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  1. I can't tell if the board is stuck in early season or late season blues, that this middling circulation is the most exciting thing we've been able to track in over a month.
  2. Given how bearish the board is I was suprised to see our AOI off of Africa looking pretty healthy
  3. Impressive convective pattern
  4. Heaviest snow of the day here in Arlington, been shoveling for an hour and there is easily 3 inches of snow on the stairs I shoveled first
  5. How many more hours of heavy snow are we in for in Boston?
  6. Even if the low is fairly displaced to the East, I'm really hoping we get at least some sort of capture, which would make this storm go from a monster SE snowstorm to a historic one
  7. How's our low pressure system down South looking?
  8. I'm curious to see if the strength of the low will be trimmed up as we head closer to go time, or if it will maintain the low 970's-960's that most of the models strengthen it to. How many sub-970 Nor'easters have we had up here?
  9. Do the actual computational models themselves work in 6 hour increments, or is that just how the data is presented? Sorry if this is a stupid question
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