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  1. Getting some fog now that the dew point has risen. 71/70 yuck
  2. Absolutely pouring here. Parking lot at work is starting to food a bit.
  3. 3:00 in the afternoon and it’s 70/69 with dense fog rain and 97% humidity. Get this **** out of here.
  4. Not sure exactly when but I first started using it during the 2nd half of winter
  5. I believe it does only for 0z,6z,12z,18z
  6. Been out on block island since Saturday. Absolutely perfect weather until today. 56, but windy and cloudy and the occasional shower. Went in the water for 1 minute yesterday, which was still at a way cold 51F. While the beach weather was great the water temp seemed the coldest it’s ever been since I started coming out here on Memorial Day (since like 2015 or so)
  7. Ya it holds the rain back until the evening/nighttime allowing temps to warm up during the day. Sadly most other models disagree with that though.
  8. Glad the weather on Tuesday is happening then and not on Monday. 40s and rain inland?
  9. Both the GFS and the FV3 GFS are now spinning up a tropical disturbance at the end of their runs lol
  10. For the Midwest maybe. For us? No lol
  11. Here comes the humidity. Dews up to 60
  12. I couldn’t imagine being two weeks away from June and still having absolutely no leafs LOL
  13. So looking forward to being done with this tomorrow.
  14. And to think I thought last years mid April backdoor was impressive. This is just insanity. Personally I won’t be seeing snow down here no matter what so I can’t wait for this sh*t to leave on Wednesday. Gotta imagine this is the last of any resemblance of winter. But for those up north I’ll be following and curious to see how much snow people actually get.
  15. Well there goes the sun, clouds now taking over. Today was awesome. Now we get to have 3 days of sh*t weather. Yay.
  16. So now suddenly Mother’s Day looks like a miserable 40s and rain, with snow possible in MA. What a great summer!
  17. Not sure what’s worse, chasing 300+ hour snowstorms or 300+ hour dewpoints lol
  18. Not banking on Friday at all, most optimistic scenario IMO is a less chilly rain (like mid-upper 50’s to maybe 60?) lol.
  19. I mean as of now Sunday looks ok, at least the first half, but that’s almost a week a way. You are better off just waiting a few days and seeing where we are at then..
  20. Would be nice if maybe, just maybe, we could get a half decent Sunday too.
  21. Seems like every Friday has been wet/cold for the past month + now.
  22. 3k shows it burning off by around 2-3 pm
  23. Sun is out, turned into a beautiful day. 68F. Feel fortunate to get a nice day both today and on Thursday
  24. Thought It would only be nice for a couple hours but it actually ended up being a beautiful day. Hopefully we can get something similar on Saturday. Then more permanent next week?