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  1. Smashed a Big Dog. That makes it for me
  2. I didn’t realize the scale of the streak in the 1870s and 1880s. Is measurement error a possible blame there?
  3. we should still get warmest or near there I imagine
  4. Gotta think we make a run for top 3 in both warmest and least snowy categories.
  5. Easily redeeming part of this winter was going to Michigan City for the NE Indiana lake effect event. Glad I did it
  6. I think this is one of the first times I’ve seen them unable to groom trails in the UP. I’m headed to the Tug Hill this weekend for some fun but even there riding is very limited
  7. Maybe the lake will warm up and we can deal with those fun problems again later in the month
  8. Sidewalks and side roads are awful. Ironically they are the only thing with ice accumulation since I guess the surface of things like tree branches and parking signs and cars not sustained cold enough. However in my opinion makes it more dangerous. Very rare to see it like this here
  9. It’s really bad out. Side streets and sidewalks totally iced over. Could barely walk the dog. If this continues overnight it’s going to be really dangerous for tomorrow morning commute and I don’t think people really get it
  10. Sidewalks very slick downtown. Can only imagine what it’s like at home
  11. Had moderate snow when I left Wicker this morning that was beginning to accumulate on untreated surfaces. At the office appears to be light freezing drizzle and sleet
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