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  1. Steady light snow in Raynham. It's warm though, roads are just wet. Grass and mulch getting covered, so I guess that's something exciting for this winter
  2. Mostly sunny, 53 Beautiful Saturday afternoon. Would be an amazing golf day if it wasn't so wet.
  3. I thought that first picture from Binghamton was a buried Pope. About 7-8" here. 31.5* Not sure how much if any we sleeted, but it's definitely compacted. CF looks like it's right along 95, hopefully crashes soon
  4. Dawn has Awoken to some nice OES here in Onset. About an inch of fluff, wet roads. Coming down nicely
  5. I'm working in Onset tomorrow morning. Expect updates and pics
  6. Nevermind...dry slot is gone. All frozen here in Raynham near 495/138.
  7. In a bit of a dry slot down here in SE MA. 35, super windy but nothing falling. That heavy band is about 5 miles to my west. Hopefully it all slowly rotates thru over the next few hours.
  8. Temp down to 39 and absolutely pouring. Maybe 4:00 for a changeover here
  9. Nice call by BOX. Power still out here (for the rest of the neighborhood, at least)
  10. Just a little standby. I plug it into an outside plug and it does half the house. As long as the main breaker is shut off it's "safe". Trust me...I'm a master electrician!
  11. Power has been out for about an hour. I guess there's a big tree down on the main road in our neighborhood. Could be awhile....thankfully, we gennie
  12. Yeah the wind is crazy here right now. That 50 mph report is definitely legit.