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  1. Right now I work 35/36 hours a week and get paid for 40 and work 3 minutes from my house. I've been helping my mom while shes sick with my other free time.
  2. Yeah I get so caught up in the climb the corporate ladder and a new job title that I forget how nice I have it right now.
  3. I get comfortable and bored at the same time, its weird. I have enough money and time to do what I want and the stress is pretty low. The only thing I really spend money on his traveling and like to go on 3-4 trips a year, but other than that I am pretty frugal. They've been trying to get me into management for awhile, but always said no as I am comfortable and make enough money.
  4. Would be $10k or so increase. 15 mins added to commute and into a management role. Would be in downtown Buffalo, currently work 2-3 minutes from my home. Monday-Friday 830-430 is the shift. I'm not sure I'd like management. I hate telling people what to do, I'm more of a lone wolf.
  5. How do you guys decide between taking a job promotion and being extremely comfortable where you're at?
  6. In looking back at last year, our first Trace of snow was on Oct 30th and our first hard freeze was Oct 31st. First measurable snow was Nov. 2nd for Buffalo.
  7. Ninas definitely favor cooler Oct-Dec. Last year did not behave like a Nina due to the PAC flow. Oct: +1.0 Nov: +5.8 Dec: +3.4
  8. Oh wow. You're in for a treat. Are you going to school in Oswego or permanent move? You can get 10 years of snowfall totals in Nashville in 1 event in Oswego. Judging by your signature from 2011-2021 you got 32.9" of snow there. You can get that pretty easily in one event in Oswego lol Just last year they got this event https://www.weather.gov/buf/lesEventArchive?season=2020-2021&event=H
  9. Where were you before? You'll almost certainly get more frequent snowstorms in Oswego as well. Maybe not as big but definitely more. Maybe we will even get our long lost friend the Alberta clipper this year. Many wonder if they will ever revisit us again.
  10. We can't complain. Our yearly snowfall has gone up for all stations. This is a little misleading as the KBUF reporting station was on the beach in the 1930s. But Buf, Roc, Syr all have gone up with their 30 year averages. Buf the least, Syr second, and Roc with the biggest increase. Change in snowfall 1930-2007:
  11. Since we haven't had 3 below normal snowfall years in a row since the 1980s, I have to go with the law of averages and say above normal snowfall and around normal temps. First Snowfall: Nov. 7th First Freeze: Oct. 29th
  12. I'm going with this guy. September looks like it is moving toward my tentative blend for winter. This is the idea for snow from the analogs. It's a decent match for ENSO strength, ENSO order, solar, the AMO and PDO, with high a lot of Gulf Coast hurricane hits, and a -QBO look too. Generally the look is more optimistic for snow in California, the mid-South and some Great Lake snow belts, but a bit less optimistic for the Northeast compared to last year. The way we get these totals by timing is also very different from 2020-21. I suspect that's true for temps too. In the West, I'm trying to balance 1974-75 and 2017-18, one very wet, one very dry, one hyper active in the Atlantic, one hyper quiet, both weak La Nina years with similar precip/temp patterns in Summer.
  13. I will say we 100% want a weaker PV vs a stronger one. But a weak/strong PV means nothing unless you have a mechanism to get that cold air to our area. That is dictated by the Pacific Ocean and on some occasions atlantic blocking
  14. I'm not sure I agree. If we have a bad pacific it doesn't matter how weak the PV is. There is no mechanism to get the cold air here. Our winters are warming exponentially. A warm pacific ocean buckles the jet stream in favor of a warm east. Give me a negative EPO all day over anything else the arctic does. Don Paul has always had an obsession of Cohen with his Siberian ice cover and SSW hypothesis. The mets over on the New England forum have dismantled both of these ideas.
  15. Buffalo is such a fun place to be when both teams are doing well. They havent been good at the same time since the early 90s.
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