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  1. Just like the inch snowfall a couple weeks ago, today's bright late-season sun is eating right through the snow despite a temp in the low to mid 20s. Much of the ground is already nearly bare.
  2. I picked up 0.9" of snow this evening. I'm now at 13.3" for the season.
  3. I picked up a disappointing 0.37" of rain. Now I'm just waiting for the light snow this evening. My cold continues to linger and I don't feel like shoveling, so I'm hoping we don't get much accum.
  4. A line of decent cells passed through my area late this evening. I saw a bit of lightning and a couple brief rounds of pea-size hail. Even tiny hail around here is more rare than it seems it should be, so it's always nice to experience. We're not expected to see much else from this system.
  5. As models suggested, the max warmth ended up in the full sun area between the morning fog to the east and the approaching front. Cedar Rapids hit 76, blowing away the old February record(73). I saw the first robin and first red-winged blackbird today, 2-3 weeks earlier than any of the last several years.
  6. CR up to 75. Ottumwa fell from 79 to 77 last hour, perhaps denying Iowa an 80.
  7. The Cedar Rapids to Ottumwa corridor continues to shoot upward. CR is 73, IC is 75, and Ottumwa is an awesome 78. Could they possibly hit 80?
  8. Cedar Rapids is 70, Ottumwa 76 and it's only noon. This area was primed for best warming today as we were west of any fog this morning and the frontal passage will hold off til mid afternoon.
  9. Temps are underperforming in Iowa. DVN knocked several degrees off our high.
  10. I picked up 0.31" of rain. I also notice a bit of greening in the backyard. The daffodils are certainly popping. I'm not sure how warm we'll get this afternoon. The HRRR appears to be wrongly holding onto fog across Iowa, which keeps temps down in the 50s. We've been full sun for a while.
  11. The rain held off til after noon, but clouds kept the temp rise slow. We maxed at 60 and have since fallen back to 59.
  12. Cedar Rapids officially hit 70 intra-hour this afternoon.
  13. It's up to about 60 here, several degrees ahead of yesterday(high of 63) and even a couple degrees ahead of Friday's pace(high of 71).
  14. The UK is just getting into range. It is certainly farther south than other models, and considerably slower than the GFS.
  15. The lake is down nearly 50 ft now, and still slowly falling. The inflow during the latest storms is much lower than during the last storm train. Models show the fire hose aimed at the Oroville/Tahoe area on Monday, but that one system probably won't be able to fill the lake back up.