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  1. Did it take a last second turn right between 192 and 216? Lol
  2. We all got into weather because of Dews, obviously.
  3. Gfs with a decent shift west, gets the cape real good.
  4. NAM jumped east, hardly even gets rain to Boston. Should still be fun for those out on Nantucket though.
  5. Was wondering if the clown range GFS was going to continue to show a hurricane plowing into the northeast... And instead it shows an early start to winter lol.
  6. Pretty much clown range but the GFS gives NNE their first freeze of the year on sept 9th lol
  7. Not too shabby. Not as good as the one we had a few weeks back, but a good amount of thunder and very heavy rain
  8. Looks to cool back down again Wednesday till the weekend. I don’t mind a day or two of dews and severe before we go back to this weather again. Light years better than last summers crap.
  9. Man this might be the nicest summer day we have had here. 80/51!
  10. Will be at block island for a week myself starting on Saturday
  11. No appearance at all by James when a potential tornado is hitting the cape. Yet we get a thread by him every time there could be the potential of 10 snowflakes from OES.
  12. That was insanity. That thing just exploded over us. Multiple very very close strikes, very heavy rain
  13. Epic Severe in the middle of no where is way more interesting than HHH.
  14. Looking forward to the much cooler weather that follows this heat wave.
  15. Off and on storms since the early afternoon. Guess there is one benefit to all this humidity.
  16. Low 100s on Saturday for a high, then low 50s for a high on Monday per the GFS for CNE and NNE. Lol that would be something.
  17. We only talk about dewpoints during the summer, get with the program.
  18. That’s the 32k NAM, switch to the Hi Res 3k NAM on TT
  19. Slightly OT but which one of you weather weenies hacked the 3k NAM and decided to turn Barry into an 866 mb super hurricane?
  20. Gotta love the 3K NAM having an 866! MB super cane sitting south of Louisiana LOL It’s good at handling some things but hurricanes are not one of them.
  21. Dew point is currently near 70 here right on the coast while the rest of CT is sitting comfortably. Bleh.
  22. Ya like others have said it seems a little too bullish, but the GFS doing a 180 from its 6z run + the euro holding its ground is enough to at least raise an eyebrow.
  23. Ryan Maue posted it on Twitter, and I saw it on too.
  24. UKMET has a 955 low going jnto the LA/TX border.