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  1. Queening? I thought you were better than this. Have you looked at sim reflectivities?
  2. We are in a west coast drought . We are literally on fire with no rain signaled
  3. It’s C and E Mass into RI special . Only HRRR has anything else and it’s terrible with convection
  4. Dews into the 70’s now in SNE. Locked in for awhile
  5. Models doing a great Stein job tomorrow to most of CT
  6. Stein watching out for us. Really starting to become dire straits
  7. Man.. another AN month about to be in the books. Warmth abounds .. even in Coc k. Furnace spring
  8. You also head north in summer . No no if you like heat and sun
  9. If it rained for a week in Maine in summer . Guaranteed it was days of 50’s . Always try and head south in summer
  10. Folks tanning in shorts etc. while folks up there are forced to gown up in rain gear and warm gear There’s a difference
  11. He wants Coc k in summer. He needs to be in SNE for warmth and sun
  12. Folks huddled up in jackets and coats sucking down hot cocoa. Great for Oct, not summer. No thanks. If You don’t get dews up there in summer this is your other option .
  13. Remember when I told you last year they’d eventually get there in next few years. With ongoing Stein and touch springs and summers like this .. they coming. Like Poltergeist.. “They’re here”
  14. Taking the kids to the game on July 17th vs Sox at the Stadium. 3 tix came to $579. Unreal . Oldest daughter heading to college in August .. so this will be last one for awhile
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