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  1. HRRR is getting juicier for northern Illinois through southern Michigan.
  2. It's snowing lightly here with decent size flakes.
  3. Yep. Over the last twelve years, I have not had a single 1" snow event before mid November. None. Tonight will be our third 2.5+" event already this season... a very rare occurrence.
  4. The latest euro has removed a third of the qpf back through Iowa after becoming wetter each of the last several runs.
  5. The 06z guidance so far continues the gradual qpf increase and northward drift of the snow band over here. Much of the guidance is in the 0.30"-0.40" range for us. The HRRR is a dry outlier, but I'm guessing it will juice up as we get closer.
  6. Our white Halloween has become green November 1st. Halloween snow is like April snow... insta-melt.
  7. I'm going with 3.9" total. The snowboard, out in the yard, has 3.7" while the deck and car, close to the house, have 4.5". My total for the week will be lower than many other spotters in the CR area, but we ended up doing as well as we could have. The two systems dropped their best snow right through this area. Farther north and west in Iowa, very little snow fell this week. I'm sure those areas will surge past us once winter arrives.
  8. Last hour I had 4-4.5" on the car, but only 3.5" on the snowboard and grass. The final band of decent snow is about to move off to our east, so we are near the end.
  9. Our temp has fallen to 29º, so the snow is now accumulating on the pavement. 1.5-2.0" has fallen in the CR area. This morning, it had looked like 1.5-2.0" would be our total, but some decent bands got going early. The snow should continue to pivot through the area all night.
  10. I wonder how many times Cedar Rapids has received two 2+" snow events in October(or even two 1" events). From 2007-2018 (the duration of my personal records) I only recorded measurable snow in October one time, and that was only 0.2".
  11. I finished with 2.5" on my snowboard. The metal car has 2.8", but I'm recording 2.5".
  12. My neighbor had a "Fall Fiesta" sugar maple planted in her front yard this year. It has been a nice orange with some yellow and red. It should be spectacular when it gains some size. She has a large red maple in her backyard that turns red.
  13. My total has jumped to 1.5" (assuming the car hood is an accurate measurement) just in the last 25 minutes. That makes the rate over an inch per hour.
  14. Getting some very robust snowfall here. A solid bright green band, with a few spots of yellow, is producing a moderate to heavy rate with large flakes. I'm sure I'm over an inch now. We have a real shot at 2".
  15. The precip total (rain and snow) across the region is very dry on this run... much less than any other model. It has only 0.05" in Cedar Rapids. The Euro has 0.40" and other models are 0.20 - 0.30".
  16. Tonight's euro is much weaker with the Halloween storm. The energy just doesn't wrap up like the last several runs.
  17. GFS farther nw again with widespread heavy snow. The hopes for a big early snow are beginning to fade for the southeast third of Iowa.
  18. 12z Euro - Snow precip Wave #1 Total after major Halloween storm