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  1. My January snowfall total is up to 13.9", which makes this the third snowiest of the last thirteen Januarys.
  2. My final snow total is 3.1". That's makes my combined wave total 6.0". My season snow total has quietly risen to 27.4", only a few inches below the average full season total.
  3. Another 2.8" here overnight with another decent band moving through now. It is very pretty out there. This entire messy system has worked out pretty well for my area.
  4. It's looking pretty solid over here. The second wave's defo band seems to be backing plenty far nw to drop a few inches here.
  5. As usual, I'm going to lean conservative and guess 2" for Cedar Rapids.
  6. My wave 1 snow total is 2.9". It seemed fairly fluffy last night, but it seemed a bit wetter and heavier while shoveling this morning. My liquid total in the gauge is 0.29", so it's close to 10:1.
  7. The Chicago area folks won't like the 12z HRRR. It's pretty rainy.
  8. We peaked at 30-31º, then fell back to 29º during the better snow. With the snow done, it's back to 30º.
  9. I picked up 2.2" from the first wave. The snow seems fairly fluffy. I was hoping light snow would continue all night, but it looks mostly over. Maybe I can pick up a couple more inches if the wave 2 defo band can get up here in decent shape.
  10. I'm up to 1.4" now, so that's an addition 0.5" over the last 1.5 hours, a decent 0.33"/hr rate. That will add up over several hours.
  11. After six hours of precip, I'm at 0.9" of snow. Of course, it's snowing and accumulating better now than earlier.
  12. The snow is really struggling to get going over here. For a couple hours it was mostly very light freezing rain and sleet. Now it's just brief spurts of flurries.