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  1. Definitely farther south from the latest Euro.... much less snow from Cedar Rapids to northern IL, but perhaps finally a good one for central IL to Indy?
  2. The GFS has a perfect low track for Iowa, but it's so warm it has rain up here. It looks wrong. All other models are colder with all snow for Iowa.
  3. I'm going with 6.5" here. I may be able to add another tenth or two before it ends. Considering the pretty underwhelming first half of the night, with multiple periods when the snow stopped completely and the lousy snow rate even when radar showed brighter returns over me, I'm happy with 6.5". We actually got some of our best snow this morning when I was out blowing.
  4. Models are suggesting more big potential action by day 10 as another major trough ejects from the west.
  5. Des Moines for the win, one more time? The heavy band quickly weakens as it heads northeast from this and hits the block.
  6. Madison is looking pretty good. Plenty of model runs had them getting left out completely. Same goes for Waterloo, IA.
  7. It continues to be underwhelming here. I've seen nothing but light snow for the last four hours. The brighter radar returns are not verifying at the surface.
  8. I just went out and could only find a max of 2.8" on any of my snow boards in the back yard. One board only had about 1.8". I hate when it's windy and the snow blows across the yard. We may have actually received a bit more than that, but it has been underwhelming. We've had too many breaks in the snow and had poor rates for the last few hours.
  9. Tonight's GFS is much closer to what the other models are showing... trending toward a closed H5 low passing south. It's still warmer and rainier, but it's getting there.
  10. It appears a pocket of pretty heavy snow is about to move into cyclone's area. This has been a pretty unimpressive storm here in Cedar Rapids so far. Even though there is green over us on radar, it's barely snowing again. Even the best rates I saw tonight probably weren't much more than 0.5"/hr. As cyclone says, DVN has lowered Cedar Rapids to 4-7", with a bit heavier snow north like a few models were hinting at. The HRRR and NAM suggest we may only get a few more inches on top of the small amount that has fallen so far. I don't even feel like going out to measure because it's not worth the trouble.
  11. It's finally snowing lightly again here after a break of over 2 hours. Radar shows the dry air has been mostly scoured out.
  12. This is brutal. A large pocket of dry air continues to be parked over east-central Iowa and it's destroying any precip that tries to move in.
  13. We got off to a promising start with two moderate+ bands, but the dry air is suddenly surging back in from the east/northeast and killing the snow bands. The snow has stopped here.