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  1. 49F and COC AC provided! Beautiful two days of summer incoming!
  2. Like freight train coming through here, crazy light show
  3. Just judging by radar you and Kev appear to be in a good position
  4. Looks like it’s moving more NE than E.
  5. FF warning hoisted for the Worcester area
  6. It’s further NW from Ginxy and I, more along 84 towards Kevin
  7. Almost looks like it’s moving more NE than E; congrats 84 west??
  8. Wow, decent train set up just south of the pike, was that expected?
  9. Looks like a day reprieve from the heat, warm again Tuesday/Wednesday and season towards the end of the week?
  10. I know dynamics are different yesterday to today, but yesterday We struggled with getting sun to burn off the deck, and hovered 78-80; today sun is out and into the low 80’s and noticeably more humid. Does it mean anything for this afternoon, who knows.
  11. Sun just came out here in E CT, almost 2 hours earlier than yesterday; we destabilize
  12. Watch this end up being further south in Central Western Ma
  13. Getting brighter here in E CT compared to yesterday not getting sun until afternoon and a decent breeze at the moment.
  14. How do we look here south of the pike?
  15. Are these storms going to fire up all day, or do we clear out this am and for the afternoon storms?
  16. 65F for a low and .94” of rain after both rounds this morning, .65 with the storms yesterday and my lawn is happy
  17. Huge gust front coming through here now!
  18. Hearing Woodstock/Eastford departments toned from tree/wire down calls with that cell overhead
  19. That and the cell up by Union need some attention
  20. Rotation near Brimfield?
  21. Been bouncing between 78-80 for a bit, solid cloud here hanging on
  22. I am probably 25 miles to your NE and they are hanging in pretty good, suns trying to break through
  23. Still cloudy here in E CT, only 78, think the main action could be further SW from here unless we see some clearing soon
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