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  1. Man--this is pretty insane in ORH. Worse than the TS the other day.
  2. Just torrential in ORH.....really windy. Not a ton of T/L, but enought to keep it lively. 69*
  3. Anyone have any experience with a Troy--bilt Vortex 2490 snow blower? The people we're buying from offered to sell there's to us. TIA.
  4. 73* at Pit 2. The way life ought to be.
  5. Ran into quite a storm on my way to Pit 2, just south of Kennebunkport. Torrential rains, hail.....traffic stopping on the Maine pike. Never rained at Pit 2, was sunny and 66* when I got there. Where COC lives.
  6. Meh. It's ovah. If I can manage to get my daughters cat into a carrier, I'll be heading up to Pit 2 (we'll be there for a couple weeks between closings). COC 76, 76 there this weekend.
  7. Princeton was on the list--but not surprisingly, my wife and daughter won out. It is a better spot with my daughter being at school in Marion. I told my wife to go ahead--my eyes are focused on getting up to Pit2 full-time.
  8. Well--we're not going to Southborough after all. We couldn't come to terms post-inspection. Our new destination is Westboroug, just signed p/s today. Right at the top of Mt. Westborough--translate, my snow situation will suck. At least I'm north of the Pike and outside of 495 for whatever that's worth.
  9. Bigfoot? I' actually happy about that. I had to buy air conditioners when we put the house on the market and now I'm trying to off-load them on Craigslist. Hopefully some uncomfortable people will be in the market.
  10. We won't do that here, but being at 65* now gives a nice start to the evening slide.
  11. Nice drop here, too. I just put on my shawl. Torrential.
  12. Does anyone know what kind of tree this is from? It’s just a little smaller than a golf ball. It’s kind of like a chestnut without spines.
  13. What a fantabulous day today was. We had some bouts of cloudiness, but mostly sunny, dewless 70's are hard to beat in August.
  14. Some on this board would hate that toilet paper wasn't sticking to their ass with dews in the 40's.
  15. Another August beauty. Cloudy, a little mist and 66*
  16. Why the concern about what happens in Maine?
  17. I might need to break out the shawl.
  18. da-dew-gone-gone-gone, da-dew-gone-gone
  19. Enjoy the greening up of your crispy lawn.
  20. Great to see the heat and dry conditions coming to an abrupt end.