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  1. Cuomo announced that he will start allowing elective surgeries in hospitals again in rural counties with little to no covid patients. Apparently those counties were laying off hospital workers because they weren’t getting any patients . I wonder if Ned will do the same for eastern CT soon?
  2. Yep was going to post that. If this is data going back to Thursday than the total cases isn’t that bad and hospitalizations is heading in the right direction.
  3. So today’s number includes 4 days worth of data? Is that what he is saying?
  4. Still more people being taken off them vs those going on them though which is good.
  5. Yes CT has taken this relatively seriously and compared to the rest of America I think our citizens have done a good job complying with the orders given to us. As as for the masks I completely agree. It’s nice to live in the suburbs where I can social distance well enough so I can run or take my dog for a walk without wearing one, though I couldn’t imagine living in say NYC where you can’t even get a breath of fresh air since you need to have a mask on as soon as you walk out of the door. I don’t know how they can do it.
  6. I think our stay in place was already extended until 5/20 and I highly doubt Lamont would move that up so I’m not too worried. As much as it sucks another month of this could really help us actually have a chance of enjoying our summer. I pray for the small business owners, my dad being one, but it won’t help them either if we re open too early and then we just have to go through this all over again.
  7. We will see what happens, but Fairfield county was what say a week behind NYC with regards to the onset of this virus? A lot of data seems to suggest NYC has peaked and is now starting to decline slowly this past week. So it would make sense if Fairfield county has also now seen the apex and will very soon, ifnot already, start their decline. And considering Fairfield county makes up a ton of the cases I would think it would cause the total CT numbers to go down as well.
  8. That’s not my point, yes numbers probably will go up. But this weekends numbers were lower than any other previous weekends, so if that trend continues this weeks numbers will hopefully be lower than any prior weeks as well, even if they go up compared to today/yesterday. That is what we are looking for.
  9. Numbers weren’t this low compared to previous weekends.
  10. True but past weekends haven’t been this low (# of cases) with more people leaving the hospital than entering though for consecutive days.
  11. Second straight day of encouraging numbers for CT, hopefully a start of a trend but will need a few more consecutive days of this.
  12. The same guy later goes on to say that despite this no secondary infections have been reported.
  13. 43 and bleh, just a miserable April day. Though the sun looks like it’s trying to come out.
  14. No leaves on trees. Would be a completely different story if this was in October. Congrats to all that got snow, digging the pics. Enjoy it before the April sun comes up and does it’s thing!
  15. Not surprising at all.
  16. LOL at the CMC showing highs in the low 20s on April 22nd in NNE. Wouldn’t make it out of the 30s in SNE. Please be wrong.
  17. Awesome nothing like a cold rain on a Friday night that lingers into Saturday and gives us a miserable cloudy Saturday day in mid April.
  18. Depends where you live I suppose but it certainly was for western and southern Connecticut. Looks like areas out East may be getting hit harder though.
  19. From an outage perspective I don’t think this will rival those, we have no leaves on the trees and no heavy wet snow obviously.
  20. Ya I have to imagine this is the peak. On 5 total people out of power in my town but the numbers will probably spike in the next hour or two.
  21. Was quiet down here for a while but it’s picked back up again. Strongest winds of the day.
  22. 98 were from abroad.
  23. Number of tests was relatively low compared to the past few days so I wouldn’t put too much into it. Fairfield county hospitalizations seem to be at the apex/starting to decline though which is good.
  24. Hospitalizations only at +31 and Fairfield county actually discharged more people than they took in for the first time that I’ve seen. 972 positive cases but over 3,500 tested.