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  1. We are definitely overperforming over here this afternoon. The locals and nws have been forecasting about 53 for the last few days, then it got bumped to 55 this morning, but we are near 60 now. This bodes well for Friday... perhaps low 60s could be the floor.
  2. It appears our top few November high temps will come during the last third of the month. We hit 53 in the first couple days of the month. We should beat that today(already 49 before 11am), Friday we could reach the low 60s, and models are suggesting mid next week a big northern plains storm could pull more 60s into Iowa.
  3. GFS and Euro are still suggesting 60F is possible around here on Friday.
  4. The euro got this one right for my area... only 0.21" of rain, not a single flake of snow.
  5. I went birding at Cedar Lake after the fog lifted and the majority of the lake had a frozen surface, the first time I've seen that this season.
  6. I didn't see any flakes, but I did get a decent 0.43" of rain, better than I expected. As cyclone suggested, if this was December 12th I'd be shoveling.
  7. A thicker band of high clouds than expected held the temp up over my area overnight. We quickly dropped to 20, but then got stuck in the upper teens.
  8. Boy, it's cold out there today. We've already fallen to the upper 20s. The wind really bites.
  9. A local tv station showed this graphic last night. The spread will only grow wider over the next four days as last year remained warm and this week we'll fall into the 30s.
  10. 36 degrees is all we could manage today, the coldest of the season so far.
  11. The airport bottomed out at 21. The local personal stations are in the 22-25 range. A couple towns just north and east of CR hit 19.
  12. The airport is 22 now... about 25 here. The garden is toast. I'm keeping four pots of flowers alive in the garage, but I won't be able to bring them out until it warms above freezing. I hope my two hummingbirds can discover the feeders.
  13. Our temp took a dive as soon as the cloud deck moved off to the east this evening. The airport was already 27 at 9pm. The yard is already frosted.
  14. Still no freeze, here. We held steady at 34/35 all night. Tonight we should finally drop into the 20s.
  15. We had very light flurries initially today, then had some showery bursts of small sleet/snow grains later in the afternoon.