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  1. 79/72 DP air finally arrived here
  2. I have employing the use of NAM ..( used to be NGM/ETA ) FOUS grids since I came of Met age ... back whence the dinosaurs ruled... and I can honestly say, I have never seen RH levels this parched at all major ceiling levels ( bold left) at T1 temperatures ( bold right), that would support 2-m T of 86 48000251819 -2407 142912 64251709 that's @<25% RH at 1000, 700, and 500 mb Sunday at 18z under the tallest hottest sun of the year. For lawn enthusiasts...? dead meat. Tell you what, if we don't get that back-hung 3 hours of steady anvil rain tomorrow evening... that should red flag-aroni warnings
  3. gotta love these well-mixed days. HFD/FIT/ASH/BED/BOS all 91.4 and bouncing...
  4. Be careful there That is what my run in with [probably] the Omicron variant was going to be - so I thought. I had a mild head cold and some mild malaise. No fever at any time. But, I could tell something was off so, ... a neighbor, who is a firefighter by trade and had a few of those home test kits, tossed one over the fence for me. The bar lit up dark before the indicator strip even made it that far down the length of the thing. And it was menacing black bar, too - like the device not only was excited for the opportunity to let me know I had it, it delivered the news with an bold exclamation point.... But like I intimated, I was pretty sure I had it - it was more perfunctory. Three or so days later the symptoms were gone. I wanted to rejoin my lifestyle of daily workouts. I ran 4.5 mi.. usually I do 6, but since I had taken the week off ( first time in 7 years I had gone that long) and I am ... of the age, shall we say, where I my ballz only give so much restorative hormone therapy back to the system... I didn't want to hurt myself... The next morning, I had an odd stiffness/soreness manifesting in my knee, which I chalked up to that reasoning above. So I did the Elliptical machine. Then the next day...stationary bike. Time to run again... but the knee was getting more stiff, more sore. So opted to ride the bike again. Then it was too much. Knee locked. Pain ... pain ...and more of it. Pain, with a side of pain in the form of migrating down my caff ... into my ankle... then, in between the Tersi of the foot - man..it were as though a chisel was attempting to pry them apart. Sleep? nope. I think I ate 52 Advil spanning the next 6 days where once again I was k'ode and sidelined. By D10 I was out of the immobilizer and walking again, though with some lingering discomfort. I could not bend my knee backward more than 90 deg. The whole adventure was pain and a seizing stiffness in every sense of stoppage. Turns out... Omicron has a nasty joint residency in a lot of people - as being reported. The girl that I caught it from, also said that her elbows took a time out for a week. It's like you get a mild head cold, ...and then later on, you go through some sort of joint attack. It feels like Gout, or Rheumatoid in nature.. but either way, it was crippling. I am fine now. Mobility of the knee is completely restored. In fact, I just ran 5 1/2 miles yesterday with more of hamstring thing - separate matter. Just getting old... but be on the look out for some sort of inflammatory flair up...
  5. That's the problem with this low amplitude +PNAP flow structure... It's NW-W orientation in the longer term systemic mean, means ... dry continental flow. Our S Atl Seaboard and or Gulf origin theta-e ..circulating around cyclic WAR flexing ...delivers us convective rains. But this circulation manifold that is unrelenting has thus far shut most of that tap off. If the +PNAP would go ahead and really just go bonkers, it would dip enough to fully cancel summer and start spinning up coastals... but since that's never gonna happen, all it does is stop WV sourcing. And I'm not conceding to any drought. We have plenty of deep strata geologic hydro in the area. We could bone out the rest of the way and really turn all lawns tinder beige, and we'd still correct it all with an early October seasonal pre-lapse Nor'easter...
