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  1. I haven't seen any mosquitoes or gnats yet this year.
  2. This is the third straight day with significant time spent in the 40s. The avg high temp is in the 70s. Even moderately below avg weather would be a huge improvement.
  3. Yeah, it feels much better than earlier. This morning it was mid 40s, rain, and windy. Now, it's 60, dry, and light wind.
  4. This weather is horrible... second straight day of mid 40s, rain, and wind. Just a couple days ago we were mid to upper 80s and moderately humid.
  5. Cold, nasty day over here today... mid 40s, rainy, windy. Thankfully, it's only for a day.
  6. Had a couple 50+ mph gusts here as the line moved in... nothing severe. There have been a few 70 mph reports nearby, but I didn't see that.
  7. It's going to be a warm one, today. It's already in the mid 70s at 10am. The dewpoint jumped ten degrees overnight. Our chance of a ridge-riding storm has improved for Monday evening.
  8. It's a pretty nice low 80s with 40s dews today. Monday/Tuesday we are expecting mid to upper 80s with 60s dews, so it's going to feel a bit uncomfortable for the first time this year.
  9. We've reached 70 on seven of the last eight days, so we've been in full-on spring already. Now, we get to go right into summer. The forecast has 80+ on five of the next seven days.
  10. The morning blob of rain, which dropped 0.36", kept us in the low 60s today, and kept the warmth and severe potential well south. A second band of rain had a pretty heavy downpour within it, boosting my event total to 0.89". It's looking mostly mild/warm and dry into early next week.
  11. We are putting together a nice string of low 70s. There are plenty more in the 7-day forecast.
  12. Mid 70s here today. It was unclear if we would see any storms this evening as some models had it all missing northeast. We certainly got it. I picked up a half inch of rain, a bit of pea size hail, and some real nice streaking and loud boomers. It's great to experience thunderstorms again.
  13. Mid last week, the weekend was expected to see a cool down, with perhaps low 60s. What we got was fantastic, upper 60s to low 70s both days. Models are suggesting we have turned the corner. Our latest 7+ day forecast has the temp not falling below 47 at night. It's time for all the plants to leave the garage for good and get into the ground. The local garden centers were very busy this weekend.
  14. 72 gorgeous degrees over here today. We will definitely be the more pleasant part of the subforum over the next week.
  15. A line of heavy showers this evening boosted my daily total to 0.94". My April rain total is 6.68". As wet as this month was, it still only ranks third out of the last five Aprils. I've only had one slightly below average April in the last eleven years.