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  1. I prefer 90/80 over 100/60. High dew is more interesting than high temp. I don't want to spend all day in the sauna, but I do like to go outside once in a while to warm up. An 80º dew feels good for 5-10 minutes. I still remember the day in 1995 when Cedar Rapids hit 100º with an 86º dew (heat index 131º).
  2. Wow! It was 62º here. I had no idea it was supposed to be cold in northern Iowa.
  3. Several models were right that this system would split around east-central Iowa. I only received 0.09".
  4. My power just came back on. I actually got off easy. There are severe wind reports from the north and east sides of CR, but at my house on the west side it was probably 50 mph. I also got a bit of pea size hail. The line pushed through quickly, so I only received 0.42" of rain. I finally got a solid storm with thunder and lightning, although the thunder was pretty muted with no cracks at all.
  5. Wow, now a report of baseball hail in Walford, just sw of Cedar Rapids.
  6. Three more small towns just sw of Cedar Rapids just reported golfball size hail.
  7. The cell along the outflow boundary, just west of Cedar Rapids, recently dropped golfball size hail. It will pass sw of CR.
  8. This is the first time I've ever heard of "lime" size hail.
  9. A lot of cells are popping over northern Iowa, extending down this morning's outflow boundary, just to my west.
  10. A severe storm with hail and wind passed just northeast of Cedar Rapids this morning. All I got was some nice outflow. The next batch should move southeast through the area later this afternoon and evening.
  11. The heaviest cells bypassed me, but I still managed to get some solid training and finish with 1.52" of rain. Once again, however, there was very little, very quiet thunder. This will go down as the year without lightning/thunder.
  12. The strong line over here has finally developed southward, extending to my sw. There is currently a warning for the county to my west. This is the best chance of an actual thunderstorm I've had in three months.
  13. I'm hopeful we can get something good this afternoon. If not strong/severe, at least something with thunder.
  14. At one point, around midday, every Iowa station listed on Mesonet was 90+, except Cedar Rapids was only 87º. As you say, though, CR finally did hit 90º.
  15. Cedar Rapids finally hit 90º (officially) yesterday for the first time this month. I hope we can cash in on the MCV moving across Iowa this afternoon. This might be our last decent rain chance for a while.
  16. Same here. I had to go out late last night to get the gauge set up, but then the approaching storm slammed on the brakes and then crapped out.
  17. Once again, CID only hit 88º. Just about every other station in ec/se Iowa hit 90+. Last five days: Waterloo (ALO) is a consistent hot spot and CID is a consistent cool spot. Waterloo: 91 91 92 93 93 Cedar Rapids: 87 87 88 88 88
  18. 88º, officially, in Cedar Rapids today. I'm sure it was 90º in town with all the buildings and pavement and very little breeze.
  19. The Cedar Rapids airport has not hit 90º since early June.
  20. The GFS has part of central Kansas and Nebraska approaching 120º next weekend. That's unreal. It has my area struggling to get above 90º most days.
  21. I finished June with 6.79" of rain.
  22. Cedar Rapids has only hit 90º twice this year. It certainly has not felt like a hot summer. The disturbance hanging around my area dropped about a quarter inch of rain this morning, enough to fill the barrel.
  23. And not much wind. The only break in the heat will be from the occasional outflow from pop-up cells.
  24. Nada over here... very disappointing.
  25. My area is still in the 70s with thick clouds.