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  1. Had 2 free PTO days from work. In 2014 I had a full week off paid. I love these events lol.
  2. This event was quite widespread. The low QPF LES events usually happen early on in the year when the lakes are warm Nov/December primarily. The BUF NWS has a nice page that keeps track of LES events. I probably average a 2 footer + per year. I don't live in the snowbelt, just a southern suburb. South of here in the snowbelts average 200"+ and off the tug 300"+. I'd say almost every year we get a 3-4'+ event off Erie and off Ontario the potential is greater. https://www.weather.gov/buf/lesEventArchive
  3. my socials went nuts, over 20 million impressions between youtube and twitter, I was debating on what event I liked more between 2014 and 2022. 2014 had whiteouts like I've never seen with the higher winds and 2022 had nonstop thundersnow. They are my 1a/1b at top above every other event.
  4. Still a few inches on the ground here. Stuff had sticking power with 5” SWE in my core sample. We had 40s and 50s for almost 2 weeks straight. Had snow on ground from Nov 16-today. I’m a snowfall rates guy so dont really care about snow depth unless it’s extreme 3’+. It snowed a few hours after this, but this was close to the max depth.
  5. Nov Temps: BUF: +2.3 ROC: +1.9 WAT: +3.0 SYR: +4.7 BING: +3.2
  6. Another close call up in the high peaks. Becoming a far too common occurrence these days. https://dailygazette.com/2022/11/30/missing-schenectady-teen-found-freezing-in-adirondacks-dec-says/?fbclid=IwAR0XLpuEnFHmQNIhy6s4mZYGLjzScSB5sjIbC8Ibe1d6ht6-ELfpE7boZOM
  7. Since I finally got over 1k subs I am able to livestream on youtube now! I did my first tonight with some intense LES off Erie. Got a good clip of some thundersnow!
  8. Windy today with some LES setting up across southern tier and tug
  9. Next few weeks we see a stout -NAO with the PNA eventually going neutral. This results in the colder air out west slowly moving eastward over time. Not a terrible look starting around Dec 6th-7th. We will have chances of snow from around that date and onward for most of December.
  10. 40s and 50s all week with lots of sunshine. Still a solid foot on the ground!
  11. An incredible video encapsulating the event from just across the border in Canada. Some of the images/videos in this recap are insane, especially the night time ones looking out across the lake.
  12. This was a good one too, if lake wasn't frozen would have been an all timer. Had blizzard conditions, gusts over 50 MPH consistently and temps in the single digits. https://www.weather.gov/buf/lesEventArchive?season=2013-2014&event=G 42" in east aurora which matched Dec 2010 total. All timer for Tug. https://www.weather.gov/buf/lesEventArchive?season=2006-2007&event=L Another one not talked about much, almost 4' maxes off both lakes. " Which allowed the plows to begin the dig-out from an event that dropped over two-feet of fresh snow over portions of the Buffalo Southtowns in only 6 to 8 hours. https://www.weather.gov/buf/lesEventArchive?season=2016-2017&event=E
  13. Nov 14/Nov 22 stand at the top for me. 2014 had whiteouts like I've never seen before and 2022 had constant thundersnow for hours and hours lighting up the night sky. Oct 2006 Dec 2001 Dec 1995 Dec 2010 These are just in my lifetime. Obviously Blizzard of 1977 is still # 1. Also Blizzard of 1985. There was also a storm in the late 40s with 70"+ of snow across most of central/southern Erie county. Have to pull out the buffalo snowstorm book, some incredible ones in there.
  14. Really appreciate this! We would of had a lot more posters but everyone kind of relegated to our discord, it's much easier to post pics/vids on there than here and easier to use. For these big events I love looking back at them so really wanted to post here as much as I could. Hoping this winter brings a few more big events!
  15. Did a core sample today. 20” snow depth left, 5” SWE
  16. Took a core sample from last night and it finally melted. Right at 5"
  17. I completed the Adirondack 46 this fall and have hiked them in all seasons. Winter hiking in the high peak region of the Northeast is no joke and you need to plan for weather conditions to turn on a dime. I did one hike in which temps were in the -20-30 range with wind chills in the -40 to -50 range, and my water completely froze halfway up. Mind you everything was insulated. The trail was also unbroken after a decent size snowfall so every step was breaking new trail, it was absolutely brutal. I wanted to turn around a few times but kept trekking through it. 3/4 of the way through the hike it started snowing heavily and whiteout conditions hit out of no where. The weather forecast did not hint at snow like what fell. It was a 20 mile hike and it was the only one out of the 46 where I felt like I shouldn't have been there. I have completed over 15 hikes in the winter up there. I did one hike solo in the winter, but would never recommend going up on these high peaks without a partner. I've seen so many people unprepared for these hikes in all the seasons. You need to watch countless videos on youtube to learn what to bring, how to plan out your trip, and back up options incase your GPS has issues. With temps in that range your phone battery dies so fast, people that use alltrails or other apps can have no navigation if their phone goes down. Here is a picture from that hike about half way up. I've hiked some 10k+ peaks in the west and the northeast hikes were much more difficult for me. The terrain is very rough compared to out west where its smooth.
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