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  1. Welcome! Hopefully we can get you something worthwhile
  2. Du calme, at least another 24-48 hours to go
  3. Touché. Obviously in this dog of a winter there will be no perfect solution, but I think we get closest we can in this set up
  4. There’s always a chance, but we’re in the business of making an educated guess based on past performance and probability!
  5. I'd buy that, a miss *just* north is plausible, but don't think much further north than the 12z Euro OP was advertising.
  6. Go big or go home. 90% chance I go home and resume being my grumpy self. 10% chance I'm grumpy 5 days after this event when it all melts.
  7. Not going to be as far north as the 12z Euro, but this....this is it.