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  1. Seems like it. Instead bags full of 8-10” of water and candy water damaged Kids coming home with basically bags of diarrhea
  2. 8-10 days straight of the kids being inside after school and weekend. Helloween washout
  3. A Runaway special upcoming.. 8-10 days straight of rain starting Monday
  4. Not this year. The landscape will be thriving . Deep greens . Leaves and lawns . Not a frost or freeze in sight. From Phinny to Winny to Raymie, to Ginxy
  5. No you report the guy in town from Wunderground . You mentioned something about trees over yours
  6. Then why do you use the guy across town rainfall amounts ? Why not online with Wxlink software?
  7. Yet his own personal home Davis station has no shield , fan , is improperly sited for rain and isn’t online. Interesting to say the least. And he’s a met.
  8. Somewhere in this thread . Someone questioned the frost call. And then someone questioned the October frost call. What a fallummer
  9. I know but what I mean it’s absurd how late the frosts and freezes are going to be this year. Other than Spanker in Southbury and maybe Tamarack and Alex no one has sniffed 30-32 needed . I don’t consider 33-36 a frost or freeze . And now next week looks rainy and cloudy so we lost that opportunity
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