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  1. Maybe on the magic Mtn it’s like that. But for most of the rest of the laymen .. it’s about 70% related to the weather conditions. Early ad cool falls like last year things pop and fall weeks ahead.. warm humid falls with little in the way of cool nights and warm sunny days means weeks late such as 2011.
  2. If that was the case we’d have equal changes each year in terms of when they change and when they fall. Last year with the cool September they were weeks ahead of normal.. helped in part by the drought. This year with no cool fall weather yet.. everywhere is well behind
  3. And start earlier but especially end later . Which affects leaf change . Peak dates moving farther out in time. Not in 50 years, but now and the past 20 years
  4. What a deep summer we continue in. Leaves are way way behind in all 6 states. It looks like August with all the green other than swamps
  5. Nice lightning show earlier. Got my run in ahead of the downpours in between. Ton of lightning to the NE
  6. Your station shows .13 today. Cup filled with golf balls?
  7. You live in the mountains in the woods. That’s different. Most pool owners on here live in valleys, low areas that furnace and will continue to
  8. Why was in even issued for SE of Berks? Stevie Wonder could have “seen” it wasn’t necessary
  9. We can only lead a gift horse to water.. we can’t force them to drink
  10. Violently disagree with the watch in CT other than Litchfield
  11. Storms won’t make it past about CEF to Hunch. Nothing severe anyway
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