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  1. NHC says TD advisories will likely begin later this afternoon.
  2. I read that any Greek name would be retired as "Zeta 2020" and the name Zeta would continue to be used in the future.
  3. Amped is probably right about the convective blob north of the center on the GFS messing with the future track. The Euro continues to simply plow this system across Central America.
  4. The latest Euro has even more development in the nw Caribbean after Eta moves into Central America.
  5. It seems the new convection is going to have to pinwheel around the center for several more hours before the pressure responds.
  6. Convection is finally starting to fire again near the center.
  7. A couple days ago this was expected to be sheared and weaken on approach to the gulf coast. Now the models are in the 960s to 970s.
  8. Dropsonde: 982 mb (985 mb with 36 kt wind). That's another 3 mb down from the last pass.
  9. 986 mb (dropsonde says 988 with 22 kt wind) is pretty good considering it spent the morning with a naked center.
  10. Another 0.5" of snow fell here this morning, our third snow event this month. I've received nearly a foot of snow over the last two Octobers.
  11. NHC quote --- With the recent improvement in the outflow over Zeta, it appears that the shear that had prevented strengthening has abated. The shear ahead of the storm is expected to remain low while the cyclone traverses the deep, warm water of the northwestern Caribbean Sea. As a result, Zeta is forecast to become a hurricane this morning, and continued strengthening is likely until Zeta moves over the Yucatan peninsula this evening. --- Since that bullish update, Zeta has become decoupled. The naked surface vortex has moved out from under the convection.
  12. It appears the convection has been pushed off to the southeast of the center again.
  13. 997 mb now. This system could have a good night if it can fire some deep convection and keep the surface center under it.
  14. The convection really likes the area well south of the center. It has been stuck there for two days.