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  1. No snow so far in Nahant but the wind is going nuts, pushing white caps out in the open ocean of 2 feet plus easy
  2. As someone still fairly new to weather how come this event and its setup is considered more unusual?
  3. Radar is looking absolutely beefy right now. The southern coastal component is ramping up quickly and it is big time snow in Virginia and starting to crank up in Pennsylvania. All a question of if it can sustain and build upon the structure later today.
  4. Here in the Boston area we have been so starved for a snow event... it has literally been years since the last decent snowstorm, far too much rain and ice versus feet of drifts of snow, just like my childhood. A small part of me is still worried about a bust but this could be real nice for a large area of SE NE
  5. Oh my I am disbelieving yet so, so tantalized... like an exotic spice
  6. The storm looks to be getting increasingly deeper and slower right around hook of cape cod on the HRRR. I think this could be a beating
  7. Any hope for us Boston folk or is this looking to be a torching slushfest the whole way through?
  8. When barely any precipitation falls the entire winter on a good chunk of NE, gradients mean jack
  9. Wouldn't be suprised if Iota is well into category 1 range right now. Looks absolutely formidable, and that curved band is something to witness
  10. This will absolutely ruin the end of any hurricane season. Just because these storms happened, we will all be expecting similar late season activity, and be disappointed when it inevitablely isn't the same. That, or climate change really is leading to more active hurricane seasons.
  11. Cloud tops are colder than even some of the strongest WPAC storms
  12. I'll go 890 and 160kt. Someone's gotta do it
  13. In Boston and it is accumulating somewhat on the streets and sidewalks and coming down at a heavy pace, pretty suprised as I was expecting to torch here
  14. Is there a reason that the WPAC basin doesn't really have recon missions from any agency like we do in the Atlantic/Pacific? Lack of funding?
  15. Unironically the most bullish I've been on any storm this season. Nearly perfect upper level anticyclonic pattern combined with excellent OHC and above average SDT's given the time of the year, as well as a vigorous circulation that appears to already be in the process of developing
  16. Is it just me or is Zeta clearing out an eye over land?
  17. Someone needs to remind Zeta that it isn't in the GoM anymore and can begin disintegrating instead of firing deep convection
  18. I think this may take lots of folks in New Orleans by suprise unfortunately
  19. NHC upgraded to 973 mb and 105 mph
  20. Lots of lightning in the eyewall, still think we could push a low end Cat 3 if the baroclinic forcing and trough interactions line up just right
  21. Recon will be enlightening, sure looks like Zeta is still strengthening