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  1. It appears 0.58" will be my rain total for July (drier than 2012) as models have pushed any rain into August. This pattern sucks... surge of heat -> capped, dry frontal passage -> cooler, but dry -> repeat, ad infinitum. We will never get any decent rain out of this pattern.
  2. On July 23rd, I'm still sitting at 0.58" of rain for the month. Late next week is the next chance of rain.
  3. The July 14th tornado outbreak ranks third in the Iowa record book.
  4. The big line of storms split around Cedar Rapids last evening, so I only picked up 0.10". My July total is only 0.58", with no rain expected for the next 10+ days. Keep in mind, the WPC has had Cedar Rapids getting 3+" of rain twice this month, but combined I've only received 0.58".
  5. It appears likely Cedar Rapids is going to get absolutely nothing tonight as storms pass north and south. Un f'ing believable.
  6. The Benton county storm is lifting a bit north as it moves east, so it's out of the picture for Cedar Rapids. If I'm going to get anything, it'll have to be from the west.
  7. This morning's storms mostly split around me. The initial strong line barely wet the ground. A trailing cell got me up to 0.24". I need tonight's action to perform well.
  8. It continues to be very cool here, but we're not getting much rain out of it... only a couple hundredths today.
  9. I've only received 0.13" out of this turd.
  10. This event is a total bust over here. As usual, if the first MCS misses south you are done, because nearly all future action will be south as well. This is what happened two weeks ago and it's happening again. Most models have major trouble figuring this out and end up painting big rain totals way too far north.
  11. A golfball+ hailstorm just moved through the Des Moines area.
  12. How would you like to live in a town where your garden can get zapped by cold in the middle of July? Ugh.
  13. The radar presentation has really crapped out over the last hour.
  14. The GFS is well south with the heavy stuff. The other globals track it across Iowa. That is how it was before the big event two weeks ago as well.
  15. The 12z GFS is, ironically, much weaker through the Caribbean than previous runs.
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