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  1. Do we know of any chasers going in to this beast?
  2. I truly hope you're right as I am scheduling 36 holes of golf on the cape for the weekend.
  3. I will say that I have had the 'healthiest' (in quotes due to the fact that I am referring strictly to physical - mental health is a different story due to isolation) years of my life. Not one cold or sinus infection. I'll take the chance of colds and what night to have the social fabric of my life back though!!!!!
  4. I saw a story "Stop the Sanitizing Theater" a few weeks back - it got into how ineffective all these spray down approaches are, and into how C - 19 doesn't really last on most surfaces and even the ones that it 'lasts' on it is way shorter then originally feared. I also saw a story last year, just prior to CoVid being a thing, in that there are new viruses that are becoming exposed as the ice sheets retreat. Cue James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver - 'Aliens - Freezofftheus' - in theaters Christmas 2022. (I tried to come up with a cheeky title - fail)
  5. Yes. I am in SW CT and my folks are on Cape Cod near Nauset Beach.
  6. This is a cool chart. https://volcano.si.edu/faq/index.cfm?question=eruptionsbyyear
  7. I mean the one from last week - Synabong or something like that. I don't have the active volcano page open.
  8. I thought it was stronger than that. How about the one in the Phillippines?
  9. The one at 2:38 - that's the type. I think that's in the Philippines. Singigong or something like that.
  10. And you need the ash cloud to get up above 40,000 to really do anything as well so eruptions like that unpronounceable one in Iceland don't do anything, nor the new one in Africa that started today (I forget the name but the lave can flow as fast as 40 MPH).
  11. Now wait. LAST YEAR. I follow the volcano thing and there are by far more volcanoes going currently - Sufrierre, Etna, Several in Central America and Africa. The ones near the equator are the ones that will effect climate/weather.
  12. Im golfing on the Cape - only supposed to get showers and less than a quarter inch. I am hoping for dry slot there.
  13. I've got 36 holes of golf to play on Cape on Friday and Saturday - dry slot please.
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