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  1. 1.31" - models were mostly dry here. they were terrible at pinpointing the convection
  2. Frequent lightning/thunder - dog is shook .70 so should end up over 1" easily
  3. Today we hit 79.2. I just don't know how I can continue to exist in this terrible climate. /s It can have its fair share of shitty days but the good far outweighs the bad. I don't need 90s anymore. Maybe I'm just getting older but 70s and 80s will do.
  4. Why does the GFS OP tend to be a debby downer . Always looks real shitty in the medium/long range.
  5. a bit cooler right along the coast but probably more like 60s. 70s to near 80 just inland
  6. It's either today or tomorrow for me. once the humidity starts to rise then I'm all in for AC install. can't sleep with dews
  7. Almost made it to June without A/C..pretty impressive. Lets see how long I can make it this week before install. 65/55 here
  8. 50° and drizzle. so much for mowing this weekend
  9. There will probably be a violent snap to heat and humidity once the junky onshore pattern subsides. The pukey flow has been tough to get rid of, like a stage 5 clinger
  10. Wouldn't surprise me one bit. Here's another one for some laughs
  11. Yeah I've installed around May 1st in years past so it's a bit late this year, but not by much
  12. The euro cybernetic learning computer looks pretty warm next week
  13. Already 69.1° should be a great morning Edit: just touched 70°
  14. Was a nice day..though a bit more breezy by late afternoon. Capped out around 68° which we take in May GFS won't let us out though..stubborn delay of real spring warmth going forward through next 7. It has to be the most pessimistic model
  15. 12z GFS now says we might salvage Thursday with mild temps and less cloudcover with the storm being a bit further south
  16. We were in the 54-58 range today amongst a mix of sun and clouds, but it felt so much nicer when the sun was out. I think we are ready to turn a corner, finally.
  17. Seems like we will be turning a corner this week..even the coolish days seem to have a higher baseline temp than what we've had the past few weeks.
  18. Sure does, at least this winter. 48.5° and mostly cloudy
  19. Euro T1000 says dog shit pattern completely dissolves after Day 8 and we go straight to Summer
  20. 52° and mostly sunny. Just really reaping the benefits of that blazing May sun
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