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  1. 67, full sun. Beautiful Mother's Day
  2. My level 2 charger cost me $600 from the dealer when I picked up the car. It's on a 40a circuit with #8 copper. It's not too far from the panel so I used a piece of wire I had lying around. I do 75% of my driving in my work van. So this is more to mess around and figure out the pros and cons of owning an EV. I think the range and cost are where they need to be. If they can figure out a way to speed up the charging, then I think EVs will take off. They are fine for daily commutes, then plugging it in overnight at home. But if you want to take a long road trip, you have to really worry about where/when you can charge. Then, you may be sitting there for hours if it's not a DC fast charger. If you could recharge in 10-15 minutes from empty to full, then we will be into something. Maybe in a few years
  3. I picked up a Check Bolt about 2 months ago. Pretty happy with it. The range is about 260 miles on a full charge. I installed a level 2 charger in my garage for it....but, being an electrician, it was easy. The EVs definitely drive differently than a normal car. The acceleration is kind of nuts and they are silent.
  4. .18" overnight and a couple very loud cracks of thunder at 3:00 that freaked out the dog.
  5. My in-laws in Nova Scotia had their first shot a few weeks ago. Their second shot is scheduled for July 26. Canada is spreading out the doses by over 100 days.
  6. Yeah it's strange. I'm 46 and other than a sore arm, I didn't have any noticeable reaction to either Moderna dose.
  7. UMass said they are "encouraging" faculty and staff to get it, but not requiring it
  8. Daughter just got an email from UMass Amherst that all students will be required to be vaccinated for the Fall semester. Not sure about other campuses, but I'd assume it's a system-wide policy. Email also confirmed full, in person classes and residence halls. Didn't say anything about testing or masks, but that will likely be ironed out this summer. Very happy for her...she spent her entire sophomore year home taking all classes remotely. That sucks Have to think most colleges (in the northeast anyway) will require vaccinations for the Fall
  9. Had my 2nd Moderna shot on 3/29. Sore arm and a little tired but nothing bad at all. Me, my wife and my daughter(19) are all fully vacced. None of use had any adverse side effects. My son(14) will get the shot as soon as it's approved for ages 12-16 shortly.
  10. Just a cold windy misery mist now. Had about 2 hours of white rain. Congrats to those who got dumped on!
  11. Lots of cats paws on the windshield here in Norton/Attleboro area. Temp is down to 38 on the car thermometer
  12. Beautiful day in Newport with the family but my in-laws up in Cape Breton, NS are dealing with that ULL...was heavy rain and now a huge ice storm. Lots of damage up on their hill and no power.
  13. You should get some quotes from local companies too. They will do a better job of explaining it to you as well. As long as you own the panels you get the SRECs. A company in CA monitors my system remotely and every time I generate 1MWh it it automatically creates a "solar renewable energy credit". It then sells it for me, keeps a small percentage, and sends me the rest as a direct deposit. I think I have corresponded with them three times in the last five years. Don't do or sign anything that doesn't allow you full and complete control.
  14. Just got my 2nd shot of Moderna at Gillette. Holy hell is it windy up here!
  15. The savings I get on my electric bill is nice, it I make way more money selling the renewable energy credits (SRECs). I use a company in CA that monitors it for me and sells my credits in the market when the price is high. I've been getting about $350 per credit (it used to be over $500) and usually make between around $2500 to $3k a year from it. My system is pretty small though. It's cool to get a direct deposit for hundreds of dollars 4 times a year for doing nothing. I've tried to buy Tesla powerwall packs. They are a fortune. It's also my understanding, as of the last time I checked, that Tesla won't sell Power walls by themselves...you can only buy them as part of a whole system. Not sure if that is still a thing though. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk