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  1. Walt and Tip have been taking about the big wind threat from NJ all thru SNE as the storm cuts up into Pa. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone really.
  2. Winds, floods,damage, trees down cold temps. Endless summer ended. The end
  3. Damage seemingly coming. Euro and EPS rock steady on inland storm track
  4. Dewy furnace Monday pike south. Snuck up on some forecasters
  5. Let’s pray. If we have to endure an 8-10 days straight of rain. We’d at least better get some type of damage out of the whole shebang .
  6. Seems like it. Instead bags full of 8-10” of water and candy water damaged Kids coming home with basically bags of diarrhea
  7. 8-10 days straight of the kids being inside after school and weekend. Helloween washout
  8. A Runaway special upcoming.. 8-10 days straight of rain starting Monday
  9. Not this year. The landscape will be thriving . Deep greens . Leaves and lawns . Not a frost or freeze in sight. From Phinny to Winny to Raymie, to Ginxy
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