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  1. Is the storms in E CT going to take the punch of the line in C CT as it moves east?
  2. Some decent rotation just to his west in Hampton
  3. Decent storm firing in @Ginx snewx hood; multiple out flow interactions in RI; Seabreeze?
  4. Went from 94 to 83 with that shower, .12 of much needed rain
  5. Showers starting to form pretty much overhead here in E CT
  6. Can see the outflow from the BD on radar heading SW towards RI/CT line
  7. A question to TIP’s previous points, notice storms trying to fire and move east but die out, is this due to more stable atmosphere east near CT/MA/RI line
  8. Hope so, I am just west of the RI in the Killingly area, see if it makes it this far SW
  9. So you’re saying it’s gonna cool down for the rest of the summer after this week? lol
  10. After only topping 91 the past 2 day I am up to 94 so far today but
  11. Temps shot up to 83 here already, will we get past 91F?
  12. Low of 65F off a high of 90, slightly warmer start today.
  13. 89F so far here, maybe will see 92/93; not much higher than yesterday. Feels FL like outside
  14. 83F here in the valley in E CT, off a low of 64F
  15. Low of 64F here in E CT, I feel like northern Maine in the winter!! lol. High of 91 yesterday with a great breeze, and cooled right down once the sun dropped.
  16. Hit 91F here in E CT, back down to 90
  17. I have been bouncing between 88/89 here in the Quinebaug valley in E CT
  18. I mentioned to you last week that there is zero confidence in and long range model output until they start having some consistency. End of last week into last weekend was supposed be into the low 90’s and we saw how that turned out. Local Mets need BDL * temps to verify each day to justify the hype.
  19. 79F cloudy and. A shower?
  20. Hell of a way to lead into a heat wave, temp 73F and breezy, almost cold!
  21. Down to 48F, some nice natural AC, can we bottle this weekend for the summer. Looking like my area might be on the edge of any substantial heat, influenced by sea breeze?
  22. .36 here, enough to dampen the lawn, better than being Steined
  23. Jeez, just cloudy down here, yard is becoming a dust bowl
  24. Prematurel precipitation does it every time!
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