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  1. In Cedar Rapids we've had four straight winters with above average snowfall. Two of the last three I've recorded 50", which is way above average and is a total we rarely reach. We are definitely due for a 20" dud.
  2. I was hoping for more widespread heavy rain, but the line had weak spots and it moved through quickly. I'll have to be satisfied with 0.51". Hopefully, October will be a bit wetter across the region.
  3. On a positive note, the smoke has held the temp down on several days this summer. Yesterday's expected 90s turned into 86º.
  4. There does appear to be a surface vortex in the middle of the comma-shaped convection this morning, made viewable by a brief clear spot in the high clouds.
  5. Today's system has been a big overachiever here in east-central Iowa. The first band of rain moved in early this morning and it did not stop until 2pm. My rain total is 1.57". Up to 2" has fallen just north of me. For days most models were spitting out a couple tenths, or maybe up to a half inch for a few lucky spots. I love days like this (cloudy/rain/60s) after a few months of heat and humidity. It is very refreshing.
  6. My August rain total is 3.58". My met summer total is 8.82". Part of northeast Iowa received more rain than that in two days last weekend.
  7. 933 mb now per the latest dropsonde.
  8. Latest dropsonde says 929 mb now (932 mb with 30kt wind)
  9. NHC official update: 949 mb, 130 mph.
  10. Dropsonde says 950 mb, not as low as the extrap suggested. It's rapid strengthening, just not Holy Cow! strengthening.
  11. Whoa, looks like another 10 mb drop over the last 90 minutes... bombing. Cripes... I need to get sleep, but how can I possibly fall asleep now?
  12. Ida has upgraded to the tire look now.
  13. That is an 11 mb drop over the last four hours.
  14. A second plane has arrived and is headed into the storm from the nw.
  15. Two new center dropsonde reports, ~984 mb and ~982 mb.
  16. The latest hot towers are pinwheeling more tightly around the center than the ones first thing this morning. Steady deepening should begin soon.
  17. New dropsonde: 985 mb I thought for sure Ida would be in full strengthening mode this morning, but so far it's not happening. It is only holding steady while it tries to form an inner core. Ida only has about thirty hours left over water.
  18. New dropsonde: 985 mb It's still just holding fairly steady.
  19. Models have been locked into a south-central/southeast Louisiana swamp coast landfall for a while.
  20. The newest recon dropsonde, ten minutes after the 985 mb dropsonde, says 986 mb. Even quick passage over a thin stretch of Cuba disrupts a storm. It has taken a good ten hours to regroup.
  21. Per recon dropsonde, the pressure is ~991 mb.
  22. Low 990s extrap pressure from recon. We probably shouldn't expect to see too much until the entire core gets out into the gulf (~several hours)
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