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  1. Skies actually brightening here. Still windy, but roads are actually mostly dry at this point. Not sure exactly how much rain we had but I bet it was under .25". Crazy considering BOX had us at 4-6" as late as last night. Should be a nice at foxboro, but very windy
  2. Start off with these lower totals...can always bump up as we get closer
  3. Pouring here now....Edit: lasted about 90 seconds
  4. video of a huge crane falling onto a building from this afternoon. Hopefully this link works....lots of other pics from Halifax on that page https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157819502231842&id=152755021841
  5. From my cousin...crane down in Halifax Edit: CBC Nova Scotia on Facebook has video of the crane falling. Scary
  6. Hazey, Frankie Macdonald is out with his Dorian forecast for NS...lots of good info here
  7. Better get to the NSLC before they run out of Keith's. Stay safe!
  8. My in-laws live on Cape Breton right on Lake Ainslie....should be some nice breezy conditions out there
  9. Still mostly sunny. 75/57 Perfect labor day weekend down this way
  10. Yessir...I stayed on campus for a couple days, then they closed it and encouraged everyone to go home for a couple weeks. I had to get a ride to FLT airport at 5:00 am thru a curfew. Fun stuff Classes didn't started until later in Sept.
  11. I was in Coral Gables (freshman year at UMiami) for Andrew. It was crazy, but it isn't too populous as you go south from there. Can't imagine something close to that into FTL/Boca/West Palm. Disaster.....
  12. Winter precip pattern setting up....
  13. 46 here, 44 at TAN. That's some cold August air