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  1. It been awful. We are leaving today to head home because it's been beautiful everywhere but the ME coast. It's the family's house, so it's not a big deal, but....man the weather is terrible here
  2. Haven't seen the sun (or moon) here at York Beach since Thursday afternoon. Maybe tomorrow? Probably not
  3. York Beach, ME....63, foggy/low overcast. Absolutely miserable Happy 4th everyone....Enjoy the great weather literally everywhere else
  4. I think I heard that here! It's like a warzone tonight...I also think I heard the explosion from down towards Bob's house about 15 minutes ago. Don't ever remember hearing so many explosions around here this far before the 4th. People are bored I guess...spending their extra $600 per week on mortar shells
  5. Huge if true 83/70.........steamy
  6. It's plenty refreshing. After staring at the stupid green cover for 8 months of the year, I'm fine with it getting super warm. The only negative I've had from the water getting so warm is that the PH goes up fast with the temperature. That screws with the the chlorine levels since its a salt water pool. Just have to add some "PH Down" stuff every so often. Oh, that reminds me...A few weeks ago some were talking about "Liquid Pool Cover" to help with temperature and water retention. I hadn't heard of it, but I lose a lot of water thru evaporation. I got some and have been using it for a couple weeks. I think it's working on both fronts. No negative results so far.
  7. May need to buy a few bags of ice this weekend Perfect temp, btw.....
  8. Nice showers now, everything getting a pretty good drink. Upstream looks good, should continue for most of the morning
  9. 67/36.... Prefer yesterday's temps to today's, but can't complain
  10. Pool is 81....kids are enjoying the "home schooling" 76/64
  11. Had flakes in the air here, which is crazy. Sun and clouds now
  12. And I wired it!!!!
  13. Took the cover off last weekend when it was nice out. The filter has been running all week. I'll crank up the heater in a week once mid spring turns to late spring