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  1. No you report the guy in town from Wunderground . You mentioned something about trees over yours
  2. Then why do you use the guy across town rainfall amounts ? Why not online with Wxlink software?
  3. Yet his own personal home Davis station has no shield , fan , is improperly sited for rain and isn’t online. Interesting to say the least. And he’s a met.
  4. Somewhere in this thread . Someone questioned the frost call. And then someone questioned the October frost call. What a fallummer
  5. I know but what I mean it’s absurd how late the frosts and freezes are going to be this year. Other than Spanker in Southbury and maybe Tamarack and Alex no one has sniffed 30-32 needed . I don’t consider 33-36 a frost or freeze . And now next week looks rainy and cloudy so we lost that opportunity
  6. Not New England where we live . Who cares about The Dakotas
  7. The weed smoke turning everything green as you rip bongs in backyard
  8. Yup that happens. But this year . Other than Southbury CT.. the Oaks are way behind and lots of green. This is going to be the worst and latest cleanup since 2011. Look at this map. Other than the hills .. CT is mostly green
  9. What a furnace shaping up for Helloween . Makeup just melting off Children's faces. Chocolate melting in bags
  10. No you never, ever do that . You never root for the arch rival. Even against cheaters like the Astros. And the main reason is because of the obnoxious Sox fans you have to listen to rub it in your face. Living in Red Sox nation they’re everywhere. No thanks .
  11. We will all be doing leaves into early Dec. Unreal how much green left on Oaks
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