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  1. Nice solid bow echo in NJ loll where is this during the summertime..
  2. 2 inches of snow up in Norfolk from the squall per Ryan’s twitter page.
  3. Yep anything not touched by the sun is still completely encased in ice.
  4. Those are old numbers (7am) BPT reported .40 Few hours ago
  5. Im in Milford CT, haven’t been out since 1230 but main roads were ok then.
  6. Definitely a solid glaze of ice on everything , I’m not measuring but nearby Bridgeport Ct reported .40 so I’m guessing we are definitely over .25 No outages at all to report in the UI territory though thankfully
  7. Could see inland coastal CT getting up to .5, while those like me along the coast sit at 32.8F after a tenth of an inch or so of ice junk.
  8. Nyc folks jumping off the Brooklyn bridge if that verified (which it won’t). Gfs , or should I say FV3, seems to like to create these fantasy snowicanes every so often.
  9. Well at least it gives us a full fledged snowicane to make up for that at hr 300 lol
  10. A little over an inch so far , nice wintery appeal. It may not be much but it looks great and our 12 week old Bernese mountain dog puppy loved his first snow, so I would consider this a win.
  11. Light snow that isn’t really sticking yet. But the HRRR is starting to show more love for CT now, so that’s good at least.
  12. Finally turned back to snow here. Snowing at a steady clip, though everything is still just wet the moment.
  13. Sleet has just arrived. Was ripping snow prior. Probably 2 inches down? Not bad.
  14. Ripping snow here but the sleet line is two towns over so the fun is about over. A couple inches down, would consider this a win all things considered. Have very little hope for part 2.
  15. Not great for CT but it’s just one run.
  16. I find the following tends to happen: -Gfs thermals are too warm at the onset of a storm. Toss -Initial thump of snow is stronger than modeled. But, -Midlevels warm up quicker than modeled. So a satisfying quick couple of inches than the ice/rain junk -But after that is sort of a wild card. I can’t recall a recent storm that stalled/occluded like this. I’m not confident in how quickly temps crash nor the amount of precip that is around when they do. My gut says they crash quick but precip drys quicker than we hope, but I could be wrong.
  17. Everyone with a brain knew the 18z 15 inch blob over NYC wasn’t gonna stay. It was a random band that even the HRRR couldn’t pinpoint in real time. But no reason to give up either. As I said above models are going to have a rough time pinpointing where this is going to stall and occlude.
  18. The models have no idea where to stall and occlude this storm. They won’t for some time. The only thing that you should be looking at right now is the strength of the high and the initial front end thump. Everything besides that is no where near locked. Anything is still on the table really.q
  19. Think that might not even be sorted out entirely until the initial thump is already on our doorstep.
  20. I have noticed that the RGEM AND HDRPS are way colder at the surface for the onset of the storm. Like 5+ degrees. Maybe they are on to something, though probably not. Wish the HDRP went out farther hour 48 looks sweet lol
  21. It was just a random band that no model can pinpoint until we are in the HRRR range. Wouldn’t say it caved to anything.
  22. Try living south of the Merritt , that 3’ of sleet ends up being 34f and rain lol.
  23. Welcome to the coast (well for this storm at least)It’s always fun to laugh at the inland folks who freak out over the possibility of getting one hour of sleet in between their foot plus of snow.