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  1. Back to the updated EC topic.....the most valuable change they could make is to speed up it's delivery. People would be much more rested come winter.
  2. Just blow 'em over the stonewall and you're done. One thing that I'm sure Kevin approves us, is that now that I live in suburbia, I do it several times rather than the 1-and-done approach I miss so much.
  3. The woman across the street said that as she looked at all the leaves on the ground this morning, she wasn't excited for the weeks ahead. She then added that she got a leaf blower this year--no more raking. She's pumped.
  4. I love my backpack blower. Game changer.....almost look forward to tackling the leaves.
  5. For Scooter.....the range of my 3 neighboring stations was 2.12 - 2.25.
  6. Get the qpf out of the way now. Cold season approaches.
  7. I think Marion is the most beautiful town anywhere. Maybe not if you're young and looking for night life. But if you're looking for the quintessential coastal village (with no traffic of any type!!!!), it's the place. Just off the Cape on the South Shore.
  8. Smoke in the air--but not from out west. I picked a good weekend to stay in Mass. I might even be able to mow the lawn this afternoon.
  9. I was referring to Marion, MA. Speaking of Marion, ME though, coincidentally I had mentioned how I wouldn't mind get a place in Machiasport. RN+ just training over Pit 2 this morning.
  10. Was down in Marion this afternoon.....rounds of torrential rains.
  11. 69* at 1:00pm under full sun. Perfect late September day.
  12. That's a lot more than I'm anticipating--but what do I know.....:)
  13. It won't be much, and during the overnight. Not a terrible combination.
  14. Horrible overnight low. Bleh. that's it for a while though.
  15. From what I read, she builds an initial nest for a handful of eggs. The hatched hornets do something that leads to the 'hornet's nest paper'. As more eggs get laid hatched, the nest gets larger and larger. Ultimately, there are about 750 hornets in the nest. It's done until 12/24.
  16. We have a nest like that--maybe a little larger--in a rhododendron. They'll be done with in a few weeks. Everyone but the queen dies and she goes and hibernates somewhere for the winter. The nest will be abandoned and a new one started by the queen somewhere else in the spring.
  17. Last night's rain gave me relief from having to mow the lawn today. Pretty spongy this morning.
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