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  1. I grew up in Easton and it is 'on the coast' .... kind of. It is in the 'North of the Parkway' zone though that usually notates where the coastal forecasts end and the inland forecast begins. Altitude is also a factor there. I grew up across the street from Fairfield - by the golf course - and went to high school in Redding. I remember one day that I woke up to rain and a bit of white rain mixing in so I got ready for school seeing nothing but wet ground. I get in the car - go up 58 into Redding and when I get to the CT. Golf Club it is all snow and there was like 8 inches. I continue on to Barlow just another mile or two up the hill and there is like a foot on the ground and it's a blizzard and I almost got stuck. In that storm north parts of Easton wound up with almost a foot while down by my house we got a coating. Altitude in SW CT is pretty variable - Stamford itself could be considered to have a 'coastal' forecast as well as an 'inland' forecast.
  2. Back to snow - I promise you it was rain - all be it very light. The flakes are different in size so maybe some better action incoming into the Stamford area.
  3. rain in Stamford - didn't see that coming.
  4. Snowing in Trumbull CT with DP of 18
  5. Snowing in Trumbull CT with DP of 18
  6. A lot of learners too, and loose limbs dangling. Looking into the trees while driving on 25 you could see a lot of tops snapped but still hanging. Hunters and hikers beware.
  7. Driving around Trumbull it is amazing at the tree damage that is evident. I think there are a lot of compromised trees as well that may get finished off in this storm.
  8. cut

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    That screen grab says Wednesday - but when you click the link it does say Thursday.
  10. THUNDER SNOW IN TRUMBULL CT!!! It's been years!!!!!
  11. cut

    February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    Nice write up, I am invested fully.
  12. cut

    February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    Working on Olympics and have not had time to check this. Going to Okemo on Friday - it appears this storm will have an impact in a good way correct? Any 30 second synopsis would be great as I am not able to go back and read thread. Thanks to anyone that will help a brother out.
  13. cut

    1/16-17 Anafrontal/Coastal Low Snows Disco/Obs

    West Atlantic Ridge