  6. 89/? dew points don't feel terrible. It just feels very warm, but the windiness is offsetting and actually if one isn't dumb enough to run in black shirts in the sun, it's not terrible outside. Looking around at NWS... 57 to 63 DPs... But these home stations are all selling 68 to 70 - typical bias there. Not sure what it really is but since it doesn't feel oppressive, that kinda bush-argues for NWS. I'd characterize the hour as just a warm summer day - something about this summer is emerging reasons not to feel or even be all that hot. weird. My attitude on the day may change by 5 pm but just for now, it's unremarkable
  7. Meh ...seen that layout a hundred times enough over the years to know that's a-right-turning-convective-complexes-sending-out-anvil-rains-that-barely-wet-streets-but-seem-to-be-remarkably-adept-at-enticing-mosquito-bites, failure
  8. Yeah... but the climo sites all but reflect 'N/S' bias measures for the month, because they are less than .5 + or - So it has not actually been worthy of the 'love this 90s' sentiment if based upon that metric ... Subjectively? you'll find that no one lucid within the consideration believes otherwise. Now, it may just be semantics but I suspect you choose your words that way, deliberately. Just sayn' Look, I don't care - you can be a jive ass turkey and spin your intent as somethin' else, all you want. Typically I don't pay attention to the antics and just like to see substance that is more coherently unbiased. That said, I was trying also be humorously droll in that - which was vroom! right over the heads I guess...
  9. That's hot - sure..I've said so countless times, explicit and implicitly ... You said, "Love this hot summer wx! " You said that - "this" is 77 F right now. Sorry if logic interferes with your narrative but I'm just responding to what came from you
  10. I'm a little suspect of it all... It'll probably be 94.7 fine ..but, when that happens with the preset holding onto the previous air mass by luck of nocturnal timing, sometimes in the past we end up with morning ceiling issues due to make-shit warm advection riding over. The models don't really "create" those kind of permutations so well. Might seem like a bit of a reach, but if we end up more partly sunny haunting edges off the high, I've seen that sort of thing in the past. We need to sacrifice the day...then at night stays elevated. Then, have that boundary on Saturday come in at 8 pm ... that's your sack-sticker day.
  11. Ha... You know, I actually think you're an okay person. We need guys/girls like you around to offset the coherent winter biased group this bastion of Internet bus-stoppers loiters on with in din and song. Lol - But please, for the love of god, stop. When the numbers do not back the sentiment, it loses any presumptive value. It's sort of worse than unappealing. It looks dumber. I mean, you kinda just get ignored after awhile. If one wants to be the best subversive troll they can be, the BEST way to do it is to strategize like Sheev Palpatine (Darth Sidious) did in that earlier Star Wars saga .... He inured himself to the Jedi order first, spanning those earlier ...hard-to-watch ridiculous horse character movies... Then, when the order's guard was inCREdibly too stupid to see it coming considering their Jedi foresight ... he executed the brilliantly titled operation 66 (because I guess "666" was too on the nose) So yeah...the theme had logic problems and ruined those earlier movies that wasted some state of the art CGI. Point being ... your wearing your carpet out there by statements that aren't selectively choosing for the right time to exact the most attack value... LOL
  12. I don't actually care to experience heat, locally... Just for the record. Patience grinds at 93/73 if that lastS more than a couple days...etc. I'm just noting idiosyncrasies both subtle and/or gross, trends in the modeling vs and/or in support of verification tendencies. That, and as I have admitted in the past, I do carry a fascination for 'big heat synoptics' but... you know, that's fine. It's no hypocrisy. No nuclear physicist wants to spend time inside the actual tokamak reactor core - they want to observe it for the wonder of extremes. It's like that. I think it is interesting that the summer has evolved ...or 'de'-evolved, into a kind of a winter configuration. Yet, while AT summer-time heights - or even higher, actually. Recent ridge projection have heights nearing 605 DM in these nodes that pulse diurnally out there. I put up the annotation yesterday but it's apropos .. this is highly unusual. This may seem sort of innocuous or in-germane but that is the 594 contour with 50+ knot jet winds blowing along it in a trough ( which means positive vorticity) ... heights that normally are at the cores of ridge nodes over f'um India! Separate discussion.. it's pretty fantastic. I remember back in the 1980s I developed a pretty coherent impression of summertime ridges - 588 was the metric. Now... ? 594 seems to be the normal ridgy heat balloon depth ..with these smatterings of 600+ Venetian bombs on the charts. That's a another charm of CC...but whatever.
