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  1. chilly this morning, gonna miss summer
  2. happy for us, could you imagine living one of those brown places lush gardens, crystal clear blue lake...we really do have it made
  3. Hoping 4 weekend garden variety
  4. only real heads keep posting during these summer doldrums, don't even have a background hurricane to track
  5. great office imo, hopefully we'll get some wild ass weather for them again one of these days
  6. fall is the best time of the year to torch
  7. more heavy stuff moving in, they're going 1'+
  8. brutal near miss on the nest, would be photogenic af tho
  9. yup especially considering death ridge prospects were high in spring
  10. Just incredible weather again, what a run
  11. lots of chatter from normies about the great weather lately, people are liking this summer
  12. bonus afternoon garden variety to break up the beautiful weather
  13. enjoy it while it lasts before the death ridge
  14. i like it, kinda gives the effect of mountain glow
  15. extended looks warm, glad we got this nice break
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