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  1. Smoke isn't very noticeable down this way. Bright and sunny.....86/66. Some WU spots nearby showing 90 Worked in an attic this morning replacing 2 bathroom fans....That was pleasant.
  2. Mine is steaming like a hot tub right now. Haven't seen that before
  3. 81/72 still in Raynham. Nice pool day
  4. Turn turned into a way nicer day here than was expected. Fair amount of sun and blue skies to go with the clouds. Still super tropical 81/73
  5. yeah, been breaks of blue and actual sun here for the last hour or so. Hardly any measurable rain overnight in the Bridgewater triangle area. Very tropical though...76/73
  6. Me, Bob and Brett (TBlizz) having a strategy session on stealing everyone's snow this winter.
  7. The filter cleans the water whether it's above the skimmer or not. But anything floating on the surface won't get picked up by the skimmer if the opening is covered. I also don't want the water to find a way behind the liner and the steel walls if it gets high enough. At the end of the day, it's probably not the end of the world if it gets too high but that's just how I am
  8. Same here. Had to run home to put the pump in and get it down below the skimmer. What a summer!
  9. About 2" here, but very tropical.... 72/71 and no wind at all
  10. My son's guitar teacher is playing there from 5 to 8. Tell Dan that I (Matt) said hi if you're still there At York Beach for the week. Dry all day today, just miserable cold and windy. Lots of people without much to do
  11. Pool is refreshing this afternoon.... )
  12. Hopefully dry off the yards and basements in SEMA....
  13. .53" from that monsoon. Some good thunder and lightning. Bob is about 5 miles to my south and got .02" () Edit: Brett is a few miles to my north and said he got over an inch
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