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  1. June Temps Looks like every reporting site reported slightly below normal temps for June besides Watertown which was even. That's 3 months so far with below normal temps. Jan, April, and June. BUF: -0.2 ROC: -0.2 WAT: 0 SYR: -1.1 BING: -0.8
  2. I believe this data is from Boston. So similar latitude to us.
  3. Based on the data it seems May/June/November have been closest to climo norms compared to the rest of the year.
  4. I wish, December is my favorite month to get snow. Really hope climo corrects it.
  5. Saw this on NE forum. Pretty interesting data. It seems we have a warm Christmas more often than not and the prove is in the data.
  6. The up and down pattern looks to continue as we near the end of June
  7. In Florida but watched that thing get absolutely shredded.
  8. We miss ya, discord has been poppin. Download the app on your phone
  9. June Temps BUF: -1.9 ROC: -1.4 WAT: -.4 Buffalo the coldest is rare to see.
  10. Rainfall totals from earlier this week https://kamala.cod.edu/ny/latest.nous41.KBUF.html
  11. Decent amount of rain overnight, still raining out moderately
  12. Got down to 35 in Lowville on 6/5. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=PNS&issuedby=BUF
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