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  1. Just like with Hurricane Michael, house with Metal Roofs can withstand a beating unlike shingle roofs
  2. Florida Power and Light outages;
  3. We are still getting decent TS gust here in Stuart after 6+ inches of rain and a few Tornado warnings Tuesday night into Wednesday; nothing compared to SW FL.
  4. Nice, Kev needs to wear this shirt for the next G2G
  5. Had a few tornado warnings to deal with overnight here in SE FL, heavy rain band now; nothing compared to what SW FL is going to deal with.
  6. Looking on radar like it’s heading to Venice/Bradenton area
  7. Looks like it’s heading N; when is the right turn projected?
  8. I would agree with you, just the west edge seems to be eroding which is concerning
  9. That’s what I was thinking earlier, radar out of Key West appeared to show dry air working in from west side
  10. Question, watching the Melbourne radar, echoes pushing S to N seem to be dying out just north of West Palm; is there drier air coming from N?
  11. Could be just the radar, but does it look like dry air is getting wrapped into the back side?
  12. I think this will end up between Venice and Sarasota
  13. Tropical Storm warnings expanded here in SE FL
  14. Under a Tropical Storm warning now in SE FL.
  15. Nice plot Ray; while at this moment I am too far east (pretty much on the I 95 sign above Palm Beach) for any major impacts other than rain and some breezy weather at this point.
  16. During Irma parts of St Lucie County and neighboring Indian River counties received 21” and there was quite a bit of flooding.
  17. Plenty of members show a Tampa area hit, not sure I would call that “wishcasting”. Nothing is off the table at this point.
  18. Most all models except GFS are around Tampa area
  19. 5am cone from NHC, S FL currently out of the cone; this can change.
  20. Would a slower development mean a more westerly track into the Gulf?
  21. Hope so, don’t want any part of it; a Tampa north LF is fine by me!!
  22. I would think, at this point that is the outlier?
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