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  1. Man that’s brutal . 3 warm windy cutters with no cold or snow in between will wipe out a ski resort pack
  2. Is there any snow left OTG in Buffalo?
  3. ORH - 59 BDL - 39 PVD - 33 BOS- 41 GINX - 45 KTOL - 54 BDR - 29 SWEY- 35 KGAY - 49 HUNCH - 63 CON - 52 DSLOT- 64
  4. As long as we continue our wins over KGay in Metheun
  5. His melts are right up there with Snow Nh and Tip’s and Rays over the years. I can guarantee you Will has them but he tends to try to mask them on here. Rest assured though.. at home he’s ripping heads off the kids toys at and dropping mother f bombs while banging on the steering wheel thinking about how bad the pattern is
  6. Mets are also included. You all are as much of weenies as everyone else. You just hold the degree. Other than that , everyone shares same feelings , emotions, and wants.
  7. Jump into front seat of cruiser.. pull it into the precinct garage.. put heat on and close your eyes
  8. Worry creeping into corners to be sure though
  9. Maybe he meant Friday . Saturday is wet from dawn to dusk with rain and wind and awfulness. The kind of winter day Scooter can’t handle with the kids inside , noses pressed against window looking out at the rain so he’s forced to find things for them to do.
  10. If we just ignore the pouring rain all day .. sure
  11. That’s just where folks have differing views. To me .. you really only have DJF and after that it’s spring . Sure it snows after that, but it’s high solar angle season and not preferable . I hate wasting December. Just my opinion
  12. Or another lost day of an already shortened season
  13. You initially started it Dec 5th then you pushed it to Dec 8th.. now you’ve got it at Dec 13th. The delay and worry we had last week was 100% the correct call
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