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  1. This is kind of amazing....Time lapse of 10 years worth of NEXRAD for the entire US from January 2010 to January 2020. 2 hours long!
  2. Steady light snow as that band is working into here. I'm about halfway between Bob's and Brett's house. Not sure if it's gotten to Brett yet.
  3. My red eye from Honolulu is landing in BOS about 6:30 Sunday morning. Could be fun
  4. Changed back to a pounding heavy sleet in Raynham now.....28/26
  5. When you have to make a separate post to explain your original troll post you probably should take a break from the board
  6. Still .25-.5 visibility here....closing in on 5"
  7. Still steady here. Looks like 3"...nice little event
  8. Steady snow here now. No idea what we end up with
  9. Snow started here...I have no idea what we end up with by later Tuesday. BOX's 4"? Euro 15"+?