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  1. We are halfway through the snow season and my backyard has received almost exactly 50% of a typical season total.
  2. I'm going with an estimate of 6.2" for a total. It's more a guess than anything, based on earlier measurements and more hours of solid snow into the night, because it's impossible to measure. Des Moines officially received 14.3".
  3. I'm estimating about 4.8" here. The wind is making it difficult.
  4. I'm up to 3.1". The rate has averaged about 0.5"/hr this afternoon. The latest HRRR continues to predict several more inches. That may be overdoing it, but it shouldn't be difficult to get a few more.
  5. The current radar loop shows the snow withering away as it crosses the river. I hope you can get a few inches out of this.
  6. The Euro now has much of eastern Iowa in the 6+" snow.
  7. The 00z NAM, 3kNAM, and FV3 all have 6-8" here. They even have 3-4" eastward to Cyclone's backyard.
  8. The trend today is to expand the snow farther east through eastern Iowa. Cedar Rapids was wobbling on the sharp cliff edge this morning. Now we're solidly into 4-6+".
  9. DVN just issued a winter weather advisory for Cedar Rapids, expecting 4-6". I'd be happy with that. This would be my third 3-6" event of the season.
  10. We were not expected to hit 40º this week, but we've now done it three straight days. The snow cover is gone, briefly, as soon as you head southwest from Cedar Rapids. I still have a couple inches in my yard.
  11. Now that the Euro has nudged back east this morning, I'm solidly within the 3-6" area on nearly all models. It's still a sharp edge, though, so any west or east nudge matters.
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