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  1. Snow is totally gone
  2. Another gem of a winter gone
  3. Nope, just crap thermals
  4. This is the park outside my building. Half of the ground is bare, the other half covered in half an inch of slush. The trees are bare. Lol Had about an inch of solid accumulation on Wednesday. Again, massive underperformer for the millions of people in Chicago proper
  5. I’m not sure what happened but there’s hardly any accumulation downtown, even on grassy surfaces.
  6. 12km ticked South, but 3km a decent bit north
  7. Don’t worry, I am certain next year will be the year of Detroit cutters event after event
  8. Toronto folks think they’re about to score. Haha.
  9. Insane the last time Chicago saw a 10” storm was 4.5 years ago, and likely will end up being 5+ years. This has been a horrendous stretch.
  10. That’s the worst bit. It was the Halloween and the November events that bluffed this winter to average and that’s what the record will show. I miss the downtown station on Northerly Island which gave a better representation of what truly happened in Chicago. That would show that 80% of Cook County saw below normal snowfall and this winter would be recorded for what it really was: an F.
  11. This was a Madison special because at least their hope was killed 2 days ago
  12. At this rate, whatever does fall in northern IL if anything, rates will not be strong enough to accumulate on paved surfaces.
  13. March 3-4 on the euro looks golden for Toronto at this range. Who wants to start the thread?