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  1. That's one overtime shift of him in his cruiser checking the 00z and 6z runs.
  2. I don't hate the GEFS look around the 12/20-12/22 timeframe
  3. plenty of time to adjust to the 24/25th. lock it in
  4. 2", though not a ton melted. still a solid 1"+ in most areas
  5. 20.8° coldest of season here too. snow cover helping to radiate Edit: station bottomed out at 19.9°
  6. Still lgt snow here but likely done with the accumulations. Had to turn back around on Sandwich Rd along the canal because of the horrible traffic.
  7. About an inch so far and trees are caked up, 31.8°
  8. It was quick but nice to see the kid excited about the first snow of the year. shooting for a coating to an inch
  9. snow showers mid cape, wonder if any of it is sticking. 36° here but dews are dropping through the 20s. temp should fall with any heavier precip
  10. HRRR is solid for tonight/tomorrow
  11. Yeah, might be mostly rain here. But places like Carver or Plymouth along and to the west of RT3 might stay snowy
  12. Just looked at the GEFS, EPS, GEPS for the first time this winter. Yikes
  13. Snow showers here Wednesday evening?
  14. This and dryslot giving us the Euro pbp usually means close the shades for a while in SNE. Although I'm happy for them
  15. He generally downplays everything and plays it safe for the 80 year old demo that watches. He's extremely boring
  16. I have nothing on MVY, but touched 22° this morning
  17. my station bottomed out at 25°. coldest so far this season
  18. looks pretty chilly overall to finish November..as someone who wouldn't mind a mild up. not sure what some are smokin on here
  19. cool thing to see outside when you woke up this am
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