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  1. Still .25-.5 visibility here....closing in on 5"
  2. Still steady here. Looks like 3"...nice little event
  3. Steady snow here now. No idea what we end up with
  4. Snow started here...I have no idea what we end up with by later Tuesday. BOX's 4"? Euro 15"+?
  5. Or no advisory at all straight to a warning (me, Bob and tblizz)
  6. Stealing everyone's snow year after year is exhausting
  7. Thunder and lightning here just now.
  8. 40, breezy, heavy heavy misery mist. SEMA November weather at it's finest
  9. Sorry Bob. Bristol and Plymouth counties are SEMA. The snow capitol of NE, the place where severe thunder storms go to die, the stealers of WNE's snow, etc....