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  1. Sam's really been shedding the bands. Do we think this is just a temporary pulse down or maybe the beginning of some kind of annular transition?
  2. Sam sure is looking pretty good right now on IR
  3. Henri may have been absolutely weak sauce, but I remember that it was similarly predicted to stay harmlessly out to sea this far out. I highly doubt there will be an impact, but we track
  4. Frankly Larry right now in the EATL is already practically as strong as Henri was at it's peak. Conditions look conducive for further strengthening in the near future, despite potential dry air entrainment. In addition, Larry has a far larger circulation, and even if it was in the state Henri was in it would move much more water
  5. As much as I am certain that this will not go anywhere near the eastern seaboard, we can't discount the journey of Henri from fish to (pathetically weak) threat. The pattern has been there this year, folks
  6. Be careful what you wish for, we will get all of that as rain instead of snow
  7. Scenes out of New York are straight out of Day after Tomorrow
  8. Will all the flooding damage caused by remnant Ida get added to Ida's eventual total?
  9. This is going to be a major disaster for NYC
  10. LSD (Colloquially known as acid) is typically in the form of a tab, which are ripped off from sheets of hydrophilic paper. These sheets tend to have wild and "trippy" patterns on them, like the ones above.
  11. I've seen hurricanes with worse eyes than this dry spot
  12. Looking pretty beastly for a system that just came off of Africa
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