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  1. Can confirm pouring at the BR football game. Had to go sit in the car, completely soaked.
  2. pouring here, about .5" so far this morning. 58, gusty north wind. So done with Jose
  3. Enough with the wind already A miserable 3 days of weather here, and today is probably the worst yet. Not holding out hope for tomorrow...hopefully Sunday we clear and torch.
  4. Power is out here. Very windy night. Missing a lousy football game
  5. 140,000 btu heater in my new in ground thats scheduled for completion this week. Should make it thru September anyway. We'll see.
  6. Just realized that 25 years ago today I was a freshman at University of Miami experiencing Hurricane Andrew. Cat 5 in a dorm at 4:30 in the morning was pretty scary. Sounded like a jet engine on take off for a couple hours.
  7. It doesn't rain here anymore
  8. watched the weather channel
  9. Second of 10 days here in Inverness, Nova Scotia. 66/48, clear blue skies and breezy. Very very nice.
  10. I've never had to wait in line for my 30 pack of Mich Ultra
  11. Ended up with just under 2". Crazy rates, came in just about 2 hours.
  12. Some of the heaviest rain I've seen. Just over 1" in the gauge and still pouring. No lightning though
  13. This poor guy accidentally went outside in AZ
  14. Agree on the quality of Comcast X1. It's worth the expense. I built this HD antenna a couple years ago to see if it works. http://www.popularmechanics.com/culture/tv/how-to/a6608/build-your-own-digital-tv-antenna/ Being right between Boston and PVD markets, I got about 25 channels with it and at a much higher quality than cable. Couldn't believe the quality with this dopey looking thing that cost me about $8. It's sitting in my basement doing nothing now. It's all yours if you want it Brett