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  1. You can sort of see that happening near Springfield
  2. Unless they see that line in the Albany area and believe that might help trigger further East?
  3. Storms starting to fire in NE PA
  4. Not sure if there are any auto racing fans here, but Stafford Speedway in CT will be in the National Spotlight Sat night as Tony Stewart/Ray Evernham launch their SRX racing series live on CBS. I guess it’s billed to be similar to the former IROC series but racing at grassroot tracks both pavement and dirt
  5. Nice and cool here in south FL with temps in high 80’s
  6. We have been dry here in SE FL as well
  7. Gonna be some flooding in the Marlborough CT area
  8. Love where I am in SE FL; just north of Palm Beach county and the craziness of S FL and still have Caribbean like blue water and small town feel from Sebastian to Stuart
  9. It’s not even that humid or hot
  10. Cant even imagine! We’re sitting at a nice 71 here, my NE blood has thinned.
  11. Do the AP writers live in cave, “dry conditions” and wildfires clearly not a concern in New England! Written out of Steins basement FROM THE NEWSROOM: (AP) Officials are urging caution at cookouts and campsites this holiday weekend to tamp down wildfires in New England. Forest rangers asked campers to make sure their campfires are fully extinguished before leaving them. They also urged people to obey open burning laws and to obtain permits before burning brush. Dry conditions are contributing to fires and persisting despite the showery forecast this weekend. The drought monitor released on Thursday showed parts of New Hampshire and Vermont are already in a moderate drought while most of Maine is “abnormally dry.”
  12. Like posting the weather for Stuart the next week!
  13. Just the opposite down here in FL, full on facial nudity now for a few months now except in schools. Schools are optional next year
  14. Ryan selling Stein and hoisting the Sultan Signal
  15. How does it look to the East near from Kevin NE to ORH?
  16. Stuff starting to bubble up near Kingston NY, need that to start firing for CT to have any shot
  17. Modfan2

    RIP James

    Uggh horrible news, much too young. Rip James, your model enthusiasm be it winter or tropical weather will be missed!
  18. Yeah, there and the water tower On 31 in Dudley provided some great views
  19. Some nice Hills with awest view on Rt 31 in Charlton near the old Dresser Hill Ice cream stand, or further south in Dudley Ma overlooking NE CT
  20. Glad everyone installed, temps 69-72 to start the week?
  21. Stein gonna Stein, rain misses most
  22. Not everyone, low 80’s down here!