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  1. That sure is a razor-sharp line there in Michigan. It reminds me of the snow maps over Iowa the last couple winters. Models continue to be pretty excited about widespread heavy rain across Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, et al., mid to late next week, which should put a dent in, or eliminate, the deficits across part of the region.
  2. I picked up 0.59" from a decent line of storms tonight. A station less than a half mile to my nw received 0.93" as a couple initial cells barely scraped by me. My June total is up to 2.37". There is one more chance of good storms next Wednesday/Thursday, but our June avg is nearly 5 inches so it'll be tough to reach that.
  3. Again, clouds and showers really took a bite out of the expected warmth. There's not as much instability here for tonight's convection as there could have been. The SPC has taken the northern half of Iowa out of the slight risk. One more good rainfall would be nice before we enter another dry pattern.
  4. Models have really underplayed the convection this morning in northern Iowa. The WPC just issued a meso precip discussion for the area.
  5. Clouds and showers/thunderstorms kept us around 70 degrees all day. Several brief showers here added up to about 0.20". Meanwhile, eastern Nebraska reached the upper 90s. Tonight/tomorrow, the front surges north, so we'll get a pretty warm day. The potential Thursday night heavy rain event has shifted up into Wisconsin. There should still be a line of storms pushing south through Iowa along the cold front.
  6. It appears we may be done with the rain as models have pushed today's event well south. The next couple days look pretty pleasant.
  7. All day the HRRR insisted the line of storms would fill in as it reached Cedar Rapids, and that is exactly what happened. A nice little rotating cell moved right over me. I did not get the wind I expected, but it was a solid storm. I picked up 0.80", which boosts my 3-day total to a much-needed 1.54".
  8. It's out of our subforum, but the Omaha NWS office just recorded an 88 mph wind gust.
  9. The NAM now has our big stuff Friday night, then blows the cold pool well to the south and we never recover Saturday.
  10. The severe storms passed just north and east of me. One little cell on the tail end moving through, but was pretty low-end.
  11. A watch has been issued for eastern and southern Iowa. A cluster of storms has dropped golfball+ size hail in Cedar Falls/Waterloo.
  12. DMX's new discussion mentions that as one possibility, but says they are favoring a scenario in which Iowa destabilizes and storms fire farther north.
  13. Models this morning have trended a bit south with Saturday's event. The Euro has been most bullish for all of eastern Iowa, but the latest run has shifted to southern Iowa and points south and east. The CMC and UK are even farther south.
  14. As expected, "abnormally dry" has expanded quite a bit across the subforum, while "moderate drought" has popped up in northern Missouri. Fortunately, models are suggesting a fairly active pattern will set up across the region over the next couple weeks.
  15. The plunge to 70 degrees following the storm was brief. We quickly cleared and jumped to the upper 80s with a low 70s dewpoint.