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  1. June comes in like late April?
  2. Go au naturale and uninstall.
  3. I had rented one from Taylor rental.....pretty much a one-and-done deal when I needed it.
  4. I rented a lawn edger for the weekend. It did a pretty good job on the front walkway, probably added close to a foot of width and I didn't break any pavers in the process. The edge around the city sidewalk is a different story. The yard had really spilled onto the side walk so while the edge did a fairly good job at separating cement from the yard, I now need to go back through and clear the overgrowth that is sill on the sidewalk. The funny thing is i used a snow shovel to pick up the stuff that l used the blower for, and for clearing the sidewalk, I'm going to try using an ice scraper. I didn't need these in January and February, but Memorial Day weekend? Break out the winter equipment.
  5. I went to buy a blower for my post-mowing clean up. I ended up coming back with a nice back-pack blower instead. I'm ready for fall clean-up.
  6. Thanks--timing notwithstanding, does a broad-leaf fertilizer work as well?
  7. It's breaking through here, temp up to 70*. This. This. This.
  8. Kevin's infernal New England drought rears its head. Imagine if we actually did have a drought and he couldn't wash his truck? What a day yesterday was--paying the piper today.
  9. I had used some starter fertizer (I had overseeded in the back) over a month ago. The back in particular has a lot of leafy crap growing in it. So, I was thinking some type of weed/feed might do the trick. Or some broad-leaf weed stuff. I think there's a mix of crap I'm trying to rid. Forutnatley, I don't think crabgrass is an issue.
  10. Thanks....bummer I'll need to wait a couple more weeks before I do the front. I'll be good on the back in any case.
  11. how much time do you need to wait between fertilizer treatments? I'd like to get some weed control down, but don't want to harm the lawn in the process. TIA.
  12. Yeah---feels like one of the early fall mornings.
  13. F252 hour map. Locked and loaded. It hasn't stopped the ticks......quite a few from my regular walk with the dog in Rutland yesterday.
  14. Grandfather: .I tell ya, kid......2020 was something. Kid: Yeah, they talked about the coronavirus in social studies. Grandfather: Coronavirus, shmoronavirus. Let me tell you about May 9th of that year.
  15. I wonder if the snow visible on my mulch beds this morning came after midnight. I'd love to be able to claim on two consecutive days in May.
  16. They don't have any "boys in blue". Instead, they have "the girls at the Blue."
  17. Since they're both likely wrong, let's consider option C.
  18. We were in the 20's from the get-go. Pure powder. Mitch/Pete/me ftw in that one. Meh. The true Messenger shuffles would begin 6 hours before start time and intensify with every SREF run and upstream observation from then out. Death by a thousand cuts.
  19. The pattern change begins on 5/15 and will be complete when Tip finishes typing his post.
  20. well now I'm intrigued.....
  21. True. Though marginal in May and marginal in January are two very different breeds of of marginal.