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  1. We never see two systems like that back to back. The models always fade one out . In this case the main storm if there is one will likely be Sunday . Saturdays will vanish and Mondays will speed up
  2. Prob will only be one event. Saturday or Mondays . When models show two close to each other, it usually morphs into 1. So plan on Sunday/ Sunday night .
  3. White Sat to washed away Monday ? Hopefully the ensembles flatter idea is correct
  4. Still plenty of time. Was supposed to be after midnight. Enjoy bro
  5. They can form right overhead, with no advance warning.. boom. They can happen to you !
  6. Binghamton radar looks good heading SE. i wonder if much of the region doesn’t see at least some blossoming tonight as that energy dives in and interacts
  7. Some very light snow falling here the last 30 minutes or so
  8. Snow in the air, dark , cloudy ,temps below freezing all day. This is how I remember mid and late Novembers growing up
  9. Very cold day . 30.7 briefly and has been in upper 20’s since midday
  10. Will loves the RAP over the years. It has a nice signal river east for snows and heavier stuff Ginx over to south of Scooter .
  11. I’m being serious. E MA delight . Rest of us noses pressed against windows like your children on a rainy winters day
  12. Ray and Scoots gonna IVT way to 6” tonight while rest of us look on . Enjoy guys
  13. CT outside looking in overall .. except maybe far E CT gets in it for a bit
  14. Someone’s getting hit tonight out that way up to Metheun
  15. Not a all. I don’t ever wish snow away from people I’ve been posting for a few days this looked like a possible IVT. SNE does well with these early season deals . Of course , I’ll get nothing, but hope you guys do well
  16. Some narrow zone may score like 2-4”. I can definitely see that happening. From like maybe Ginx to you. Somewhere in there in a narrow zone
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