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  1. We have a new tournament in CT now too. UCONN, Quinny, Yale, and SHU. Should be cool.
  2. Holy CRAP!!! Timelapse of what our dreams are made of!!! New Brunswick snow
  3. 4 inches in Trumbull CT so far. Normal for season is 36 or so. I’m taking the under on that at this point. Although last March I think we got over two feet across 3 or 4 storms.
  4. The clouds are moving briskly but calm down here.
  5. Cigar on the patio. It’s like May right now.
  6. Lowell 60 and Nashua 40? Wild, locations not exact but yah - not far off from what that's showing.
  7. I still remember 'Mister G' on 2 New York saying 'generally patters will last 6 weeks' in reference to (I think) that cold period in 93 or 94 when they had to shut down the bridges around NYC to bang off the ice because a chunk had hit a car and hurt someone. The cold was seemingly endless (I loved it).
  8. Going skiing in February - at this point Im just routing for the mountains of VT to be in good shape for then as it seems they are shite right now.
  9. Totally agree. As a species we will lose our ability to communicate face to face - without syntax and context. Kind of like the people on the spaceship in WallE - but our social skills will the thing that turns to mush instead of our bodies. I am being deliberately over the top here but I am wondering what our next step is in how we communicate and receive information.
  10. Truthfully I think social media and peoples ability to now surround themselves with like minded people who lack the objectivity to debate the scientific facts is a big reason. I have friends that are skeptics and I say there used to be glaciers on Kilmanjaro and snow on that year round and they don't really have a response.
  11. My son plays hockey and we have a ton of friends who used to set up the outdoor rinks but they don't bother any more. That being said we have had some really good seasons for that recently - except these last two have been awful. I think last year there were about 10 skate able days and this year none yet - and none in the foreseeable future either.
  12. Surprised to see Powder Ridge - glad they were able to open again. I remember as a kid always hearing about Blue Hill in North Carolina. Are they still open?
  13. There was an article (Sports Illustrated maybe?? Not sure, can't remember) about the impact of warming on outdoor sports, specifically hockey. They focused on Canada and the number of 'skate days' if you will. That is to say the number of skate able, outdoor rinks per winter day. The decline in skate days was depressingly remarkable. Im sure if applied the same thing to say, snow mobile days we would find similar results. I know skiing here in CT isn't what it used to be and Many places have folded.
  14. Stamford as well. Trumbull to Stamford can be like two different worlds, although Trumbull acts more coastal than inland even thought its north of 15.