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  1. Nice Rt 2 down slope dandy in CT; it would be nice if it pushed a little further east
  2. 42F here in East Killingly CT, off and on light rain. If George is right will be getting 4-8” with Lolli to 10”
  3. I get one more day to enjoy this before heading back south; hoping for some flurries to mix in later.
  4. Beautiful fall weather here in NE CT hills light rain/fog and 41F
  5. If I can get a coating tonight that’s a win for me before heading back south!
  6. Sorry I missed it, friends and Fam sprung a surprise Birthday party that I could not leave. Looks like a good time by all
  7. Thanksgiving week still looking cold?
  8. I mean I’ll take a some snow with my Thanksgiving visit! 89 redue?
  9. Looks like from Sterling NE towards South Killingly took the brunt
  10. Stuart FL Air Show today, got to tour one of the Hurricane Hunters; cool to say the least.
  11. Thanks, need to get an idea of how to pack for that week.
  12. Cold air mass here in S FL with a temp 58 with decent wind; might even be a wind chill
  13. I won’t be upset cashing in on snow and Turkey all on a trip north
  14. I was working overnight Ambulance Duty just over the line in CT and was woken up by Oxford Ma Fire Dept out for numerous trees down in the North End of town, Rt 56 North area. For a few days later the ride up I 395 once you got to exit 4 (Depot Rd) is where you would start seeing the ice on the trees.
  15. I think it was this one, I moved into my house in October 2004 and it was right around that time. We got a light coating in the grassy surfaces my friend in Charlton got a decent coating on trees
  16. That could be it; I was surprised to see that so early in the season
  17. We had a ZR event maybe Nov of 2003 or 2004; I remember leaving a friends house on MA/CT with light glaze while another friend with some elevation in Charlton had a decent glazing
  18. This might have been the coolest Halloween in the 7 years being in S FL
  19. Our Springfield friend @ineedsnowhas been touting this period for the most few days.
  20. And just think, New England hasn’t really take a Hurricane hit in several years; many are not prepared!
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