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  1. mimillman

    Winter 2018-19 Grade Thread

    This winters gets a B for me. Downtown Chicago will likely end up with normal to slightly below normal snowfall by the end of the season. Areas just to our north and west will be closer to the 125-150% of normal range. We were not in a favorable spot this year, period. The two redeeming pieces of this winter were the historic cold and the feb ice storm, otherwise this winter would be solidly a C
  2. mimillman

    March 2019 Discussion

    -2 at ORD, which is very impressive for March. Too bad this cold will have been completely useless
  3. Seems like it could be a prettt horrendous end to winter in this area. Bring on the warmth.
  4. I know there have been some good events, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way. Perhaps it’s the comparison to areas just north and west, I just feel like we’ve been skipped over, as well as lower Michigan.
  5. Potentially below zero and bare ground. Pass on this winter. It’s been pretty terrible.
  6. mimillman

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Don’t mean to be rude, but do you choose to live there? Must you stay there for a specific reason, or do you want to be there? This is clearly a risk to all residents in the belts, even if it’s a once in a decade occurrence.
  7. mimillman

    February 2019 Discussion

    It’s remarkably calm downtown. The lake is like glass
  8. They’ve had a couple good ones in a row now. I’d argue the northern Indiana/central Illinois/Chicago crews have gotten the shaft the past several winters in a row. What’s even more frustrating is when your snow total is overstated time and time again by a certain airport 17 miles to my northwest...
  9. mimillman

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Yea if you live in Minnesota
  10. The medium range is just a parade of hits for Iowa and Minnesota. I think they lose complaining privileges for a couple years now.
  11. mimillman

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Those to our northwest have had much much much more cake. This needs to hit northern/central Indiana to spread the wealth. Hoosier is getting antsy.
  12. mimillman

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    This is for North Dakota and central Minnesota. Not for Cyclone.
  13. mimillman

    Feb 19-20th winter storm

    Iowa wins again and again and again
  14. mimillman

    February 17th, 2019 Snow Event

    This has been the winter of eastern Iowa/QCA and southern Wisconsin. Similar to last winter. Don’t worry, we will get our chance once again, and those folks will be left with cirrus :p
  15. mimillman

    February 17th, 2019 Snow Event

    Wrong. That includes the Wednesday system. 2.5 for this one is the mean