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  1. This system was a bust here..... 0.00". Convection couldn't sustain itself in the capped warm sector. We got hit hard by the last system, though, so we didn't need any additional rain.
  2. Widespread 2-3 inches fell across the Cedar Rapids area last night, with isolated higher. I finished with 2.23". CR has been ground zero for training heavy rain events the last couple years. The area behind my garage must have been under water because there was mulch piled up in the grass downstream. My April total is now 4.39". Another couple inches may be on the way this week.
  3. There have been a lot of hail reports in Iowa. Most of it has been pea size, but one nasty cell dropped golfball to baseball size hail as it tracked just south of Waterloo. Now it's turning into a heavy rain event.
  4. Clouds and a band of light showers kept us near 60 through noon, but behind the showers the sun came out and shot us up to the low 70s. A nice band of thundershowers this evening boosted my daily total to 0.53". The grass is now at peak green and is quite dense in spots. We have another four rain systems coming over the next week.
  5. Picked up 0.42" from some last night's disturbance. There was a bit of light thunder initially, but mostly just rain and some chilly wind. The dewpoint never got out of the 40s.
  6. Wow, weatherbo, that's pretty intense. I've never seen hail cover the ground before. My hail storms have always been light and/or brief. On a local chat I talked to a guy who lives in the boonies southwest of Iowa City. Last night wind-blown large hail damaged his siding and broke several windows.
  7. A couple nice hail cores passed just south of Cedar Rapids dropping 1-1.75" diameter hail. The CR airport also had a 59 mph wind gust. I got a nice light show, but only some very light rain.
  8. The pattern is looking active and wet again beginning later this week. This time, it looks more favorable for real rain and storms, not just long-duration cold, light rain.
  9. We came up just short of 80 (78), but it was in the 70s for much of the day. This evening, the dewpoint has crept into the low 60s for the first time this season. It's a bit warm and sticky in the house.
  10. We are seeing more sun today than expected. As a result, we have already soared into the mid 70s and have a real shot at 80.
  11. We hit 76 this afternoon, equaling our February high temp. I got some yard work done and potted up my geraniums. Tomorrow, I have to mow for the first time.
  12. This is going to be the warmest weekend since October. The only problem is this is also The Masters weekend. I can't be outside and watch golf at the same time.
  13. My rain total is 0.66", a decent compromise between the wetter and drier models. The grass and perennials are ready to explode. They just need warmth. The backyard will be loaded with bright yellow daffodils by early next week.
  14. I'm not sure how much rain I'll get from this (0.30-1.00+", depending on the model), but the models did come back north some after they are began whiffing south a couple days ago. The 00z NAM removed nearly all the snow west of Lake Michigan. If anyone in Iowa sees any, it shouldn't be much more than a few flakes mixed in.
  15. The south trend on the models for the midweek system continues unabated. For a week this was going to be the big show for Iowa. Now the GFS and GEM are total whiffs south and the NAM is flirting with a whiff. This system is just coming in too quickly behind the first big system(which is more expansive than earlier expected), so south it goes.