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  1. Just went out for a walk. Would say around 1.5" here downtown.
  2. Roads covered downtown. Impressive given the warm temperatures we've had
  3. It’s bound to happen at least 1-2 more times, it’s the rule
  4. Miners castle on that last one! Was there on Saturday.
  5. Just got back from my snowmobiling trip up in the UP. Was up in Munising/Grand Marais. I know it’s been a poor winter there but conditions were still good
  6. Pretty lousy finish with RN-
  7. Honestly folks radar doesn't look bad for SN next few hours
  8. Very low vis here, massive flakes
  9. Even though we’re well above freezing today, it’s amazing what cloud cover can do to preserve snowpack vs a sunny day that’s 10 degrees colder
  10. Plumes look like 1-3” for ORD which seems right
  11. Casual 1-pager for a 2-5" event. Nothin to see here
  12. Nothing like a nice caking to cap off an epic pattern for snowlovers in the sub. And I'll actually be back for this one. Of course very sad what is happening in Texas/south as a result of this pattern.
  13. From the wife. Lakeshore East. Edit: From the ground to the branches on those trees is about 3 feet. I'd estimate well over 20" on the ground based on this picture.
  14. Very pro MDW beating out ORD. Let the little guy have a win
  15. Very N/S orientation of the LE band. Benefitted areas near the lake like Uptown and Lakeview up north and areas just inland towards southern Cook like MDW. Actually not hearing much from downtown, but the wife is a questionable source...
  16. This thing just parked over the northside
  17. Look at that classic Chicago architecture
  18. Can't believe i'm missing this haha. Oh well
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