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  1. ocean effect clouds spoiling the day here. had to send the kid to preschool in a winter hat and mittens today
  2. there's a high pressure settling into GL and Northeast.basically zero chance in that setup for anything riding up the coast as a strong storm. only shot is the storm is slower and the trough digs in faster after the HP moves out
  3. I was too high From a coastal risk perspective, U.S. emergency officials should consider a plan involving a major hurricane – at Category 3 or higher intensity – every 30 to 40 years instead of every 100 or 200 years as currently believed.
  4. 1815 was close. so its a once every 100-150 year type storm based on the small 400 year sample size. Carol in 1954 was pretty bad too (Cat 3).
  5. My ambient seems ok with the rain gauge - and my temps/dews run about 3-5 degrees too high.but thats due to the proximity to the roof. My winds are also junk (way too low) for the same reasons. I need to buy a 6ft pole to get it higher and on the opposite end of the chimney. Once I move and raise it, I may put it online.
  6. I'm not 100% convinced of that. It was 80+ years ago
  7. Heading up to Ashburnham around Columbus day weekend. Should be pretty decent by then
  8. <DIT, TT, Whineminster> </DIT, TT, Whineminster>
  9. I'm punting days like today to the moon, though. I can do without the gray backdrop of late-April onshore puke flow
  10. Have barely followed this storm..and nothing suggests its coming close. Save your energy for Winter!
  11. I haven't used my hoodie yet. Maybe tomorrow morning will be the first time, if I happen to be outside at 5am - but mostly to protect against mosquitos.
  12. I have an insect identifier app, and this is what I got. maybe if you can get a clearer picture of it, I can run it again. make sure to get real close
  13. Dec 92 and March 93 in the same season is kinda nuts.
  14. Top 10 September day today. 74 and full sun
  15. I had an inguinal hernia, five years ago in my lower right abdomen with a noticeable bulge. And honestly I didn't feel it much, but I heard it varies depending on the location, and the individual. My surgery went well, although it took me the full 6 months of recovery before I didn't really feel it and wasn't terrified about lifting anything semi-heavy. Honestly, I haven't gone super super heavy at the gym since then. What you have could just be an abdominal muscle strain, but worth checking out if it persists for several weeks.
  16. I misread my rain gauge like a noob. I had .53 yesterday, and .91 today - 1.44" since yesterday.
  17. last slug of rain coming through, should get us over 1"
  18. MV in crosshairs, over 3" nice to see the lower cape getting some liquid
  19. seriously now lets keep that pattern for the winter
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