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  1. yeah, hoping for trees tipping over with the root system attached is lame as f
  2. Live shot of CoastalWx of whipping the weenies back to reality after 12z gfs
  3. thinking 40-60mph gusts here. we'll see if we can hit 70 granted I'd be totally ok without losing power.
  4. yeah 6z euro a shift east - no biggie here, breezy with some heavy surf
  5. crazy the speed differences at 72h between the 6z Euro and 6z GFS. GFS is a lot faster, about 100 miles further N
  6. We all know the deal by now. If the Euro is on an island, you punt to Jupiter
  7. 30-40mph winds with gusts to 55 or 60 is possible (here)..and wouldn't be surprised if it tickles east more. but this would be like any run of the mill nor'easter in these parts. I'm ok with it because I'm bringing home a newborn, and no need to lose power for any extended period
  8. models seem to be consolidating on a glancing blow with TS winds and rain along the coast and Cape
  9. I'd be lying if I thought it would be 16-14 at halftime after that horrendous start
  10. Sandwich. Surf should be wild regardless
  11. 2.58" total unless that stuff off cape holds together
  12. Definitely, but being on the Cape I'm still watching for any curl NW to bring some wind and rain. low odds still
  13. 2.00"+ areas just to west and north and me have 4-5" supposedly. Sagamore bridge was shut down due to flooding..not sure what the status is
  14. The new euro is always good for one or two of these wacky runs in the mid range. the king has been dead for a while
  15. Georges NAVGEM is probably the best case scenario, and also least likely.
  16. blizzards / nor'easters, sou'easters, hurricanes, Ocean effect snow, and the occasional severe thunderstorm. I think the appeal is that everything is on the table, with of course the frequency and severity of each being variable. It can be boring but we live and watch for the upside.
  17. I'm at Off the Grid..absolutely dead, and its glorious
  18. dropped into the low 60s for a couple hours early in the afternoon. along the eastern ma coast at least
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