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  1. Driving on 44 now to Harry's in middleboro for takeout. Can confirm, 1/4m vis.... Dumping
  2. A good 3" or so here after shoveling the stairs and walk. Snow has been accumulating much better in the past hour. Looks like we could pick up 2-3" maybe before it ends later.
  3. Very wintery vibe around here. Should be around for a while too. Let's keep building it
  4. Heavy under this band in Raynham. Between 1/4 and 1/2m vis. Radar looks pretty good for this area for the next little bit
  5. Can confirm. Moderate snow, roads covered.....nice wintery day
  6. About 4" here. That mega band has finally sagged SE and we're in it now
  7. Just spoke to my in laws on Cape Breton....they're expecting a good one
  8. Flakes just started here. I like where me, Brett and Bob sit for this one. We'll see.....
  9. Time to apply some Lesco.... Get a jump on the spring fertilizing
  10. Yeah, I definitely stayed snow the whole time (so far). It was ugly for awhile. That radar looks awesome for SEMA.
  11. Coming down really hard in this (hopefully) last band. Not accumulating....Probably have 2" of slop. Really can't wait for this event to be done here. Very happy for the CT folks!
  12. I'm about 2 miles south of him. There's a WU site right between our houses that's showing 32/32. Definitely sticking. Just pouring snow right now.
  13. absolutely pounding now. This is how me, Brett and Bob get our 10+" around here. I don't think we missed out on more than an inch or so during the "white rain" this afternoon.
  14. Getting flakes here despite nothing in radar. Real tricky forecast for this area. Hopefully we thump before any changeover 30/24
  15. Steady moderate snow here in Raynham with this band. Want expecting to see this much snow here today.
  16. I'm working in onset this morning and it's just been spitting flakes. It's pretty warm though so everything is wet and melting
  17. Ring doorbell pics for all! About 3"
  18. 1" on the nose. Still coming down good, flakes are definitely bigger. Great to see everything covered again. 30/28
  19. Steady light snow in Raynham. It's warm though, roads are just wet. Grass and mulch getting covered, so I guess that's something exciting for this winter
  20. Mostly sunny, 53 Beautiful Saturday afternoon. Would be an amazing golf day if it wasn't so wet.