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  1. That's a mean cell nw of Indy... some big hail for sure.
  2. 4" size hail reported in far southeast Iowa. Yikes!
  3. Monday and Tuesday could be pretty brutal for mid April. It looks like a mid-winter map.
  4. I just experienced two rounds of hail up to 5/8" diameter. It was fun to see that again because we just don't get much hail here and rarely larger than pea size. We got lucky as the two large hail cores missed just north and south.
  5. Large hail (golfball+) is hitting the northeast side of Cedar Rapids. Another cell is about to hit me. I sure hope we don't get that shit.
  6. The front ended up being faster than models originally predicted, so just about our entire day has been cold. We have fallen to the mid 30s as light rain moves in. Tuesday will likely be the warmest day of the year (70s to near 80), but it will be followed by more cold.
  7. Yeah, the wind has really been howling all night and morning. I only picked up 0.39" of rain from this system... nothing Thur/Fri, nothing late Saturday.
  8. A few cells are trying to pop around here, but it's too late. All that hype for a big zero. At least we got a nice afternoon out of it.
  9. We are running out of time over here. By 7pm, the threat is over.
  10. Still a total dud south of the warm front in Iowa. If the line doesn't pop in the next hour or two, Cedar Rapids/Iowa City will be in the clear.
  11. Some locations in southeast Iowa are approaching 70º as well. It's still 48º here.
  12. Northern Missouri appears to be clearing out fairly well behind the morning convection.
  13. There appears to be a pretty awful (cold) pattern settling in when we flip to April. Let's hope it is only several days and not half the month.
  14. You could be looking at 3" of rain if the storms don't crap out.
  15. Cyclone has some nice cells knocking on his door. There appears to be plenty of lightning.
  16. Radar suggests a batch of moderate to heavy snow is moving into Cyclone's area. The snow here has been generally light, with a few bursts of moderate. It is accumulating, but there's not enough heavier snow on the nw side of the system to produce much. I probably have a few tenths, may end up with a half inch or so.
  17. I am now getting solid light snow. The temp is still well above freezing.
  18. I should get into the snow, but up here I'm only expecting a couple tenths on the grass, if we get any accumulation. We have climbed into the mid to upper 30s, so the timing is not ideal.
  19. The Weather Channel was covering the Ohio flooding when I woke up this morning.
  20. We should be getting a lot more data for this country over the next couple weeks(positive/negative tests, fatalities, etc). If we start getting more data that suggests the death rate is similar to the flu, or even a bit higher, there will be immense pressure to start sending people back to work.
  21. Obviously, we won't know how all of this will play out until it does, but my biggest fear continues to be the economic devastation we are inflicting on the country. If this goes on for more than a few weeks, it could get very bad.
  22. I picked up 0.72" of rain today. The heavy cells passed one county south of me tonight.
  23. A cluster of thundershowers just moved through my area. This was the first heavy rain I've seen since last year. The quick movement held the rain total to only 0.23".