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  1. As my wife tells me, I wish I had a little more.
  2. I must have missed something for sure!! I'm going in for bloodwork today so I can't have any coffee. I'll attribute it to that!!
  3. My first morning of the season when I awake to the 4:30 alarm fully aware that I have the 00z runs to catch up on. First morning of the season that I wished I had stayed in bed after looking at said models. Celebrate. No October snow Winter is saved.
  4. Not sure if I can make it up to Pit2 for this. But I wish I were there or back in Shelburne. Until we see some additional compelling runs closer in, the safe bet is for a cold rain for my neck of the woods.
  5. I don't like that look. Just a little too tight for most on the board--congrats to the CNE/NNE crew though.
  6. So---is anyone going to say the ground won't allow for accumulating snow in October?
  7. Congrats, Dave. Do you have anything other than Gardner?
  8. Their season went off the rails because they suck.
  9. You might want to go back to geography class, son.
  10. Get used to that gradient. I love how the CRV moved 45 miles east.
  11. I'm glad you're back to making posts I can tolerate. In other news, one and done does not cut it at at mi nuevo casa. Everyone's out blowing leaves (including me). Will probably be back doing it again tomorrow
  12. Retirement must be treating you well, Jerry!
  13. 1.52 at the neighboring PWS. You can talk about replenishment but not need to continue drought talk. We are no longer in a dry pattern. At the risk of sounding like Kevin, I hope it drys out so I can blow leaves.
  14. .Every non-gfs model is much wetter for the entire region than the GFS which his west-focused.
  15. What year was the big Halloween nor'easter? 93?
  16. As long as it feels warm in my car.......