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  1. and let's not be shocked when the 12z euro comes back west. horribly unreliable especially with the 6z/18z runs thrown in
  2. bright side is maybe this year I won't need to rake well into december
  3. I don't think anyone is calling for a euro result? nice strawman
  4. GFS is west, but nothing like the Euro. looking good for some rains in eastern areas at least
  5. The RGEM looks a bit better too. solid rains in ESNE and most of C/NNE
  6. eh, I thought the icon looked the same or even a smidge better. but no point debating the icon
  7. I think something like the cmc/rgem has is still on the table. where eastern areas get some rain
  8. The euro is out to lunch with a complete whiff. ain't happening
  9. man 18z gfs is such a wet blanket. we'd be brushing it off in winter as an off run while deep down inside feeling a creeping depression
  10. 261 days again until you're disappointed repeatedly for the following 3 months is a tough life to live. godspeed
  11. so it's either wanting 59 in August vs the ones hawking extreme dews/AHATT. I'll just take normal summer weather thanks
  12. Hopefully this trends back a bit, but I'm not convinced yet this will be a complete whiff glad I got the .3 today though
  13. The GFS total accum map thru 384 is Stein nightmare fuel
  14. clips eastern SNE too. I doubt it's right
  15. wet with onshore flow. quite different from the warm, moist, southerly deluge that was being hinted at 24-48 hours ago.
  16. checks out - .75 total since Tuesday
  17. stein has been smoked out of many areas, but is still on life support here. one more good storm and he's a goner
  18. yeah that has gone to sh*t. maybe a couple showers if lucky
  19. .07 with this last round. Looked impressive to my west but was kinda meh. .46 total Thurs morning is still on the table in my opinion.
  20. hope so. I was relatively shafted again, but I guess better than nothing
  21. .39 with some sun poking through. a few more storms firing to the west, hoping to get clipped
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