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  1. Decent hail in the Holland/Sturbridge/Union
  2. Looks like some decent rotation in Sturbridge
  3. Starting to become partly cloudy here in E CT, temp up to 70
  4. Still stuck in the clouds here in the 395 corridor in E CT, 65F
  5. Looks like a decent line, does it stay together as it comes east?
  6. 2nd year in a row with a relatively quiet Brush Fire season.
  7. I have been 28F here in E CT the past 2 mornings
  8. 28F again here in E CT, when do we install?
  9. I find there are two sets of people in New England, those who want to move south for the warmer weather and those who want to move further north for the peace and quiet. While living in a warmer climate had its advantages, you do get sick of 90+ temps and 70+ dews for 6-8 months straight.
  10. Down to 28F here again this morning, decent cold to end the season and usher in some warm weather.
  11. Down to 28F here in the Quinebaug Valley in E CT, we frost!
  12. I’ve see HWW from BOX for winds less than this.
  13. 27F here for a low in the valley in E CT
  14. Reports of possible earthquake here just now in E CT/Central Ma
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