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  1. NAM going east now too, watching and epic big dog collapse inside 100 hrs always sucks
  2. would be a shame to fumble the ball like that here, gulf is wide open and the cold air supply is there. def pulling for something more consolidated and wound up, even with the rainer risk
  3. what a mild mid range, really nice 2 see a deep western trough and open gulf regardless of how slp(s)/tracks play out
  4. happy 4 u after some lean years there
  5. hate this stuff, hopefully the worst of the winter
  6. Nam, gfs, euro all show band with superior connection impacting city to some degree and anecdotally major east coast event often r accompanied by les in the city I'd take an early guess of 1-2
  7. thankful for these crumbs during lean times
  8. event of the winter, hit that double digit pack and roll into spring
  9. eps and gefs look pretty set on torching before the western trough does its thing, not seeing 2 many paths to snow in the short term, nam bullish on lake enhanced duster totals early fri
  10. so looks like the mid range rainer is coming, just nice to see the gulf open again like this i guess
  11. use your powers to send hoosiers late week lake band into the city please
  12. pattern change period gonna have model volatility in the extended, hope the new regime is fruitful
  13. lake band probably added 1-1.5 to your total
  14. east coast mega dog going poof as the much heralded pattern changes nears
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