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  1. I know which one will be the last
  2. Would likely push the start of MLB beyond July 4th.....
  3. It's not a paywall. I clicked the link...clicked "close" on the top left of the ad and read the story
  4. Heard from my lawn guy this morning. They have the ok to work. He said they're taking all proper precautions like distancing, sterilizing tools, etc. It's just a father and son operation and he just rides around the yard on a machine spreading fertilizer, so I don't see how it's a problem.
  5. And yet he's still allowed to post here....makes no sense
  6. Probably with more tax cuts for the rich
  7. GA, LA (new Orleans) and FL numbers are ramping up....about to go through the roof. LA's fatality rate is 3.6%, which is bananas
  8. My sister in law is an ER nurse at Boston Medical Center....on the front lines. I texted her this morning wishing her well...part of her response: "The truth is it's only the beginning. New cases increasing everyday, it hasn't peaked yet. That's what's so scary. And people are bored at home combined with nice weather, more people are out and about." Happy Easter everyone!
  9. Sun breaking thru here. Lots of blue skies for now
  10. On TapaTalk on mobile you click on the screen name you want to block, then click on the 3 dots at the top right of their profile page. That brings up the "block/ignore" option.
  11. Lots of Darwin Award finalists here.... https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/coronavirus-kid-rock-nashville-bar-remain-open-215225753.html
  12. Sister in law is an ER nurse at Boston medical center...she's on the front lines checking in sick patients as they arrive to the hospital. She said she's wearing double everything and a face shield. I asked her what her opinion of this is and if I should be as freaked out as I am....her text back just now: "It's just so contagious, and does live on clothes for up to 6 hrs. Wash hands, don't touch your face, be at least 6feet from someone coughing or sneezing and drinking water frequently washes virus out of throats so it can't attach. Stomach acids kill it." So....it seems the more time we all spend apart, the better.