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  1. eh..through central PA / upstate NY. need some serious changes
  2. Yes. any BL winds blowing 1° from the direction of the ocean and we toast, typically. I'd take a SWFE. If I recall wasn't that Nov 18? Cape Cod bay is 55° currently. Maybe in another month we'll have a bit more wiggle room..but not much until January down here.
  3. Well we've gone from 60's and 70's, with TP hanging out of my shorts last weekend to consistent 30's and 40's - with a couple days in the 50's after TDay possible, before we head back to the 30/40's again. I'd say it's been a change.
  4. Sea temp is 55° right now. I typically don't even look at models until after Thanksgiving, unless there's anomalous cold around along with a good setup - which next week seems to have at the moment. Still would need to thread the needle to score down in these parts.
  5. yeah looks like there's some rain/graupel showers on radar. enjoy
  6. The energy got cutoff completely into the SW. 0z hinted at this but 12z went all in. Still a bias?
  7. I like where the euro sits for next weekend. Looks like part of the energy breaks off in the southwest, unlike the 6z GFS. If the ridging out west holds a bit longer maybe there would be room for it to come up coast, but right now it all shunts east
  8. How did I miss this thread. George already in mid-winter form
  9. GFS with a few inches of OES the weekend of Thanksgiving. Frigid run
  10. and it will also be out of here by 11am Sat, maybe earlier if Euro is right
  11. yeah the oaks take forever. We'll be doing final cleanups in early December, but that's standard down here. my maples are 99% bare, and the black locusts probably have a week left.
  12. Euro/CMC/Icon all look much faster than GFS for Saturday...Hope they are right and we can salvage most of Saturday
  13. is that the same as skiMRG? Or some variant of Torch Tiger
  14. November >> April I'll take 64° and light rain over the crap we get in late April and May here
  15. mostly three-toed Hockomock swamp creatures and an occasional Big Foot
  16. didn't consider early November for best lawn month but here we almost are
  17. the caveat to my point is though I think that we were on a trajectory to a safer society overall, post-pandemic society has trended back to hell in a handbag. and then throw in the mass societal experiment that is big pharma anxiety/depression meds, and the near term impact and yet tbd impact social media has had on the population..we are living one big experiment with no good leaders (cultural or political) at the steering wheel.
  18. yes, kids still trick or treat. the only real difference i see is more households leaving candy in a basket out front, likely a residual practice from the pandemic that stuck with some people. I didn't think people still worried about needles in their candy apple. That kinda gives me a 90s vibe. But all of that is a product of safety-ism of more recent generations, and I'm not sure it correlates with it being more likely to happen
  19. also "wearing dungarees to the beach in mid summer heat" disco
  20. yeah those little bastards are resilient. The last two years, they have been worse in September/October than any other months down here . they kinda got steined this summer
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