  13. "real" climate happens in the relativity of the numbers though... And this unrelenting +PNAP ( not "PNA" ... I mean, 'amplified version of the Perennial North American Pattern') basal state, ...in the relative sense, gets balanced by no winter -
  14. Oh yeah. I remember that upside-down scrotum monster
  15. Man ...the models just keep doing this. Suggestions that heat will build east across the continent gains a little traction across two or three model cycles than like last night, ... gone. Returns right to the back-packing the heat/ridging west and we're the coldest place in the NH, relatively. We're turning the page into July and it's like that incalcitrant kid that finally shows signs of growing up ... finally! I mean, now that he/she's 24 years old and has missed the college years, you're hoping it's just a late bloomer thing.. But, sadly you get that call at 4 a.m. They need bail. Might be time to start admitting your kid's just slated to be a dysfunctional under-achiever in life.
  16. For some reason I don't recall last June having "big heat" numbers ( >= 95) that often. It was what whatever it was ... but what I remember was insane DPs. I mean, it was 76 to 80 in a heat wave that was held down to 94 here along Rt Poop ...I thought at the time, because the DP was too rich to allow the kinetic temperature to rise any higher without two suns shinin' ... I had a window AC unit, and my home refrigerator both conk out on me that same 3 day period -so it was 'hitting technology hot' I'm just wondering if the heat was baked into the DPs more so.. All that water in air was like protectiong from big heat by obnoxiously choking us with thick theta-e. Nighttime lows were kept redic high because of that same factor. But imby high temps around here seldom exceeded 93 ..94. There were in fact a lot 90, an unusual high number of days - so yes ...it was hot. Not meaning to imply it did not feel that way. How many record high temps were actually broken last June? I wonder how the month on whole compared historically... Could have been a historically hot month packed into the low temps, too.
  17. 00z NAM came in jet nozzle hot on Friday 29C at 980mb out at Logan in a WSW light wind and ceiling RH < 50% … translates to 34 or even 35(95) in the 2-m
  18. This has been a June that seems to never happen anymore - average. Unremarkably deviating from climate enough to say anything in either direction. It shows in the numbers … it f felt that way. Utterly uninspired to the point of laze faire Maybe drier than normal in whole ? But locally we’re doing okay here. Probably equally as “amazing”
  19. Ha but that kinda flash has enough electron-volts to convert you directly to potash. Prooobably wouldn’t be telling anyone about it
  20. Just went thru an amazing cg eruption here. heh not bad for “… maybe a passing shower”
  21. Yeah ... we've been stuck in a NW flow aloft that when not NW... tries to tuck NE even at 500 mb - recall that closed low two weeks ago? That had no business even behaving like that in June... weird to close that off then retrograde it down to the Carolina's, then back N all the way up to to get us on exit. These are strange times... There's other odd things going on that are happening under people's awareness, but I think are CC-related... like, troughs ALONG THE 594 F'UM non-hydrostats! You don't trough arc into heights that high. It also goes along the point I was making last week, that we are seeing disproportionately cool lower tropospheres relative to the isohypses. 582 heights with 60s at the surface is a weighted quite strange. I think the HC pressing into N latitudes is steepening the ambient/planetary mid level gradient, which is enhancing the summer-time polar jet --> leads to unusually defined R-wave identities ... Look at that 12z D10 Euro ... That's a dream configuration in February.... But I guess at 572 to 594 heights, it just lends to these idiosyncrasies in summer... We've been closer to 100 F at 582 heights... but the GFS is using the depth to close off N'easters in the extended at times.
  22. I never really could understand why monsters are always depicted like some reptilian slope-eyed scaly creature with oversized canines and bird talons I mean, if you're a monster, shouldn't you rather be some variation of uber hot? You know, actually alluring enough to draw in your victims - not inspire notions of something that must eat meat, like that image suggests. I dunno.. Maybe it is the vague semblance of what those types of hideous visages purport, that is really only "hideous" because it's built into our perceptions at an instinctual level - what is or should be construed as monster. That would in fact BE anything that eats us, when we would rather not be eaten. You look around in nature and that is sort of reptilian ... "demon eyed" look is doing most of that kind of eating. Look at your beloved house cat - they are predatory, and they have a hint at that eye slopage. Dogs? When they feel threatened or set to guarding they expose their teeth and slope their eyes. Interesting. I tell you.... the scariest demon ever will be the Bambi that hides amongst us.
  23. Isn't this where PF works... https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/suicide-six-ski-resort-vermont-name-change/index.html
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