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  1. not gonna post a big number here but we've been a bit wetter locally so this should help keep drought from progressing into the area
  2. lucky 4 the hp supercell and a couple other minor events here
  3. been super zzzz obv but it's been beautiful here lakeside, normies loving it too point with 78 here today, just incredible stuff
  4. 1 day of heat imby b4 back to paradise climo
  5. Insanely beautiful day lakeside
  6. Late night consolation prize organizing along river
  7. clouds probably keeping things lower now
  8. trash forcing and poor diurnal timing aside, should still be a good amount of lingering instability given the airmass in place
  9. i'll take the garden variety+ the nest is selling
  10. looks like some late evening garden variety for some more rain before torch 2.0 moves in
  11. Feels wild still torching at dawn
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