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  1. Seriously, I was hoping to wait and use the expensive cat/tick meds until spring.but looks like I have to start now. Thanks Greta
  2. I'd take that if we could pull off a slightly closer version of Feb 99
  3. I don't expect it to be warm here any time soon with SSTs near 40...maybe if we can eek out a couple days with a westerly or wsw flow, otherwise, misery
  4. My dog goes in my backyard. never pees or poops on walks when leashed
  5. was actually driving through "interior" Upper Cape today and you can tell the differences in depth. Areas like Forestdale/ South Sandwich/Marston Mills have a few more inches of depth than where I live, closer to the ocean. Those 8"+ reports were legit in those areas. Had about 6" here, but depth is down to 2-3" in shaded areas, and some bare spots where the sun hits
  6. Excellent, let's spice this thread up some. Now I'm invested in the outcome
  7. Although likely snowless, doesn't look that great to me over next couple weeks. If it's not 50s and 60s, I don't want out. I see a couple days of muted warmth at the end of February..meh
  8. GEPS actually looked good to me. Several sub 980s near BM
  9. light snow and a dusting so far. if I'm lucky maybe I'll be treated to a quarter inch
  10. Might be fighting some dry air further east, so could use another tick N. best is south coast of CT, block island, ACK
  11. Saturday looks like shite so far at 12z..NAM and that crappy hires FV3 model.vLets see if REGGIE comes back to earth or doubles down
  12. It could mostly torch for all I care, but hoping we can thread the needle for a HECS. And no one is capable of predicting it will/won't happen.
  13. Maybe compared to what was modeled several days ago. last few runs of the euro and RGEM have ticked back north a bit. I get it though, this won't affect most in the area.
  14. For southern sections of SNE, Saturday still on the table for a couple inches per the RGEM/Euro/EPS. Let's see if it can keep trending north at 12z
  15. Morning of 2/15/15 then 2nd pic is the next day
  16. then he will have died in an honorable fashion, and it would all be worth it
  17. I don't think the 26 yo version of myself would've handled the past several years very well. I would be an expert in drywall repair
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