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  1. I'm about 5 miles (correct?) north of you and it's completely dry
  2. Water temp approaching 90. Exactly where it should be 93/70
  3. Pouring here...nice to see it
  4. 78/76 here in Wareham as I end my 4th week in the new job of installing whole house standby generators for an electrical contractor. Great month to be working outside everyday....
  5. Nope...POOF...I95 forcefield strikes again
  6. Just noticed mine was a record for July too, but it was also the second highest month of production I've had in 11 years since the system went live. Tells me 2 things....It was a dry and sunny month, and also my panels haven't really seen any reduction in efficiency after 10+ years
  7. And I still don't get a wind reading when I look at your station... Still 90/63
  8. Had a couple showers in Scituate before finishing work. All it did was make it more humid
  9. Installing a generator in Scituate....really nice day to be working out in the direct sun
  10. Can see that Brockton cell just to my north, meanwhile full sun by the pool....4-ply afternoon 85/65
  11. Not a drop here 5 miles to your north. Some rumbles, lots of Stein
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