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  1. Pretty much nothing in the city these past two events. Ground has been white for maybe 10 days out of the entire winter. Even though we may barely hit 20”, this is certainly, without a doubt, the worst winter I’ve experienced
  2. I’ll go 2-4” final call because of the poor BL temps but a caking nonetheless
  3. 18z Euro picking up a lake enhancement signal it hasn’t had on prior runs
  4. Glad I missed this unsurprising horror show
  5. Haven’t been paying much attention to this event as leave tomorrow for the UP but holy sh*t what a cluster
  6. Your area is rivaling annual record snows. Have some god damn self awareness
  7. Randomly top event of the year? A bit over an inch here
  8. Cursed with 70” of snow on the season. Right
  9. 00z GFS wants to double MSP season total lol
  10. You should go out east for the real stuff. Obviously not this winter but traveling to Boston in Feb 2015 was epic
  11. Heading up to Munising in a couple weeks. I’ve written off any snow for Chicago during those 2 weeks, just need the UP to get hit to pad the trails. They’ve had a rough 5-10 days before now
  12. 36 degrees and 1-2” of rain is just about as miserable as it can get eh
  13. You can’t even point to climo at this point. It’s just blind luck
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