. I think you would need to get up into NNE to find any significant amount of ice on rivers.
  5. Yeah, a pack destroying warm rain is one thing but nobody really needs power out or a tree on their house, on Christmas Day no less.
  6. I think VT, W MA and E NY will definitely have small stream flooding issues.
  7. Widespread power outages on Christmas is going to be brutal.
  8. Exactly, get it all out of the way and then, hopefully, it doesn’t rain from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Nice, warm, dry summer.
  9. It would be an extra special Christmas present to get a tree on the house, power knocked out and a flooded basement.
  10. To be fair, Science teacher not a Literature teacher.
  11. The gas giants certainly have some influence on our elliptical orbit. Right?
  12. I mean, Grinch potential aside, it is full on winter right now.
  13. 28/24. It’s been a good few days of winter! Couple more good days coming while we see if we can transition the Christmas storm into a cold rain or better.
  14. I’ll hit B’East Tuesday for empty groomers on my first day out. I love that lil’ mountain!
  15. Fuk worrying! Greenfield, for the most part, missed the two early-season systems and I still think it’s been a great start to winter. major snowstorm last week, it’s been cold ever since and a nice freshen up today.
  16. Just under an inch of pure fluff here.
  17. .50” It will be done soon but looks like the best of it is moving into Greenfield right now.
  18. Wow, nice! after whining it finally started snowing here. Warms my heart to see my boy and his buddy playing on the snow piles with snow gently falling!
  19. For anybody who doesn’t know where Greenfield is, it’s that little section of NW MA where it is not snowing.