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  1. The CR airport reached 73 earlier while I topped out at 71. The front just passed and quickly dropped the temp to 60. We'll be in the 40s by evening, just like O'Hare.
  2. All the big storms with hail passed well north of me this afternoon. A couple tiny cells that popped up near Cedar Rapids dropped only sprinkles, but did produce several sharp cracks of thunder. It's unclear exactly how warm we'll get Friday. It will depend on sun vs clouds and how soon the line of thundershowers moves in. 65 and 75 are both possible.
  3. We're stuck in the upper 30s today, with mist, north of the warm front. Southwest Iowa is in the 70s again this afternoon. They've spent much of the last week+ in the 60s and 70s. The plains can heat up extremely easily this time of year.
  4. Last night's storms popped just north of me and moved due east, so all I got was some sprinkles. However, there was a nice light show with a lot of intra-cloud streaks.
  5. Bye-bye snow cover. Grassy areas are quickly expanding this afternoon as today's sunshine is teaming up with a 40-degree temp. The rest of the snow will be history after tomorrow's low 50s.
  6. Season total snowfall. Winter began with north vs south and it is ending that way. 45-50 inches of snow has fallen in far north-central Iowa while only 3-5 inches has fallen in nw Missouri into sw Iowa. I believe this is two consecutive winters with 40+ inches over northern Iowa and single-digit snowfall in southern Iowa. Both winters, I ended up on the low side of the sharp gradient. My avg snowfall is about 30 inches. Last winter I received 20 inches and this winter 17.9 inches.
  7. I'm due west of downtown. The north side did very well during the initial burst.
  8. My storm total snow is 4.6 inches with a liquid total of 0.40".
  9. Waterloo is the big winner with 10.4 inches. That inital burst of forcing and moisture last night really meant business.
  10. The storm was pretty good for the first couple hours last evening. I received 2.8 inches in the first 2.5 hours. Since then, I've only received an additional 1.5 inches in 8 hours for a total of 4.3 inches. No posts this morning from Chicago posters must mean it's a dud over there.
  11. After piling up the first few inches in a hurry, our snow rates have dropped way down. From 8pm-10:30pm I received 2.8 inches, but from 10:30pm-12am only another 0.6". A guy on the other side of town has nearly 5" and a town 17 miles north of Cedar Rapids amazingly has 8 inches. There was obviously a localized pocket of very heavy snow just north/northeast of me. DVN isn't too enthusiastic about the rest of the area outside the localized high amounts. The low track has really shifting south today. Models had locked into a track across southeast Iowa, but instead it's going to dive down through Missouri, even sw of St. Louis. That south track will take some of the better forcing and moisture with it.
  12. It looks like southwest Minnesota will be the big winner. Models have been locked into that for a while. This is the second consecutive euro run that has the drier pocket over east-central Iowa. The system appears to get an injection of moisture as it exits my area and re-juices some over Illinois. It has a 0.50" blob near Peoria.
  13. A couple more models this morning have followed the 00z and added a relative dry pocket over east-central Iowa. The general trend has been to maintain the 0.50-1.00" bull's-eye over sw MN/nw IA, but bring down the qpf a bit around here. NWS has 5-7. I'm thinking 3-6". I need 4.3" to be the best snowfall of the season.
  14. That's a strange dry pocket the euro just dropped on eastern Iowa. I'm assuming what it's doing is keeping the intial heavier surge of snow north, then keeping a second heavier band of snow close to the low as it passes to the south. I'm hoping it's just a flukey run.
  15. Models are converging on a low track across southeast Iowa. One thing I hadn't been paying much attention to is the temp. Models suggest we could rise above freezing by midday Monday, so there will be some melting/compaction.