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  1. Uh oh - that is the 'Alabama - Sharpie' track!!!
  2. This is similar to the ice skate pulling her arms in and accelerating I believe.
  3. I got the same - the aura and no headache. Very scary at the time. My doc called it an 'ocular migraine'.
  4. I have had 2 migraines - one being of the ocular variety as you described above. I was sitting with a client editing music on Pro Tools and all of a sudden my vision appeared to be looking through a drop of water in my left eye. The portion of my vision being effected grew for about 10 minutes or so and then it seemed to 'thin out' and go away. I never really got a headache with that one but went to a doctor as I was really concerned about what had happened, and he said that in some cases a migraine can occur with no pain. The second time I got one it was after a fall and I had hit my head - I instantly got that same vision anomaly and a screaming headache - to the point that I was nauseous, and no it wasn't that I had concussed myself as it wasn't that hard of a blow to my head. In a few instances I have had a headache that was accompanied by that dizzy, which way is up feeling and a bit of nausea, but they never led to full on migraine. I have this weird thing called Miniers Disease, which is a really bizarre inner ear condition that can cause vertigo to appear at random and in a flash. I have really only had that happen once, but I usually have a somewhat ambiguous sense of which way is truly up. This is eased by watching caffeine, sodium, and alcohol intakes.
  5. A lot of their beer is just too much. We have a place down here called Two Roads, and they have a few really good beers, but a lot of the stuff is over bearing.
  6. I would say there was 8 on the ground in Trumbull when I shoveled at like 7. It was above the rise of the steps (which is 7.5 ") by a bit so I am going to go with 8 inches at 7 AM.
  7. My parents had 2 or 3 inches in Orleans this morning!!!! Woootwoooot
  8. Hah- Im probably sitting at like 10 on the season here in Trumbull. Worst ever.
  9. Wind is here - instant roaring thru trees. It was dead calm 10 minutes ago.
  10. I've never thought of the radiation aspect of flying - though it makes sense as the earths protective layer is thinner up there - just like Mt. Everest.
  11. No relation? It's interesting none the less as we cruise towards solar minimum.
  12. I was checking space wether earlier today, the radiation load at flight level is ridiculous right now. Airline personel are now limited to 20 hours in the air a week to limit exposure. The Northeast flights are also the most 'radiated' flights in the country.
  13. I hear they have a great stout going.
  14. 24.1 in my driveway in Trumbull according to my Netatmo device.