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  1. 0.54" in my yard. Just barely to the north and east is a band of 2-5".
  2. Cedar Rapids' dewpoint just reached 80º. The heat index is 111º. I hope we can cash this soup in for some good rain.
  3. Dubuque and QC have officially hit a dewpoint of 80º. It's a sauna out there, but the high cloud spillage has certainly helped keep it bearable.
  4. A severe-warned storm just moved through Cedar Rapids. I estimate the wind maxed at about 50 mph here.
  5. Yeah, I was pretty shocked as well. All I could think is the forecast is computer generated and they didn't bother human-tweaking it. Over several days the forecast went from 105 to 101 to 99 to 96 to low 90s, and now upper 80s.
  6. The locals and NWS should just stop forecasting anything above low 90s for us at this point. Today's forecast was mid 90s, but we aren't even getting out of the 80s. Wednesday has been wildly over-forecasted for a week. The NWS actually had 105º in my forecast for Wednesday late last week. That is a dust bowl temp, nearly impossible to achieve today. It now appears we'll be lucky to get out of the 80s again Wednesday. I see the NWS has upper 90s in the forecast, yet again, for Saturday. Low 90s is much more likely.
  7. For the second straight night a strong storm moved through Cedar Rapids. This time I got a bit of small hail and a quick 0.46" of rain. Much of eastern Iowa got nothing both nights, but I lucked out and got hit twice.
  8. I was one of the lucky ones tonight. Much of the area received nothing, but a cluster of strong storms moved through Cedar Rapids. I got 1" of rain and a station only a mile south got 2". It lasted quite a while and had constant lightning, but pretty quiet thunder. Right after the back edge moved through I went outside just to check the gauge, but I was treated to one of the most amazing lightning displays I've ever seen, directly above.
  9. This morning's Euro removed ALL 90s from my forecast through ten days. There are also now four rain chances over the next week with multiple fronts moving through. 100º is certainly out of the picture Wednesday because of an earlier frontal passage.
  10. I'd really love more storms and heavy rain, but the weather has been pretty great overall. Any surges of heat and humidity have been brief.
  11. Unlike you, I love the lack of 90s. 80s during the day and 60s at night is perfect for me.
  12. Timely rains had been keeping us near average precip so far this summer, but this weekend has been a fail. We only managed to get 0.21" combined, Friday and Saturday nights. With no rain in sight, I will likely finish July about 2" below average. The upcoming pattern should be very pleasant, but I sure wish a few storms could be sprinkled in, too.
  13. Northeast Iowa really whiffed on this one. They could get some good storms tonight, though, when the LLJ kicks in.
  14. We got teased with plenty of lightning and a constant light rumble for an hour or two, but barely any rain fell as the storms mostly passed just north.
  15. Cedar Rapids hasn't hit 90º since July 5th. Our hottest days this week only hit 88º. We have one more chance on Saturday. The rest of the month currently looks <90º.
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