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  1. Here we are in late May and we still can't get anything but cool/cold rain. When warm and humid air finally surges up here the atmosphere is strongly capped. That's what happened last week and it's going to repeat this weekend into next week. This is supposed to be the heart of our severe season.
  2. Cedar Rapids may go the first three weeks of May without a rumble. May/June is a bad time of year to get stuck in an unfavorable t-storm pattern.
  3. It has not rained here in eight days. It may be another eight days until the next rain.
  4. There is a strong storm with a nice hail core crawling right over Cyclone's house.
  5. The dewpoint has mixed down to 61º here, making this afternoon more tolerable.
  6. Record heat and humidity in mid May and it's looking increasingly likely we won't get a drop of rain out of it.
  7. It became pretty uncomfortable by mid afternoon as we approached 90º with 70s dew and not much wind. The wind really helped yesterday. We just had a month of cold rain. Now we finally get heat and humidity, but we're capped all week.
  8. Our latest significant rain event, scheduled for Thursday/Friday, is now gone thanks to the big action down in OK/AR/KS/MO. Today's surge of rain up into Iowa has, instead, tracked eastward to St. Louis.
  9. I picked up another 1.23" from the latest system. My total since March 1st is 9.75". Sayonara to the abnormally dry conditions. It is very wet and lush here. Well, it's not leaf-out lush because that has barely begun, but the grass is lush.
  10. Not only that, but the Euro also has the dewpoint in the mid 70s. That's ridiculous. I'm going to assume that's too high given the time of year, but it should still be humid. I'd really prefer we get a week of pleasant 70s instead of going from 50 to 90.
  11. One of the local mets said it was the windiest April in Cedar Rapids since 1994 and the windiest in Waterloo since 1978.
  12. Mother Nature is trying to ixnay the plains drought... good for everyone.
  13. The best Cedar Rapids was able to do during this warm-up is 65º, which is exactly average today. The next chance to see 70º is another week away.
  14. This system had been a bit of a nothingburger for my area, but a solid line of heavy rain moved through this afternoon and boosted my rain total to 0.64". My April precip total will finish at 4.44", the second consecutive 4+" month.
  15. Rain held us down in the 40s through midday, but then it quickly cleared and we actually had a very pleasant mid afternoon through evening... full sun, modest breeze, and low to mid 60s.
  16. Yet another cold, windy day. I am beyond sick of this. We get one good day each week, and even then it comes with a howling wind. Upper midwest springs can really suck if you get stuck in a bad pattern.
  17. 26º near my home this morning, 22º at the airport for a new record low.
  18. Yesterday's HRRR runs showing 3-5" around here were a bit too ebullient, but I did receive a very nice 1.77".
  19. 18z HRRR... still going nuts. It also now has nearly all the rain falling after sunrise, which is a bit unusual.
  20. Latest Euro for tonight/Friday
  21. Models are suggesting a heavy rain event in the area late tonight into Friday morning. Placement has been shifting around a bit.
  22. Minot, ND picked up another foot of snow today. That's 3-4 feet in a week.
  23. A couple locations south of Des Moines got 3-4" of snow. The atmosphere was very dry here for most of the day, so all I've seen is some super light rain this evening.
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