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  1. Moderate snow in Dekalb. 28/17 just before it began.
  2. The 0z operational HRRR notches the win on this one, easily the closest of the hi res models last night. The rest missed the boat almost entirely.
  3. DeKalb seriously lucked out. Windy but only leaves and small twigs down here. I am happy to take the rain and take a pass at days+ without power that people in Iowa are facing. Still ethereal and dark in the cold pool rains/gusts.
  4. The wind core is south of you and not really part of the main convective line, it's a bit removed.
  5. Just hit in DeKalb. Tornado sirens going off.
  6. It's about go time here. FWIW, no real shelf cloud in DeKalb. Too overcast to see if there was one, at least from my house.
  7. Well, 5000J/kg+ SBCAPE and 4000J/kg+ MLCAPE and 35 knots of 0-6km shear IMBY per the 19z mesoanalysis. Chances I escape with power...low and decreasing.
  8. The conditions in eastern Iowa in front of this thing are about as good as it gets. The WAA wing was ready to party.
  9. PDS Watch is out. 80-100 MPH gust headline.
  10. Got to 86 here today before a stray storm hit. 91 was the high on Sunday, the only 90 over the weekend timeframe. I hadn't realized UHI was contributing 5+ degrees to Chicago highs on the warmer days. The humidity, though...
  11. 86/79/100 at DKB. Could have been worse but for a stray storm earlier in the day. Mostly cloudy too.
  12. I was in Michigan until 2015, then moved to Virginia, now I'm back in this GL region again, so hello. I'm hopeful I can beat the grand total of 3" of snow I got last winter...
  13. Bluefield, Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Danville all posted record low maximums for June 15. Resisting turning the heat back on here. That just feels wrong for mid-June.
  14. If you are under 60 and do not have preexisting health conditions, you are at very low risk from the virus, even if you do contract it. If you are under age 20, we know that flu season is far more dangerous to your health. I have yet to wear a mask anywhere here in southwest Virginia. It's not being enforced or even directly suggested at any store or service provider I have visited. If I end up some place that demands wearing one, I suppose I will, but as an engineer, the idea that nonstandardized, random, contaminated pieces of cloth can appreciably prevent or stop the transmission of a tiny virus is just short of believing in magic beans. I wouldn't pile into an arena with 10,000 other people at this point, but freaking out about an unmasked person at a beach has no rational basis in the data we have.
  15. With Sunday's rain, Roanoke had its 6th wettest 7 day period (5/18-5/24) since 1912 with 10.17" of precipitation. The last week of similar magnitude was in November 1985, and, before that, August 1940.