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  1. Just curious, models were showing 90’s late this week into the weekend and have since backed off, might we see the same name next week? Instead 95-100 do we see 88-93 type heat? I don’t trust the models in the long range until they show some sort of consistency.
  2. 49F to start here, windows open and nice night to sleep, we take!
  3. I think the warmer levels make it to NYC and maybe SW CT and gets damped the further NE you go. We will see how it pans out; models were showing mid 90’s for this coming weekend and now seem to be back off of those temps
  4. It does have its advantages but the heat goes from April to late October, part of the reason I moved back
  5. Are we gonna get Steined here in SNE?? Most rain Albany into NNE on radar
  6. Played River Ridge yesterday in Griswold CT, another Eastern CT gem, course was in great shape, greens slow, plenty of elevation changes and great food and beer selection at the restaurant at the clubhouse.
  7. Beautiful morning temp down to 54F, low humidity; windows open air off!
  8. I need one to heat the finished basement (New England Split ranch), not sure if I a want a mini split or pellet/woodstove. Don’t need it to heat entire house, just supplement gas heat.
  9. Models a little off on the first round being shunted south, does that more of us see sun today making a decent 2nd round?
  10. Down to 54F this morning off a high of 90F; yesterday maybe a top 5 day of the year.
  11. Another cool start, down to 44F again this am, and another tremendous day on tap
  12. Down to 43F this am, pretty chilly to start, COC days on tap the next few days!!
  13. Might be the end here along the 395 corridor, .75” total, nice little drink!
  14. 65F and humid this am, only .16 of rain yesterday/overnight. Pretty meh considering models showing 1-2” of rain in CT. Looks like the cape and islands had some decent storms.
  15. Looked like most was south of of LI, kind of meh north of the CT coast?
  16. Low of 52F here in E CT, had to turn AC off and open the windows
  17. Question of possibility of tornado/micro burst in the Griswold/Sterling area late this morning crossing I-395
  18. Sounds like the Hopecille section of Griswold near the Plainfield town line had a decent burst of winds
  19. Hopeville pond section of Griswold, just south of Ginxy
  20. Must be some wind, tree and wires down calls coming in from the Griswold CT area
  21. Looks like some hail down towards Griswold/Lisbon
  22. Almost looking like on radar it is 84 N&W? Could be wrong
  23. Decent storm just to my NW in Ashford/Eastford CT area; hearing Thunder here. Does this dampen chances for later on?
  24. I know next week has the potential for not being that good, what’s it looking like Cape next week? Daughters school trip and try to pack accordingly
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