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  1. Measured 3.25 on average. Sleet mixed in just before 5 but still a mixture. Doesn't look to end too soon so probably will continue to mix and then end as fr dz to crust everything up. The snow pack is building....probably 12-15 in the woods and 6-10 in the open areas.
  2. True dat by about 5 miles. I’m probably due west of 18.
  3. More like 17. 2” here and mod-heavy snow. View down the driveway.
  4. it is already building south into nw mass but I see your point about the eventual DS. Snow growth improving slowly here. 24 so I don't think we sniff rain
  5. don't you think that will fill in a bit?/
  6. moderate swfe sand-snow but its accumulating and viz is low
  7. According to radar the heaviest lift looks to be building right toward CON and north to the Lakes Region. Hope it holds
  8. the lightening/pause that Chris was referring to is happening but the main batch looks not too far behind and pretty healthy.
  9. the steady light snow is slowing increasing but with those small flakes. maybe the better lift coming later will make for better snowgrowth. 21/13
  10. I saw the package about two hours ago which wasn’t very impressive until you got up north of Laconia. No amount above 4 inches south of Laconia
  11. Now legitimate light steady snow. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that what is happening on Mount Kearsarge in any season usually arrives here 15 to 20 minutes later. True to form
  12. Just stray so far but mt kearsarge is less than 10 miles away and is not visible now
  13. 3” is the over under. I’ll take the over by a little. Start time is confusing given the radar. I realize there will be some virga but the humidity is already pretty high and GYX is talking about a midday start. Look sooner, by a lot but I always get that wrong
  14. We get so pissy about our advisories and warnings
  15. The Euro would suggest including Merrimack in the advisory should other guidance corraborate.
  16. Thats a nice trend for us. Gets Brian to 6-7 and 5-6. Looks like you, Jeff, are 6-7. Last minute trends in the right direction can be fun.
  17. 8-10 near Gene, 5-6 for Brian 4 for me
  18. Yup I am about 1 mile from 127 and 300 feet higher than 93 on the river. Often the snow level or where it starts sticking is midway between 93 and 127. Salisbury Andover won't likely change over to liquid but CON might. I'm halfway between.
  19. GYX doesn't like to split Merrimack County in the forecast, though they should in this case at least in terms of a WWA. Hookset will be very different than Salisbury and Andover in thiis little event.