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  1. Was raining and windy in Boston earlier but very still now Edit- the rain has now picked up substantially and so has the wind
  2. Microburst touched down a mile away near my former elementary school and took down a few trees
  3. Near Boston the winds have finally picked up from nothing to 15-20 and light bands of rain are moving in
  4. Now that Isaias is moving out would you all say this busted under, over, or roughly as predicted?
  5. Sun is back out near Boston but radar is indicating the line of storms in RI might rotate north to us
  6. Sun has been out at points a few miles west of Boston
  7. New Jersey has over 400,000 out of power which equates to roughly 1 million people
  8. Doesn't seem to be any more information than that
  9. New Jersey power outages just jumped over 75k in 10 minutes
  10. I've heard from a friend in DE that there are either one or multiple tornadoes moving through the center of the state
  11. So far is this busting over, under, or around what was predicted? In Western MA right now
  12. The presentation on radar is actually pretty impressive for a hybrid system that has been on land for 14 hours
  13. Numerous areas around coastal Delaware are reporting gusts near or at 60 MPH
  14. Looks like you have a new weather-related job today
  15. NW of Boston we got some fantastic 2-3 inch an hour rates, storm total around 15"