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  1. Got cloudy here about an hour ago, not sure if from debris from the storms near Hartford or some marine layer but temps dropped from 91 to 83
  2. Was gonna say, looks like it’s back building your way
  3. Nice little enhancement off the Quabbin in Western Ma with those storms
  4. 74F and rain, .30 so far. The crab grass is happy
  5. Looks like rain setting up here in E CT/RI/SE Ma
  6. 85/72 and a fantastic breeze here in E CT, a great mid summers day!!
  7. Low of 74F this am in E CT but oddly it doesn’t feel that humid; deck and cars dry and now a nice breeze; nothing like the few days.
  8. Mostly sunny and Warm and humid here with a nice breeze, currently 88F
  9. Still fairly foggy here in the Quinebaug Valley in E CT; yesterday while warm was a nice day! is it me or is the “feels like” just a tool to hype warm weather when it’s a fairly subjective thing? Some enjoy the heat and humidity and others do not, but the “feels like” is different for everyone. Want not just say it’s going to be 90-91 with high humidity?
  10. Already 90F here in the Quinebaug Valley
  11. Sounds good! FL puts up with today’s weather from May to the end of October; we can take a 3-4 days of HHH and the. Back to seasonal
  12. That’s just dew from all the humidity! Lol
  13. 77F, cloudy, and almost cool here in E CT, compared to others we take!
  14. I sort of chuckled earlier in the week when news was making a big deal of how much rain W/C CT was getting; I’m thinking has anyone looked at Eastern CT and how wet it has been??
  15. Almost S FL like, low of 73F and high dews, air temp needs be 88-94 and we are there. We dealt with these conditions from late April to October every day…
  16. Looks like the cells in W CT are falling apart as they move east
  17. Got the 7/10 split here, heavier cell in Plainfield to my south and the one in Woodstock to my north; .60” of rain
  18. Looks like it might miss you just to the SE
  19. Sunny is breaking out here on the 395 corridor, sooner than I thought.
  20. Thinking the same thing, does debris from that muck up things later? Think showers earlier here might hurt burning off the clouds here
  21. Nice downpour, .10 and 73F.
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