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  1. So, aside from the low % shot of a followup wave amplifying near 2/12, we punt through 2/18 it seems. I'm not sold that the last 1/3 of February or early March is definitely going to suck. If it does, I sure hope it's warm at least.
  2. my 'pack' is holding strong. should last through Sunday..then we hibernate and hope for a big end to February
  3. I do have that nostalgia from the 90's of seeing Mark Rosenthals' 6-12"+ shade of purple on the south coast and thinking it was a going to be a biggie..which would sometimes get updated to the white shade of 12"+, with the 6-12" moving further inland. Good times. I know I'm talking about a bit later (like mid 90s)..but those numbers still felt like a lot then, compared to what we've gotten used to over the past 20.
  4. Yeah this is it. Can't come back from that statement without seeming super foolish. I'd bet Miami declining interest sealed the deal for him
  5. Thanks. Wasn't expecting much, so a nice surprise. crazy how easily it accumulated with a cold air mass, vs every other storm we've had so far
  6. still going.. 1.5". biggest storm of the year?
  7. About a 1/2" of fluff so far - this time everything is covered including roads
  8. seems like a general .5"-.75" with an inch in spots. A lot of the T's were reported at 7am
  9. .6" on the deck, slightly more on grass. and nothing on the roads or driveways. Not one snowfall this year has resulted in anything more than wet roads.
  10. If we get by .5", it will be the 2nd biggest snow of the season
  11. Hoping for a final ode to the 80s in the next few weeks with a Feb 87 redux mixed in. The board would sure be entertaining
  12. Mesos have some light snow tomorrow morning and again Wednesday morning. maybe we get an inch out of that. Then possibly some OES on the outer cape Saturday.
  13. It's the equivalent of late July in that regard. I don't think Kevin has been in a darker place
  14. maybe head out to Truro on Saturday and you can catch a 1-2" OES band
  15. Feb 3-5th is the window to watch in my view.
  16. had a slushy coating on the cartops when I left the hockey rink in Bourne.
  17. solid coating on grass and car tops. Wasn't expecting any accumulation, so lets see if we can reach an inch.
  18. It's actually sticking a bit to the grass..which is a win and unexpected.
  19. SSTs cost me 10" inches last weekend. Despite the marginal airmass, I think the warmer SSTs were a big hinderance
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