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  1. Is it just me or is Zeta clearing out an eye over land?
  2. Someone needs to remind Zeta that it isn't in the GoM anymore and can begin disintegrating instead of firing deep convection
  3. I think this may take lots of folks in New Orleans by suprise unfortunately
  4. NHC upgraded to 973 mb and 105 mph
  5. Lots of lightning in the eyewall, still think we could push a low end Cat 3 if the baroclinic forcing and trough interactions line up just right
  6. Recon will be enlightening, sure looks like Zeta is still strengthening
  7. Looking at this right now I find it hard to believe Zeta isn't near or at Cat 2 status. Unbelievable presentation considering what it looked like just 6 hours ago
  8. Within the span of a few hours Zeta has materialized 3/4 of an eyewall, once it closes it off I expect fairly steady to quick strengthening. This is a huge system, and once it fully develops I expect it will be larger than both Delta and Laura
  9. Zeta looks to be strengthening right now, I am seeing signs of northerly banding from the main convective mass, the convection continues to cool over the center of the MLC, and overall banding features have developed considerably over the past hour (with the potential start of a curved band developing to the left)
  10. That makes it even more impressive, what a freak of nature. Usually ULL's are the destroyer of cyclones; this one has provided the perfect pocket for a major
  11. Ugh this setup has the potential to produce such a powerful hybrid storm, so of course it will miss us 500 miles to the east
  12. Unflagged 119kt FL winds in NE quadrant. I'd say 95kt would be a good estimate, maybe 100