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  1. Looks like a E CT sucker hole, I’m fine with that giving the deluge we have had the last two weeks.
  2. I mean that’s my unscientific take, we have been on a fairly long stretch of wet weather we are so for long stretches of dry weather and the unfortunate timing may be winter.
  3. 2.12” will do it here, grass seed and straw washed away, again. Nice few COC days In coming.
  4. 1.82” of showers; moderate rain at the moment.
  5. Unscientific but my gut says everything is cyclical and we have been on quite the stretch of wet weather since the beginning of the year and I am hoping that we don’t suffer through long stretches of cold/dry weather this winter.
  6. I mean, places here in NE CT/NE RI got 5-7” last week, while Leominster had the most their not the only ones saturated.
  7. Just our luck we get more than enough rain 3/4 of the year and then we Stein for Winter!
  8. The Euro the next 7 days has RI floating; almost 8”.
  9. Golf tournament tomorrow in NE CT, loos like most rain done in am, the 2nd round slides east into RI/SE Ma??
  10. How much rain do we get Monday? Have a golf tournament Monday on CT/RI border and hoping it doesn’t get rained out.
  11. Yup, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was damage a little further west here in Brooklyn and into Hampton. Could see rotation as early as Chaplin.
  12. Here is a video from South Foster RI showing yesterday’s possible tornado https://youtu.be/oMnZpC-zz-c?si=SRIbnu7V8BtaN-tR
  13. I will say, it was surreal to tailgate for a hockey game in shorts….Nice venue for a game
  14. Here was a radar screen shot I took from yesterday, surprised BOX didn’t pull the trigger earlier on a warning
  15. So I ended with 2.41” here yesterday in E Brooklyn, cross Route 6 north here in town and 5-7” with many roads flooded or washed out. Throw in a tornado for good measure (and I am pretty confident it went right over my hood) and that’s one of the best severe threats that Wiz hasn’t hyped! Curious why, most of the heavy rain and even tornadic events here happened in higher elevations of Windham County, a reason why? Luck of the draw?
  16. Had a lot of Wind here in Brooklyn and then gone; no damage here
  17. South Killingly FD has possible damage in the Ledge Rd section of Killingly
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