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  1. Weird how KC fans and players aren't complaining about OT rules like they were 3 years ago when they lost to the Pats in OT without touching the ball .....weird
  2. Light snow here with a dusting on the ground. Always nice when an oes band get back this far
  3. James would have started an OES thread 6 days ago
  4. I think the Raynham DPW dumped their entire winter's inventory of salt on the roads this afternoon. It's ridiculous
  5. Actually surprised they didn't take the opportunity to cancel here with all the predictions of 2-4, 3-5 yesterday Heavy rain has moved out, just light rain and drizzle now, 36.....stay safe to all those whose roads have slicked up!!
  6. Sun broke thru the clouds here...47 What a winter!
  7. In laws out on Cape Breton (Lake Ainslie) got it good. Huge winds and no power right now. Luckily they have a generator.
  8. Rates definitely back up now as that band has shifted. Won't jackpot here but should make up some ground.
  9. Only about 3" so far. Snow has definitely picked uo in the last 15 minutes or so. Seems like that band is moving in here from the north now.
  10. Made it to Key West. Flew into MIA and drove down. 72/70...gorgeous spot
  11. Nice light snow here a couple miles from Brett. Road is covered
  12. Heading to key West with the family mid-morning Christmas Day through New Year's Day. It's much easier to do that stuff once the kids are older and don't really care about presents as much
  13. We have snow falling here in Raynham. Did not expect to see this
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