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  1. be careful....it's April....it might end up getting behind you.
  2. Thank you for bringing the eagle back. I’m not up there to enjoy the storm, but I do peek at my home security camera from time to time. on a personal front, we are in Bogotá as our first child was just born a few days ago. The second one is due later in May. I am coming home on Monday for a few days to pick up some additional items because we had to rush down to Bogotá as he was born early. So I hope I can get up my driveway on Monday night. Hopefully this is the last hurrah and spring comes soon, all the best to everyone!
  3. Or telling you to snort like a pig while the banjo played? edit: I see jeff beat me to that
  4. That’s what she most definitely said.
  5. But I bet he doesn’t have small hands
  6. We hit 34" of pack at one point last year...dunno if it was Feb or Mar.
  7. Based on what was on the ground when I got up, I would guess a good 2" here.
  8. If the setup looks like that with a very amped ridge and deep trough and Greenland ridge, that could be a good storm. The ridge excites me cuz I’ll be in Vegas baby. Summer preview
  9. Shows 4-6 here but I’m suspicious and let’s see what mesos say today.
  10. The models don't work anymore...they brokeded.
  11. The damage to your emotional state this winter isn’t enough?
  12. …Although the wunderground snow projections are increasing…
  13. I’ve been enjoying the spring preview lately. Today was beautiful although it’s clouding over now. Looks like a miserable week so it would be fun to have something to track and get some snow instead of just cold rain. Seems like a possibility up here but less than 50%
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