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  1. Snowpack makes a big difference. This morning northern Iowa was 15-25 below. Southern Iowa was near 0. Cedar Rapids hit -9 with a few inches on the ground.
  2. I'd give this winter a D. We are not terribly below avg snow, but it has been a nickel & dimer winter, and most of the snow has been at night. There has been no real big snow chance. It's just a very blah winter outside of the pre-Xmas blizzard (only a few inches).
  3. This was the Euro the night before the event... not good.
  4. A pretty heavy-looking band has been parked over Madison for a while.
  5. With the evening band of snow failing to materialize, after being forecasted by every model, my storm total is likely to be only 2.0". This was a pretty big stinker. The south models (I'm looking at you Canadian and Euro) were awful.
  6. Kind of a stinker over here. The main band only dropped 1.9" in my yard. The tail might drop another half inch later. I finally got into a band with a solid rate this morning, but it lasted about ten minutes. The south models (Canadian, Euro) were wrong for Iowa.
  7. This band of snow pushing through Cedar Rapids this morning is not even moderate. The flakes are fairly small and the rate is meh. I just measured 0.8" and radar shows the back edge approaching quickly.
  8. 00z GDPS (Canadian) is still on the south edge of the model range, agreeing with the 18z Euro.
  9. All the short-term models (hrrr/nam/fv3) are still well north of the 18z Euro.
  10. The 00z GFS nudged north as well. The south edge in Iowa may be razor sharp. The Chicago area at least gets a late influx of moisture as the wave reaches them, which spreads the love a bit.
  11. The northern stream dominates. The good energy gets stuck in the sw US and then strung out across the south.
  12. The main storm and secondary energy both disappointed here. I finished with a grand total of one inch.
  13. The Euro has hardly budged an inch over the last few runs.
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