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  1. It is the seasonal trend. I saw it on the 12Z euro too.
  2. I will be watching the V500 84 panel on the 0z Euro to see if the TVP pushes any further south on this run.
  3. I do with how the models have kept shifting south each run on all the past storms
  4. Just because one model shows an historical storm doesn’t mean they should elevate it risk any higher. What happens tonight if it disappears. The general population uses these graphics and you cannot have wild swings on them based on one model run.
  5. Yes it did, but what happened when the models kept pushing that feature south Thursday’s event
  6. The one thing I did not like was at hour 96 on the H5, the pesky TPV showed up again... that is what pushed everything south... We have played this game before.
  7. Well, recently around here we do all or nothing.
  8. But you know they are. This leads to drinking or reaping.
  9. Since when did the Euro take over the digital snow responsibilities from last year GFS Para?
  10. and the pesky Vort in Canada is starting to show up at 126 on the H5
  11. Sorry... I had my panels adjusted wrong... I forgot Pivotal only has 12 hour runs of the Euro.
  12. I see the NE Vort pulling out quicker and the Shortwave holding back in the SW at hour 84
  13. I agree... there is no way they got 1.4 inches. I really question anyone that submitted a report over .5 inches
  14. But the question is if the QPF comes north would the warmth follow it?
  15. So close to a great hit on the GFS... much improved