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  1. If you are under 60 and do not have preexisting health conditions, you are at very low risk from the virus, even if you do contract it. If you are under age 20, we know that flu season is far more dangerous to your health. I have yet to wear a mask anywhere here in southwest Virginia. It's not being enforced or even directly suggested at any store or service provider I have visited. If I end up some place that demands wearing one, I suppose I will, but as an engineer, the idea that nonstandardized, random, contaminated pieces of cloth can appreciably prevent or stop the transmission of a tiny virus is just short of believing in magic beans. I wouldn't pile into an arena with 10,000 other people at this point, but freaking out about an unmasked person at a beach has no rational basis in the data we have.
  2. With Sunday's rain, Roanoke had its 6th wettest 7 day period (5/18-5/24) since 1912 with 10.17" of precipitation. The last week of similar magnitude was in November 1985, and, before that, August 1940.
  3. 5.37" four day total here. 9.06" in Roanoke. ETA: This is now the wettest meteorological spring on record in Roanoke, at 18.7" of total precip as of today. New River had its 6th highest crest on record at Radford. 8th highest on the Roanoke River in Roanoke.
  4. Aside from the rain, Blacksburg's high was 48 degrees Wednesday, a new record low maximum for the date. The old record was 50 in 1981.
  5. Those are some 10-inch pixels for 5-day QPF in the WNC mountains...
  6. Hello neighbor. I was going to say don't get your hopes too high - but then I see Columbia averages all of one snowy day and 1.5 inches of snow a year. I certainly hope we do better than that. This has easily been the hottest summer in SW VA in the four years I've lived here. The past few years were significantly cooler and wetter than this, especially last year - 2018 was Roanoke's wettest year on record.
  7. Blacksburg 4-day storm total (from Thursday night to Monday night) was 4.1"
  8. Glad that +ZR passed through at 31-32 degrees and not, say, 27-28 degrees.
  9. FWIW the CAD did overperform with this event in SW Va. We stayed snow through the entire main precip shield. Short range models almost universally had us switching to heavy ZR around 2am - never happened. Ended up with 3.5-4" of cement instead of 1" of snow and ice crust.
  10. Ended up with 3.5-4" per reports in Blacksburg. All snow as far as I can tell with maybe a trace or so of ZR. Definitely above expectations. ETA: Went out to shovel some of it. Very wet snow. Light freezing drizzle now.
  11. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0111.html
  12. 32/32 and SN here. Hoping for SN to hang out as long as possible.
  13. Still icing at the end of that rgem run in Roanoke...