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  1. An early season swing for the fences with amounts being thrown out 12 days in advance. Good luck.
  2. Tough couple of posts for someone only 5 miles west of 495 to read. Best make my plans for Maine.
  3. Yikes. No such issues here in the tropics of SNE.
  4. My daughter goes to school outside of Philadelphia----no leaves at all on the trees down there EWR must be special.
  5. Is Tropical Tidbits always so slow with the EC?
  6. Nice spread on the GEFS. Pick a card--any card.
  7. Yup---may as well be waiting for your wrap-around snow.
  8. The thought of coming to Pit2 next weekend has not crossed my mind.
  9. Crappy airmass ahead of it and poor track.
  10. Congrats Wildat. For the other 95% of us boring.
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