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  1. 1/16-17 Anafrontal/Coastal Low Snows Disco/Obs

    West Atlantic Ridge
  2. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    Wear helmets today!! Could be some big chunks coming down off structures.
  3. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    yup - it's been cold. Cape Cod. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=815_1515375893
  4. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Agree from Trumbull - Viz is 500 feet max
  5. Jan 4th 2018 Fish Bomb

    I think some need the 5 post rule - please. I have been following this threat since yesterday and at least 20% of the posts in this thread are ruining for people like me who don't know much, want to learn, and want to get a TRUE handle on what is going to happen with this storm.
  6. Can u post E29? At work with little time.
  7. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    What do you mean by this RUNNAWAY? Fellow CT. person - you are about 30 miles to my North/East.
  8. It was - and it was so windy that all the snow flakes were seemingly pulverized into dust.
  9. I was in Easton CT. and we probably had like 2 or 3 inches - the wind was so strong that the lawn was basically just grass with little snow drifts here and there, and everything looked like it had powdered sugar on it. I was 11 and remember that Christmas well. All our garage windows had ice on them, it looked like stock footage you might see in a Green Bay Packers pre game show.
  10. I remember a couple of inches of windblown arctic shavings.
  11. Christmas Day Miracle

    I remember as a kid getting a storm right on Christmas Eve - late 70's. It was awesome - and I believe the only Christmas Eve snow storm of my life.
  12. Christmas Day Miracle

    me too - Trumbull. Hoping for cold to come in early so we can at least get a couple of inches.
  13. Mount Agung volcano

    In watching this live feed right now I see a ton of particulate moving through the shot? Is that ash? I love the glow going on currently.
  14. What is that like an 80 mile difference?!?!? That is basically consensus ... come one man, just stop.