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  1. I just filled at $3.59 on my second car which I don't use much. The heating oil situation is going to cause big issues, and I hope there is some plan to mitigate the effects this winter. What a disaster.
  2. This summer, June 30 through a part of August was as brutal as it got. Though we made up for it with well over a foot of rain since.
  3. clear air mode..would be a nice low level CJ in winter in the typical spots
  4. I think they talking about Stein
  5. you may double up this afternoon, we'll see.
  6. sitting on 2.06", most of which was last evening. congrats to CT on the huge rains!
  7. your .25+ will most likely be tomorrow. can't dismiss the possibility of screw zones given the scattered nature
  8. .80 but really coming down attm. should eclipse 1" soon
  9. I guess I need to upgrade to Pro, because I only have access to the BOX radar
  10. What's with the radar lately. It's raining pretty steadily, but nada on the radar
  11. It also looked like it was dryslotting here - any idea what the final accumlations were?
  12. October snow, winter kiss of death for Tolland. lock it in
  13. Those big totals were always a pipe dream. .5-75"+ for a large chunk, maybe .25 up to pike, awt
  14. I almost turned it on did this morning, but i'm holding strong. my defense is starting to show cracks though, and the wife/child may breach the line at any moment
  15. The 12z RGEM says 48 hours of breezy conditions with periods of rain. I hope Stein has his chapstick ready
  16. regardless, has the trust in models always been this bad 24-48 hours out? it's going to be a long ass winter
  17. For selfish reasons, hoping for a good soaking. it's gonna be shite anyway with the onshore flow. hoping I can get the extra seed I put down last week to sprout soon looking like we can lock in .5+ here
  18. the dry air isn't pressing much by Tuesday, which is why the rain makes headway. I think .25 up to the CT MA border, 5-.75+ SE areas
  19. The RGEM is also wet now. that was solid for the last storm
  20. GFS is now over 1" here. Stein on hold
  21. it's going to rain Tuesday and Tuesday Night, afterwards could be stein
  22. .72 may finish with an inch.. definitely on the lower end of guidance
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