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  1. Decent cell near UConn/Ashford with some rotation
  2. First Novice all nighter was I think Dec 92 heavy wet snow storm, making the 15 drive from my girlfriends at 11pm took 2 hours due to snow and trees down everywhere and having to reroute. Hurricane Irma was the last; first Hurricane since Bob, and first Fl Hurricane experience.
  3. How is next weekend looking? Planning a trip up to see family (maybe house shop?) and hoping for good weather
  4. While a good drink for many, was it to much to fast to soak in (other than those areas that had flooding rains)? During brush fire in Marlborough Ma las week they said fire was running in the root line 6-8” deep and it was power down to that level.
  5. Let’s see how much dry air impacts waves coming east
  6. It’s going to be nice when I am officially back in the SNE area.
  7. I’m going the other way and coming back to New England
  8. We are down 7-10” of rain here on the S FL east coast from Vero to West Palm in the middle of rain season!! It has been days of 90-94 with dews of 75; I’m done!
  9. I went to the FL Panhandle for Cat 5 Michael and some lessons learned were cities and towns need to have a plan to open roads. Any grid repair up north will take time due to a few days of isolating what is damage and best way to start repairing. Having tarps for roofs and a people to tarp roofs properly is a big thing.
  10. Living here in Martin County, Cat 5 Dorian Sat 76-80 miles to our east and destroyed part of the Bahamas; that’s as close to a Cat 5 I want to be!!! Growing up in ORH County for Gloria and Bob; New England will have considerable tree damage from a Cat 1 or greater. Many are unprepared
  11. Stein Stein everywhere Stein.Drying up the community drying up the pines. Burn this burn that can’t you see the Stein!
  12. Maybe in se Mass, meanwhile DIT is digging his third well for drinking water!
  13. What’s that a Seabreeze line pushing west over NE CT/ORH county on radar loop?
  14. Enough to knock down for most!
  15. This; in my past 10 years in S FL I cannot remember a summer being this dry on the East Coast and water temps from the boat are running 82-84 and 86 in the Gulf Stream which is a little cool for this time of year. Obviously things can and will change but Fl East coast cities are running 5-8” rain deficits in the middle of rainy season.
  16. 77/74 here is S FL to start; your not far off!
  17. Try 86 degree ocean water!
  18. That and the amount of tree growth since Bob in 91; power outages from a legit CAT 1 or greater will be 2+ weeks.
  19. Been listening, 2 miles into the woods and about an 1 acre; just difficult terrain to access.
  20. Meanwhile My AC is going 24/7 10 months a year here in SFL and My Florida Power & Light bill averages $125-135
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