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  1. I know...they're a fortune. Would be cool to have them and be completely off the electric grid. A couple years they'll be more reasonable.
  2. Power and cable still out (since 11 last night)for me and a large portion of raynham. Generator is going though so it's fine. The worst thing is that even though I have 18 solar panels on the roof, the system won't work unless there is street power connected to the house. Lousy, but it's for safety, so.... May have to invest in the Tesla PowerWall to store the power and use it at night or outages
  3. Still no power here. Been out since 11, so hopefully come back soon because the fridge isn't going to be cold forever. School is still on, which seems strange because of all the reports of downed trees and poles throughout Raynham.
  4. Getting it now...you don't want it
  5. Just screaming out there now. Going to get worse before it gets better. Next couple hours will be rough
  6. Just lost power. Winds haven't been too bad until the last few minutes. Was into the baseball game too. Bummer
  7. Just over 1.5" here so far. Should double that before all is said and done.
  8. We go to Cape Breton every summer (wife's family) and I've seen the worst accidents ever along the highways of NB and NS. Usually motor homes or campers just destroyed. Between the speeding Mass drivers and fully loaded tandem logging trucks, it can be sketchy
  9. Little over an inch in the last hour with this slow moving band. Some thunder, but mostly just heavy rain.
  10. Cranked up the heater this morning...water should be at around 83-84 by noon...solar panels providing free electricity for 140000 btu heat pump is a beautiful thing.
  11. Can confirm pouring at the BR football game. Had to go sit in the car, completely soaked.
  12. pouring here, about .5" so far this morning. 58, gusty north wind. So done with Jose
  13. Enough with the wind already A miserable 3 days of weather here, and today is probably the worst yet. Not holding out hope for tomorrow...hopefully Sunday we clear and torch.
  14. Power is out here. Very windy night. Missing a lousy football game
  15. 140,000 btu heater in my new in ground thats scheduled for completion this week. Should make it thru September anyway. We'll see.