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  1. Still waters reflecting clouds at dawn.
  2. I'm a mile north of Rt. 1 My primary house will always be Pit1. Between being up here this week and envy over Jerry's impending retirement, I am so eager to get up her permanently and rename this one Pit1. Not for a few years yet....though I do buy my lottery tickets, so who knows.
  3. Is that Cobble Hill in Brooklyn? My sister used to live there many moons ago.
  4. We'd go through about 6 cords a season back at the original Pit ( 3 stoves). Our place in ORH had a gas stove......pretty darn convenient and no ashes. The place we just bought has a small Jutel. I'm getting a 1/2 cord just to lessen the burden on the mini's.
  5. I'm back up at Pit2 for several days this week. Yesterday was awesome. Heavy overcast, strong along with strong and gusty winds whipping up the water. All that was missing was having the wind whipping heavy snow. In time. Meanwhile, what a stretch of COC coming here. 76, 71, 69, 70. Loving it.
  6. Less and less time between dinner and walking the dog.
  7. Outside of qpf issues, I usually remain pretty calm.
  8. Nice....nothing even near that here, only got to 52*. I thought being below the crest of the hill would allow me to radiate. Apparently not. I suspect the canopy of trees doesn't help either in that regard.
  9. We're doing the same.....working on estimates this week and next.
  10. KIWI is 36* at the moment. I'm not sure if Pit2 got that low. The siting is 10' from the water. It giveth and it taketh away. At the new place, I'm only seeing 45 on a forecasted 42.
  11. It's infallibility faded a long time ago. Meanwhile, 70 and breezy at my shady Pit2.
  12. Taking stock of the new digs here.....lots of lawn challenges to overcome. Steep hill, heavy shade. I see the need a few trees and bringing in some fill to regrade. Lots of seeding. Probably a couple year's project too much other stuff taking priority.
  13. Managed to locate my thermometer in the midst of all the moving boxes. I wish I'd had it for the last two nights to see how I did temp wise. Instead, I get to look at tonight's balmy 67.
  14. Too bad we can have a gtg to celebrate your retirement. Great timing for you, Jerry, as you being retirement heading into the cold season.
  15. My too-short stint of living at Pit2 has come to a close--I'm now in the new place in Westborough and mostly unpacked. I have determined that while my new location won't snow a lot, it will likely retain well. I'm just below the crest of Mt. Westborogh. The front of my house faces north and is shadowed by the (It's pretty steep) and is heavily treed to boot. The south side of the house is heavily shaded.
  16. It must kill you that the neighbors down the road looks better. Does your house face south?
  17. Since no one cares about the faux-drought, maybe this can get the CT folks something to talk about.
  18. Some would say this is COC as far as the eye can see. 69* here at Pit 2, nice breeze whipping up the whitecaps.
  19. DID--Damage in Denver COC here at Pit 2--deep blues, 69* at 11:30 ftw.
  20. You have no idea what a drought is.
  21. Yup. Progged 81* for today, then low 70's for the duration.
  22. LOL! September 1, 2020 RESERVOIR LEVELS: The Quabbin Reservoir, the largest water supply source for 47 communities in the Metro Boston area, is currently at 92.7% of its 412 billion-gallon maximum capacity. The 65 billion-gallon Wachusett Reservoir is 91.1% full. Detailed Data and Archives CONDITIONS STATUS: According to the MWRA's Drought Management Plan, the water system is currently listed in a Normal Status (see graph below).