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  1. Sounds like the Hopecille section of Griswold near the Plainfield town line had a decent burst of winds
  2. Hopeville pond section of Griswold, just south of Ginxy
  3. Must be some wind, tree and wires down calls coming in from the Griswold CT area
  4. Looks like some hail down towards Griswold/Lisbon
  5. Almost looking like on radar it is 84 N&W? Could be wrong
  6. Decent storm just to my NW in Ashford/Eastford CT area; hearing Thunder here. Does this dampen chances for later on?
  7. I know next week has the potential for not being that good, what’s it looking like Cape next week? Daughters school trip and try to pack accordingly
  8. 54F for a low, another great night sleeping with windows open!!
  9. 80F here in E CT, nice breeze with low humidity, can we bottle this?
  10. No need for AC last night, enjoy the cool night and open the windows; temp down to 53F. Waited 8 years of being in FL to be able to open the windows and enjoy natural AC
  11. Up to 80F here in the Quinebaug valley, nice day!!
  12. First possible heat wave of the season this week with temps possibly touching the low 90’s here in SNE, enjoy!
  13. Meh- rained during my daughter’s soccer game in RI, not fun! At least it wasn’t cold!
  14. Light rain and 55F here in E CT, 0.04 so far
  15. Looked mostly like a western New England thing, cloudy weekend for most.
  16. If only this firehouse happened 3 months ago….over an 1” here in E CT, more the further south you go along I 395
  17. Hoping we can salvage tomorrow afternoon, overnight and tomorrow morning looks wet.
  18. Are the northern lights visible again tonight and will we be clear enough to see them if they are?
  19. Down to 37F here in the valley in E CT, glad it was going to a mild 3-day stretch.
  20. So much for just a few spot showers on Sunday, rain and 46F here. 0.07 so far on top of 1.41 on Wed, waiting for Stein to make an appearance.
  21. Great call by @CT Rain with the severe threat, maybe he should start future severe threads. Not a lot in terms of wind or lightning but the hail was pretty neat to see.
  22. Just had a decent hail core come over in Brooklyn, marble size
  23. Has to be some decent rainfall totals in Ashford/Eastford area
  24. And another severe cell coming this way, overperfoma!
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