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  1. Look at the NAVGEM too. Crappy models ftw!
  2. .89 of rain, .50 of which came down in one hour between 4-5pm. Wind was solid for a bit too
  3. *interested. may be a better word. But then jan 2015 happened lol.
  4. There was a time where this would get me excited. Now as Kev says we toss all models.
  5. Incoming on the EURO at hr204. Nice to look at at least.
  6. If it ain’t gonna snow we might as well get started on spring early. Let’s get the 2020 lawn thread started !
  7. 3 inches, picked up an inch in the last hour. Still moderate snow. 31F
  8. Best snow here since the initial band came though. But temp has gone up 1 degree in the past 25 mins to 30F on the dot. Hoping we can fight off a changeover until the end as the Radar is looking pretty good. CC has the mix confined to the nyc area at the moment.
  9. 2 inches exact on the ground. Moderate snow.
  10. Clouds, but certainly has that snow feel to it outside. Up to 26F
  11. 3K is freaking sweet. Sometimes you got to smell the rain in order to get the best snow. But it’s iffy with temps possibly getting up to 34 during the “height” of the short lived storm.
  12. The reports out of there are crazy. Sustained! Winds over 60 mph and over 2 feet of snow. Now that is a blizzard..
  13. 27.74, which is really good for down here. I certainly could recommend areas in Milford to move too as well. Also you will almost always be driving to catch severe. As you know the coast is where storms go to die lol
  14. Bought a house here back in September, but actually had been renting in Milford prior to that for about 4 years. The downtown area is up and coming and you can get a nice house down here for about half the price you would pay down in the Gold Coast of SW CT. Taxes are low too. I would definitely recommend as long as you don’t mind sacrificing some snow lol. My commute is only 10 mins. My fiancee takes the train to Stamford but even then it’s still only about 45 mins.
  15. As a SW CT resident for life I would say we almost always get more than SE CT. 2-4 for all of SW CT, maybe 3-5 up toward Reading/Ridgefield etc then confine the Coating - 2 to SE CT. Just my opinion but overall a solid map.
  16. I’m in if it’s 3-6. Hadn’t checked recently and was just thinking 1-3, which is bleh. But the newest models have me a little more invested now. Daytime snow too.
  17. No it’s definitely colder. Precip looks good too. Don’t see how this isn’t a better run for the majority in this sub forum.
  18. NAM hasn’t run yet on TT. Is that a TT only issues or is the NAM having issues? Perhaps James is currently manipulating it to give him the Thursday snowstorm he wants so badly?
  19. Going to the berkshires for a weekend getaway this weekend. Last year it was 0F. This year I might be able to pack a pair of shorts. Sheesh. Hopefully the rain can stay to a minimum.
  20. All snow now. Coming down nicely. Temp dropped to 36.
  21. 80/20 rain snow mix here. Forgot to check the ole thermometer .. it’s a balmy 38 out bleh
  22. Man that LI stuff is so close to me. Cmon little storm you can do it