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  1. When Tip warns “longer read”, watch out.
  2. Torrential here in Westborough. Neighboring stations checking in at .58, .71, and .93 so far. The lawn rejoices.
  3. August is off to a nice start--awakening to the sound of rain coming down. Lawns across the Commonwealth rejoice.
  4. National Grid dropped notices on the street that they'll be doing some tree pruning. I hope they don't do a scalping.
  5. ACATT - All Cold All the Time WOR - West of River GC - God's Country
  6. Sounds like a real Nashua/Methuen scorcher.
  7. It's global warming. Many more hurricanes and much stronger. Well, maybe next year.
  8. Does anyone have any information about bio-bricks/bio-blocks as a substitute for wood for a wood burning stove? --are they a good alternative? --do they work? TIA
  9. I was just commenting to my wife how this is like an early September eveining. COC
  10. I've mowed every week--this year and last (our two summers here). Today is the first time I've watered established lawn. I don't want any creep of the browning area.
  11. I didn't realized you moved--congratulations!
  12. It looks a whole lot better having done so.
  13. Had some sprinkles here as well. That's a few more sprinkles than we got last night.
  14. While it might be dry, it's a fantastic day out there. 80/53
  15. We're heading to NYC this next weekend for a final hurrah before my daughter goes off to college. Might be a bit mild down there.
  16. Debating whether to mow the lawn. Until this week it had maintained full green. There's now a little brown mixed in. It's funny how while dryness tends to hurt your regular grass, weeds and crabgrass seem to do just fine with it. Edit: I did mow it.......actually had grown really tall in large areas. I bought a sprinkler so I'll water the areas that were tinging brown.
  17. We won't wind up with much, but the sound of the rain coming down outside is great.
  18. I'm really hoping for at least a little rain today. I'm not holding my breath though.
  19. Scored a little over an inch at Pit2. Zilch here in Westborough.
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