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  1. Holiday Valley on the year Past 24 Hours 7 - 8 in. Past 48 Hours 19 in. Season Total 69 in.
  2. We had thundersnow near Niagara falls but this report was 5.8" of snow in one hour.
  3. congrats on the storm! Highest total from WNY ended up being 25.5", most impressive part of this storm was this observation. https://kamala.cod.edu/ny/latest.nous41.KBUF.html Couple videos from the storm.
  4. One last thought on this storm. The GFS nailed the NW trend a few days ahead of every model and within 24-48 hours the NAM/RGEM nailed the placement of heaviest snowband. The GEFS were completely worthless and the OP GFS had a consistent track for 4-5 days before the storm hit.
  5. Going to be chilly. No way we go cold and dry for 2 weeks straight in January with warm lakes. I like the pattern for those SE of Ontario vs NE of Erie.
  6. Couple decent LES chances on GEM. Later this weekend and then next week. With this cold air coming a lot of events will come out of no where, just takes a little lift to get the lakes going.
  7. Updated Storm Totals KBUF at 20.6", highest synoptic storm since 2008 where 21.8" fell. Highest total was 25.5" in Niagara county, what a storm! Buffalo Airport 20.6 in 0700 AM 01/18 Official NWS Obs ...Niagara County... Sanborn 4NE 25.5 in 0700 AM 01/18 COOP https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=PNS&issuedby=BUF
  8. The next time period to watch is probably on Sunday with Arctic front and next week has several clippers with some lake enhancement/effect. Won't know much LES potential until closer to event, but likely meandering bands of enhancement.
  9. Everyone is on their 3rd winter of being below normal in Upstate besides maybe Binghamton last year and Buffalo this year, but we're only 3" above and will likely be below average by end of this week. Your location also has not been bad at all compared to SYR recording station. What's your total for year so far?
  10. 2.06" was the highest 2 day QPF I could find. The average across the area was around 1.75". Matched up pretty well with the models.
  11. 19.2" was final total at Buffalo, highest total was 22.8" https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=PNS&issuedby=BUF
  12. I grew up on the west side of Buffalo until I was 12 before I moved to Cheektowaga. My grandma and aunt are both older and my aunt has a disabled daughter that lives with her and they live next to each other right by Buff State so I always go over there to shovel so they don't have to. This was the most amount of snow I've seen over there in a long time. I was over there for last LES event and this was much more snow, had to be over 20". She says every house has 1-2 cars each and there is no where to park. I pushed out several cars, everyone was getting stuck.
  13. KBUF official total N Buffalo Airport 19.2 in 0700 PM 01/17 Official NWS Obs Highest total: ...Erie County... 2 ENE Kenmore 22.8 in 0618 PM 01/17 Trained Spotter https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=PNS&issuedby=BUF
  14. Went to wilkonson this afternoon to see how high the winds were and to check ice coverage. Still very little ice even on the harbor
  15. A few minutes driving around the city today, roads were terrible! Buffalo schools are closed again tomorrow.
  16. The first half was very fluffy, the last half was pure sleet/snow mix here. Will be interesting to see 2 day QPF totals, we will likely see many areas above 2". 2" of LES would have 30-40" totals.
  17. Isn't there multiple airports in toronto that record snow or just YYZ?
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