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  1. Ya was thinking that too. It’s about steady with where we have been. Deaths starting to rise is just the one sad sobering reality.
  2. Wasn’t there more fatalities yesterday? I believe it was 71. Either way fatalities are going to continue to go up sadly. Hopefully we can start dropping the hospitalizations and positive cases in the coming weeks. We shouldn’t be too far behind NY and they appear to be at the apex.
  3. Still think this applies are a partial reason as to why the CT numbers went up. The actual % that tested positive isn’t that bad. But as others have said I’m sure there are a lot more people with the virus vs what is being reported.
  4. Look at the number of tests done. 3,416 in this report vs 1,241 yesterday and 2,014 the day before. The last time we had over 1k cases in a day was on Friday with 1,019. But they only tested 1,715 people that day.
  5. Deaths lag so that isn’t going to turn the corner for a while, but a reduction in new hospitalizations and positive cases is a positive.
  6. Yep. Scary that people think religion will shield them from a virus.
  7. Was thinking about that too. My best friend and his wife both already have recovered from Covid. They got it around March 10th. They still are just sitting at home because they cant get any tests to see if they are negative and they feel like there hasn’t been anything definitive to say that you won’t get it again. Obviously the focus has solely been on the new cases but the amount recovered is going to start rapidly rising soon as well, and to my knowledge I haven’t seen much regarding what those people can do.
  8. Turning out to be a beautiful day here. 55F and mostly sunny. NAM has most of CT clearing out today.
  9. Down in NJ? What were the number of positive cases the past few days?
  10. Steady snow, but 36F so no accumulation to speak of.
  11. 55F and overcast. Up from 49F at noon. Hoping we can climb above 60F
  12. Good on winter to be a step ahead and cancel itself back in December before everything else inevitably does.
  13. If it isn’t going to snow then I can’t see why 68 and sunny would be “terrible” it’s beautiful outside.
  14. Dr dew must feel all tingly inside after looking at the hr 342 GFS.
  15. That’s quite the torch at the end of the EURO run. We spring.
  16. Man I truly don’t remember the last time I went multiple weeks without even a fantasy 200+ hour storm to look at during February. Just awful.
  17. Planning on installing a fence this spring for my backyard, but given how warm it’s been I may be able to put it up by early March.
  18. The GOAT of all snowstorms for me. Driving into Bridgeport the next day was like entering a war zone. Cars abandoned in the road, drifts to the roofs of businesses, just amazing.
  19. Looks like the worst avoided this part of CT thankfully. UI outages are below 300 total people.
  20. Have a weenie yellow blob of snow over me right now. Pouring with huge flakes. What do I have to do to keep this around for a few hours?
  21. Currently have some snow falling in orange ct. 40F
  22. 100 pages for absolutely nothing lol. At this point I’m just hoping for a quick February so I can start enjoying warmer weather and longer sunlight hours.
  23. Well you see, most of us like snow bur are below average in that department. So we are disappointed. Not too hard to understand.