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  1. Man I truly don’t remember the last time I went multiple weeks without even a fantasy 200+ hour storm to look at during February. Just awful.
  2. Planning on installing a fence this spring for my backyard, but given how warm it’s been I may be able to put it up by early March.
  3. The GOAT of all snowstorms for me. Driving into Bridgeport the next day was like entering a war zone. Cars abandoned in the road, drifts to the roofs of businesses, just amazing.
  4. Looks like the worst avoided this part of CT thankfully. UI outages are below 300 total people.
  5. Have a weenie yellow blob of snow over me right now. Pouring with huge flakes. What do I have to do to keep this around for a few hours?
  6. Currently have some snow falling in orange ct. 40F
  7. 100 pages for absolutely nothing lol. At this point I’m just hoping for a quick February so I can start enjoying warmer weather and longer sunlight hours.
  8. Well you see, most of us like snow bur are below average in that department. So we are disappointed. Not too hard to understand.
  9. Sun has come out over the last hour. Up to 53 now. Beautiful day
  10. 18 z was the good run. 0z was bad.
  11. Seems like something that would happen given how this winter has been.
  12. Keep in mind sometimes models tend to “overcorrect” I wouldn’t be surprised to see them move back west a bit after such a big shift East this morning.
  13. We have been way to spoiled this past decade with thread the needle events that actually worked.
  14. Didn’t mind it being OTS a few days ago, especially since it was starting to trend west. But now we are trending East again inside 100 hours? Yikes. Maybe the fantasy blizzard on the 6z GFS that absolutely won’t happen will still be there at least. Fun to look at.
  15. Thermals are in the lower 40s for coastal SNE lol low position and strength is great though.
  16. Only thing you could maybe get from that is there are a lot of strong members there minus the ones that escape OTS completely. If this tucks or goes near the BM then it should be a high impact storm (rain or snow)
  17. Sorry for the triple post , phone froze
  18. Look at the NAVGEM too. Crappy models ftw!
  19. .89 of rain, .50 of which came down in one hour between 4-5pm. Wind was solid for a bit too
  20. *interested. may be a better word. But then jan 2015 happened lol.
  21. There was a time where this would get me excited. Now as Kev says we toss all models.
  22. Incoming on the EURO at hr204. Nice to look at at least.
  23. If it ain’t gonna snow we might as well get started on spring early. Let’s get the 2020 lawn thread started !