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  1. Meanwhile after what was a nice day on block island it is now 57F and pea soup fog here. Ugh
  2. 77/63 on block island. Absolute perfect day here after some morning fog.
  3. Someone kick start the tropical thread LOL.
  4. Hopefully it stays that way I’ll be in block island next weekend. I need the mainland to absolutely cook if I want to have a 70F + day there. Happened last year & a repeat would be awesome.
  5. Well up until Monday I was still using my heat, so I’m in no rush to use my AC but using my furnace in Mid May down here is a little rough lol.
  6. Wednesday could be a bit of a letdown. Looks better thurs, maybe clouds Friday?
  7. Everyday here in the past week has completely sucked besides Thursday. Thank god we are finally moving on from this awful weather.
  8. GFS has the entire area pushing 90F next week with dews. Oh boy.
  9. This weather sucks. Next few days look bleh too. Weekend/early next week could be nice though?
  10. Meh mostly cloudy today and 55. Yesterday was nicer.
  11. Nice , somewhat warm and sunny one minute, cloudy and cold/windy the next. That’s been the entire day here. Think I even saw a few flakes when one of the darker clouds came by.
  12. Was just gonna comment on how nice of a day it is and then i see the NAM. Wtf
  13. I looked at the 10 day forecast and yikes. 20s or 30s for highs every single day with lows in the teens. No thanks. Also the sun is coming out here now, some blue sky as well. So I’m thinking we salvage the second half of the day quite nicely at least in western areas.
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