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  1. I like it. Let's be bold. The only thing to fear is fear itself.
  2. This makes me think the synoptic will want to bring it north. That's all I focus on at this point. The 22nd looks like it wants to stay south
  3. Well as we learned a week or two ago Will is your daddy and So is Scott
  4. More east members means that other members start pointing to North if you know what I mean
  5. A couple of hours of heavy snow that can cool the column while the south east inflow is interrupted could be the difference between 4 inches or 8 inches in a lot of places. I figure if I can get 6 inches which can soak up the rain and then freeze, that wouldn’t be so bad especially if we get some snow in the next two weeks.
  6. Lollies to 12 in all serious, there actually is still time for this to trend but I fear the trend will be in the wrong direction. But we could get a little trends to the east that could help us out. My expectation is that the winter storm watch comes down in the afternoon package though
  7. At what point does GYX take them downAt what point does GYX take them down
  8. It just reiterates how badly the euro has been performing for a couple of years. And the GFS which sort of sniffed out the last storm has basically been brought to its heel buy the nam and the other globals
  9. That was what I went to bed thinking. But gyx is till honking and wunderground as well. Probably just a huge euro fail
  10. I think GYX gives a good explanation, saying that earlier development of low pressure over towards the gulf of Maine will interrupt the east southeast inflow and keep the temps from totally furnacing. That doesn’t stop the warming aloft though but might be slow enough to get an extra hour or two of heavy snow but if it lightens that it immediately mixes or turns over. They say that an extra two hours come in an extra four or 5 inches for certain locations which makes sense to me the gradient between five or 6 inches and 11 or 12 inches is almost over my head
  11. no discussion on here, so we know whiat that means. i never look at models but I found the gfs. looks terrible even up into parts of NNE. GYX WSW will be coming down overnight I'd imagine. A sad outcome in a weird winter.
  12. If the pack thickens and becomes a glacier and we get a dump sometimes in the next 10 days, the local sledding would improve no?
  13. in all honesty I think that is true here, all the way from the berks across nw ct and ma and straight through my area to Brian and Jeff. We are on the line in the same way I imagine. The hope is that the initial thump is strong.
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