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  1. cut

    Hurricane Isaias

    Fair bit of tree damage with many medium sized ones down. Limbs all over the place. Trumbull.
  2. cut

    Hurricane Isaias

    Yup - I was just going to post suns coming out in Trumbull.
  3. cut

    Hurricane Isaias

    Good - working at home with family all around. The last thing I need is a protracted power outage.
  4. Better than Nauset? I hate the shuttle/drop off aspect of Coast Guard.
  5. Yah it seems like a long shot. Probably have to put down at least a foot and a half and have it stay to get it done. Looks unlikely in the next 2 weeks.
  6. I’m going to Okemo on 17th - hoping the glades will be open - for skiing not mountain biking!!!! Possible?
  7. Wow - I checked out after the depressing 12z - nice turn of events in the last several hours!!!!
  8. Any thoughts on a new name for this thread?
  9. We have a new tournament in CT now too. UCONN, Quinny, Yale, and SHU. Should be cool.
  10. Holy CRAP!!! Timelapse of what our dreams are made of!!! New Brunswick snow
  11. 4 inches in Trumbull CT so far. Normal for season is 36 or so. I’m taking the under on that at this point. Although last March I think we got over two feet across 3 or 4 storms.
  12. The clouds are moving briskly but calm down here.
  13. Cigar on the patio. It’s like May right now.
  14. Lowell 60 and Nashua 40? Wild, locations not exact but yah - not far off from what that's showing.
  15. I still remember 'Mister G' on 2 New York saying 'generally patters will last 6 weeks' in reference to (I think) that cold period in 93 or 94 when they had to shut down the bridges around NYC to bang off the ice because a chunk had hit a car and hurt someone. The cold was seemingly endless (I loved it).