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  1. I just like to have actual forecasts. I put mine out there every event and typically get lambasted and more often than not it’s not terribly far off. I have 50-55 mph gusts here with a possible upper 50’s and Dendy. Legro , and others refuse to issue a number . Runaway has under 40. I still don’t understand why my number is far off . Every piece of guidance shows it or higher. Elevated interior with screaming LLJ and CAA. I feel good about the call .
  2. Forecast gusts there to here? Or just pull a Dendy and ignore?
  3. You do know there’s between hourly obs right? Jesus you are a mess. Get a grip
  4. The ones every model and met except BOX has . You may be in a relative min there in that low pit
  5. Do people think that the interior winds are soon? Interior rips after midnight
  6. How do you only have ORH 4mph higher than BDL? I’d up ORH 10-15 mph
  7. How do you know? You haven’t looked to make a forecast
  8. It’s one of the most laughable forecasts we’ve ever seen out of there. Legro laughing
  9. Yet you still don’t make a call . So you’ve got under 50mph. Ok
  10. I noticed you’ve ignored all questions about wind gusts ORH to Ginx . Never put yourself out there. We get it
  11. E MA go time is 9:00- 4:00 am Ours in CT is 1:00-7:00 am
  12. He has 45-60 here south and east. He’s good BOX has nothing and will be forced to issue warnings during the event .
  13. Out grilling burgers and marked increase in wind last 20 minutes. 2.05” so far
  14. Your rookies at BOX likely caught playing catch-up with pants down as damage reports come in overnight ORH west to HFD
  15. When it’s sunny 100% yes. During Isaias when we were all ripping 60-70 in CT the sun was out much of the time
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