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  1. NW of Boston we got some fantastic 2-3 inch an hour rates, storm total around 15"
  2. When are things supposed to crank up for BOX?
  3. Good stuff is still hours away here in Boston, jealous of all you weenies.
  4. Finally started snowing in Boston, around .5". Went from light to moderate fast
  5. You aren't a true Bostonian until you can lift in the middle of a snowstorm
  6. Here near Boston we have a trace down and light snow
  7. See all the weenies have fallen asleep, HRDPS is juiced and just ripping over SE MA
  8. GFS a little more juiced and more NW, mixing goes deeper into the SE
  9. Down here in BOS we still haven't gotten accumulation
  10. Up here in Arlington near Boston it hasn't started snowing yet, still torching at 37 degrees but the wind is starting to pick up