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  1. Just a small 0.3" snowfall today. I've had four snow events already, totaling 11.4". That's rare enough. Even more odd, all four systems were all snow from the start. This early in the season, if we get any snow at all, we often start with rain and then change to snow.
  2. Cedar Rapids, IA also no longer reports an official snow total. There are plenty of spotters in town, though, so it's no big deal. I'm just not sure how the NWS handles the records now.
  3. Cedar Rapids officially only reached 14º this afternoon. It was about 18º in the city.
  4. 4.5" at my house (0.37" liquid from gauge catch). My three snow events this season have been 2.6, 4.0, 4.5. I hope the trend continues.
  5. HRRR is getting juicier for northern Illinois through southern Michigan.
  6. It's snowing lightly here with decent size flakes.
  7. Yep. Over the last twelve years, I have not had a single 1" snow event before mid November. None. Tonight will be our third 2.5+" event already this season... a very rare occurrence.
  8. The latest euro has removed a third of the qpf back through Iowa after becoming wetter each of the last several runs.
  9. The 06z guidance so far continues the gradual qpf increase and northward drift of the snow band over here. Much of the guidance is in the 0.30"-0.40" range for us. The HRRR is a dry outlier, but I'm guessing it will juice up as we get closer.
  10. Our white Halloween has become green November 1st. Halloween snow is like April snow... insta-melt.
  11. I'm going with 3.9" total. The snowboard, out in the yard, has 3.7" while the deck and car, close to the house, have 4.5". My total for the week will be lower than many other spotters in the CR area, but we ended up doing as well as we could have. The two systems dropped their best snow right through this area. Farther north and west in Iowa, very little snow fell this week. I'm sure those areas will surge past us once winter arrives.