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  1. There are reports of 5" of snow from just east of Cedar Rapids last night where a small pocket of heavy snow sat for a couple hours.
  2. Up to 7" has fallen in north-central Iowa and it's still snowing there. Models handled this system poorly. Instead of a narrow nw-se band through the state, it's more like one heavy pocket with not a lot elsewhere. The HRRR suggests there could be another decent pocket over in the QC area.
  3. It's not looking as favorable here now. The band was expected to stall over us, but the dry slot is about to clear through the area. We may end up with only an inch.
  4. It's certainly looking like a couple inches is a good bet around here. Unfortunately, it appears every snow system this winter is going to start just after dark in the evening.
  5. Euro.... this run has better interaction between the lead, moist, wave and the upper energy diving in from Iowa.
  6. 12z Euro - End of week system. It's there, but not exceptionally organized.
  7. Cyclone is getting some nice rain this morning as a heavier batch tracks through the QC area. Barely anything here.
  8. UK is really going nuts with the secondary energy as well. Update: 00z Euro is 10 mb weaker than the UK.
  9. My memory sucks, so I really don't remember a lot of weather events from past years. However, here are a few I remember. January-February 2019: Snowiest 5-week period on record (44") Late January 2019: Record cold (-30º at the airport) Winter of 2013-14: I remember it being brutally cold after several snow events. Groundhog Day storm and another GHD/Superbowl storm earlier in the decade. They weren't huge storms here, but it's about the best we can do. Morch and the severe drought (2012?) It was a generally wet decade. June was an incredibly wet month this decade. The entire decade produced only TWO 10" snowstorms. That's it. This is the ultimate nickel & dimer climate. It's not that difficult for storms to produce 10" of snow, but here it certainly is.
  10. Cedar Rapids also has a decent shot at 60º today.
  11. I'd take a repeat of last winter. December was blah and the first week of January was a blowtorch, but then the hammer dropped and we had the snowiest five week period on record. Winter ended after those five weeks, but it was an amazing period.
  12. Yikes! That's pretty awful. Positive everything, MJO looping right back into the warm phases. Let's hope not.
  13. The other models are now caving to the GFS... the euro overnight and the ICON, Canadian, and UK this morning.
  14. Of course, the Euro decides to shake things up tonight. Here is the shift from last night's run to tonight's for the end of the month.
  15. The GFS is the only model showing the phased cutter. The ICON, Canadian, UK, and Euro all look about the same.
  16. The warmest air aloft is over Iowa today, but the surface temp is lagging yesterday by several degrees.
  17. I'd love to get blasted by a 16" blizzard as much as the next guy, but I don't mind the snowless December or mild Christmas week. The older I get, the more I feel, "whatever happens, happens". I'll just enjoy not having to go out in the cold to clean driveways. At some point we'll get some good snow and cold again, and when we do I'll enjoy that.