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  1. The 3k NAM is a good two counties south of the 12k NAM.
  2. 12z UK ... It has light accumulation up to the I-80 corridor, but it's not a vigorous system.
  3. Yes, the UK is a big improvement tonight, although still south of Iowa. The energy is much sharper as it ejects into the central US. It hits Kansas and Missouri solidly, then heads ene toward Toledo while weakening some.
  4. The weak clipper dropped 1.3" on my yard this morning. A few places got up to 2" of fluff. Models had this subtle system nailed for a few days.
  5. UK is a nothingburger, suppressed south of the subforum.
  6. Euro not on the same planet as GFS as we head toward Xmas. It shows a very benign pattern.
  7. I picked up 0.3" from the line. Through November 11th I received 11.1" of snow. Over the last month I've received 0.7".
  8. First-ever snow squall warning has been issued for Cedar Rapids as a thin, but heavy and moves in. It's really coming down.
  9. This. While we did see some morning and afternoon snow, the heart of each of our three snow events began in the evening and ended by sunrise. I swear it works out that way far more often than odds say it should.
  10. I picked up 0.45" of rain and then a band of precip at the very end dropped 0.1" of snow.
  11. I picked up 0.40" of rain. The Cedar Rapids airport recently gusted to 54 mph, but so far this wind event hasn't felt like anything special. I'm sure it would feel like a bigger deal if it was also snowing.
  12. Much of tonight's shower and storm activity danced around Cedar Rapids. I had a few rumbles, but I could not have gotten any less rain... pretty disappointing.
  13. We got off to a record start, snow-wise, but it was inevitable that areas to the north and northwest would surge past us.
  14. 00z Euro ... and the other models are very similar.
  15. It's looking like a strong low will track through southeast Iowa on Tuesday. My area should see mostly rain with a bit of snow on the backside. Northern Iowa ene-ward could get a nice thump.
  16. Tonight's UK and Euro are well north of previous runs Tuesday/Wednesday.
  17. Just a small 0.3" snowfall today. I've had four snow events already, totaling 11.4". That's rare enough. Even more odd, all four systems were all snow from the start. This early in the season, if we get any snow at all, we often start with rain and then change to snow.
  18. Cedar Rapids, IA also no longer reports an official snow total. There are plenty of spotters in town, though, so it's no big deal. I'm just not sure how the NWS handles the records now.
  19. Cedar Rapids officially only reached 14º this afternoon. It was about 18º in the city.
  20. 4.5" at my house (0.37" liquid from gauge catch). My three snow events this season have been 2.6, 4.0, 4.5. I hope the trend continues.