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  1. It looks pretty good for southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois, but storms may or may not fire in time for Cedar Rapids.
  2. It has certainly not been a humid met summer so far. Our dew is in the 50s again today. There have been several days with humid dews in western Iowa and pleasant dews in eastern Iowa.
  3. The morning models have sped up the front and are now firing the storms farther south. The UK and Euro now have nothing here. The CAMs fire the storms just barely in time.
  4. My storm total is 2.38". I was just hoping to get over an inch, but this morning's disturbance really perked up. My total is even lower than many others in the area. Over 3" fell only a couple miles to my south.
  5. 1.83" here so far this morning. That's great, but I sure would love some good ol' noisy thunderstorms. I've had about 6 inches of rain this month, but barely any thunder at all. There is zero thunder this morning.
  6. That first line did crap out just before reaching me. The second line mostly passed south. However, more rain filled in through this morning and many places have received 1+". I am well over an inch now. Once again, there has been little to no thunder.
  7. The year's first organized line of strong storms is approaching my area tonight. I didn't think they'd sag far enough south, but it may happen.
  8. I think they should keep advisories. They are simple and they work. You can see the colored advisory area on the map. I filled out the survey.
  9. Clouds and showers held us down in the mid 70s today. Unfortunately, the lack of instability led to this evening's rain/storms crapping out.
  10. I picked up almost a half inch of rain this morning from the bubbly remnants of the central/western Iowa convection. There were a couple rumbles, but that's it. The vast majority of our rain this year has been thunder-less. Models are still pretty bullish in general through tomorrow, but it should also be a bit hit-n-miss.
  11. Thursday night into Saturday looks to be the first real MCS action of the season across Iowa.
  12. My final 2-day rain total is 3.04".
  13. The temp over here is falling into the low 60s this afternoon. The dew is falling into the 50s. It's pretty refreshing.
  14. A line of very heavy rain just lifted north through the Cedar Rapids area. I picked up a quick 0.42" as the line was initially popping up over me. The far north side of the city received up to 1.5" in <30 minutes.
  15. My rain total is 2.49". I'm pretty happy with that. I kinda got stuck outside the final heavy bands, so it could have been even better. I finally got my first 1" rain event of the year.
  16. It is dumping over here. It worked out very well for Cedar Rapids. I am approaching 2".
  17. It is pouring here. Radar shows a clear nnw/sse line where the heavy rain is west and lighter east. Cedar Rapids appears to be far enough west to remain in the heavy rain.
  18. Yes, after having shifted much of the heavy rain west of Cedar Rapids, even into central Iowa, they have shifted back into eastern Iowa and now show CR getting 2-3". We can certainly use it. When fencing in a garden plot yesterday, it was difficult to push the support stakes into the hard soil.
  19. The Euro is now showing a very boring pattern as an upper low cuts off and parks over the eastern lakes. Today/tomorrow may be the only rain for the next ten days.
  20. The flash flood watch has been expanded westward into central Iowa where some models are trying to focus the rain. DVN, unfortunately, said nothing in their latest discussion about where they think the best rain will fall. I don't think they know.
  21. The morning models are not helping any. Their heavy rain bands are still all over. The Euro just came in east of Cedar Rapids. Ugh.
  22. Models are all over the place with rain totals. The UK and Euro are still bullish for me, but the rest are shifting to central Iowa, with only 0.50-1.50" here.
  23. The way this is setting up, as two lows that track over me, my area doesn't even get any wind until later Wednesday, behind the second low.
  24. 12z Euro is west as well. As with other models, a bit more south-to-north than the previous ssw-nne runs.
  25. The 12z UK has joined the GFS with a shift nw.