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  1. I've had black bear. my ex gf's step dad up in NH had some in his freezer. a bit gamey but not terrible
  2. Although we ended up a bit above normal..that was probably the year I peaked with my weather related angst. I think after getting blue balled the year prior with the Mid-Atlantic season, then missing out by like 5-10 miles on several storms during 10/11, it was too much to take at the time. There were several seasons that I had less snow recently, but they just weren't THAT frustrating. Found this for 12/26/10
  3. Wareham at the time, right on Swifts Beach. iirc we had a 3-4" before sleet/rain. yeah I'm sure the part of acushnet I ended up moving too did a bit better..maybe like 6-8"
  4. Was the boxing day storm in 2010 the one where it wasn't showing on models 48 hours prior, then there was seemingly some glitch with the GFS model and many blamed that when it started showing a hit? I could be wrong. Either way..I was initially excited when the storm starting showing on the models..but as usual, my excitement waned when it trended to be too much of a hugger.
  5. even the foliage is on point. only thing missing is some gif editing skills
  6. good to hear some PCs still using common sense
  7. I was up in the Stowe area late November last year and 6" fell. it was like a different planet when I came back..waited about 2 months from that point to accumulate 6" total..then of course the blizzard hit. But point being, North country is where you gotta be if you want consistently early chances for snow
  8. Drago getting jabbed with roids was a nice touch too.
  9. The Euro looks slower for Sunday, so maybe we can salvage the daylight hours.
  10. I sometimes go shorts and then wear crew socks for extra coverage, because I get bad poison ivy as well. if I'm really scared of it I'll just wear sweats if it's early enough. Then it's straight to the shower with Tecnu Extreme
  11. They also have khaki shorts. I wouldn't consider those for 'kids'. But sure, go ahead and dress like Judge Smails
  12. Do you wear khaki pants in the summer with your polo tucked in?
  13. The radar loop from 1-26/27 is one of my all time favorites for here. I'll have to find it
  14. My 0" feels a lot more palatable than the 0-2" in the CRV. Pretty sure I'd be shook with PTSD if that happened
  15. And Jim Murray is hilarious. He and Gasper are pretty good on the weekends
  16. locally 1-2" inches tonight per some of the hi-res guidance
  17. Young me is slightly disappointed, older me says lets keep this warmth through Thanksgiving due to heating costs.
  18. winterguard weed and feed or just the fert
  19. Thankfully, it got nice here after 1. upper 60s
  20. apparently its been full sun west of the canal..wtf.
  21. Went from 1.32 to 2.02" in the past 45 min..but seems to be wrapping up for good now
  22. heaviest rain of the event happening now. absolute deluge
  23. oil now 5.39/gal luckily still have around 3/4 tank left.
  24. pine needle apocalypse on the lawn. looks like dung now
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