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  1. Managed to locate my thermometer in the midst of all the moving boxes. I wish I'd had it for the last two nights to see how I did temp wise. Instead, I get to look at tonight's balmy 67.
  2. Too bad we can have a gtg to celebrate your retirement. Great timing for you, Jerry, as you being retirement heading into the cold season.
  3. My too-short stint of living at Pit2 has come to a close--I'm now in the new place in Westborough and mostly unpacked. I have determined that while my new location won't snow a lot, it will likely retain well. I'm just below the crest of Mt. Westborogh. The front of my house faces north and is shadowed by the (It's pretty steep) and is heavily treed to boot. The south side of the house is heavily shaded.
  4. It must kill you that the neighbors down the road looks better. Does your house face south?
  5. Since no one cares about the faux-drought, maybe this can get the CT folks something to talk about.
  6. Some would say this is COC as far as the eye can see. 69* here at Pit 2, nice breeze whipping up the whitecaps.
  7. DID--Damage in Denver COC here at Pit 2--deep blues, 69* at 11:30 ftw.
  8. You have no idea what a drought is.
  9. Yup. Progged 81* for today, then low 70's for the duration.
  10. LOL! September 1, 2020 RESERVOIR LEVELS: The Quabbin Reservoir, the largest water supply source for 47 communities in the Metro Boston area, is currently at 92.7% of its 412 billion-gallon maximum capacity. The 65 billion-gallon Wachusett Reservoir is 91.1% full. Detailed Data and Archives CONDITIONS STATUS: According to the MWRA's Drought Management Plan, the water system is currently listed in a Normal Status (see graph below).
  11. As most of us have been saying for over a week now. MidCoast highs even more appealing: Today - 75 Friday - 78 Saturday - 71 Sunday - 71 Monday - 71 Tuesday - 70 Wednesday - 71 The way life ought to be
  12. LOL--I was going to make a nearly verbatum post about Pete.
  13. Absolutely no COC today. Cloudy, raw, awaiting showers this afternoon. Shawls abound.
  14. Very high tide = very low tide, too. We're putting in a dock in the spring. We're pretty high above the water so we had the builder out to scope out what we needed at 7:00a.m. today (low tide). Looks like a 40' ramp!
  15. It’s been a little chilly here at Pit2, but you can’t argue it’s a COC start to September.
  16. Don't underestimate the power of a shitty NE winter of yore. Maybe that's the old one from BOS.
  17. Big time. If my closing were a week later, I'd feel like I'd need to mow to be courteous to the buyers. That's awesome, Jerry--congratulations from the whole lot of us who are very envious!!! I expect to see 00z EC analysis from you when I get up in the morning.
  18. lol. I've worked from home for 16 of the last 18 years. Pre-coronavirus, that involved frequent travel for sales/consulting. Like most everyone else, thatd's all being done remotely. I'm eager to get back to face-to-face conversations. Much more impactful. Weird having 'no status' for flying. I guess few people will for a while.
  19. . He doesn't--his snow does. Nice event coming in for Hippy and my old stomping grounds in Shelburne.
  20. We had a couple of short-lived breaks. I wouldn't calling it clearing as we're back in the clouds.
  21. I'm not expecting we'll get much beyond this. .59" today, 4.42" on the month. What was once brown (I stopped watering as soon as our house went under contract) is now greening up. Perfect timing to get out of dodge wrt mowing.