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  1. Can't say the last 24 hours of model guidance has me hyped but still looks like I'm in line for a solid low end warning criteria event Hopefully some surprises with the back end lake dust but it's not screaming big #s to me right now
  2. My call looking better as a dampening sheared solution gains favor.
  3. Lol, this is getting closer to eurythmics time than I'd prefer
  4. This really would be a 50 rainer if not for that block huh
  5. Unless the wheels fall off, best euro performance here in a while, excellent r2r consistency
  6. Just grabbed a cresco liquid live resin cart for jebwalkin
  7. Plumes looking good at ORD, group of clunkers shrinking
  8. And good call on those who rode the 88 the WI border area, looking like a general consistency and placement win from the euro now that the gefs are in line.
  9. Looking good?!?! Call could probably be multiplied x2, lol
  10. nam fixin to start it's long journey back into the fold?
  11. i find them personally useful to visualize which clusters of solutions gain favor over a sequence but they aren't much value verbatim for the time being
  12. quick note on the plumes and fwiw, a few of those non-events at ORD are rainers and there are more big dogs at MKE than ORD
  13. yeah doing good numbers without any real pot stirring on my end